zpacks duplex review

The only problem that could come with the setup is when the wind blows into the overlaying flap, which can cause some additional draft and/or noise. There is plenty of place for two people and their gear stored in the vestibules. After one and a half year’s usage the wall tie out reinforcement attachment on one side is starting to “move around” and appears to be separating from the wall. The non-zippered doors actually help allow a draft in to keep the condensation to a minimum. Zpacks is on the market since 2005 and boasts on the fact that all their gear is built in their US workshop. It is durable yet extremely light, the DCF fabric is definitely a plus and the insect protection feature is another thumbs up. I don’t normally worry too much about cost as it easy to get the money back when selling. Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 42 in.

If weight is important to you and cost is no issue then this is the Best Buy in my opinion. Apr 25, 2020 at 7:04 am #3643056. Being a single wall tent, condensation is always a concern, but can be managed easily by allowing a draft to come in through the door. The temperatures dived to just around zero ℃ and when I got up the next morning there was a thin layer of ice on the canopy. Dyneema is naturally waterproof, so there is no sealant to worry about wearing off over time. After purchasing this shelter the Duplex has become my first choice over my Silnylon tent. Being a single wall shelter, this no-zipper design make a TON of sense really.

I asked Zpacks where the weight savings come from and this was their reply: “Most of the weight savings came from a design tweak with our tape used on the tent. It doesn’t come with tent poles, you have to use your own trekking poles or buy their Straight Poles, at your choice. All the outer seams are taped so moisture is kept out and there’s no water absorption to worry about.

I purchased mine back in November 2016. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is … I loved how easy the tent went up. However, if you are trying to build the best ultralight tent out there, there isn’t a better material that I’m aware of. Growing up spending each fall in the Idaho backcountry, I developed a particular passion for archery elk hunting. The Duplex is fully enclosed and has a fully enclosed bug screen with very small holes that don’t allow even the smallest insect to enter, which is really useful when you are camping in nature. @pkh. The Zpacks Duplex tent gives you two massive doors that zip/unzip the entire mesh side of the shelter. 14 oz. I will normally sleep with at least one storm door open at all times, even in the winter season. The Dynema fabric of the Zpacks Duplex tent is just one of the features that make this one of the best ultralight tent options out there. There were a few other things too but we keep those close to the chest.

I found the interior space of the Zpacks Duplex tent to be a bit cramped for two people, but only in the width. Getting in and out of this tent is a breeze. What you end up with is a durable tent with good usable space (but on the smaller side) that is easy to set up and ultra lightweight.

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