yamaha sx190 problems

I think maybe going back and reading what I actually said might shed a bit of light on it for both you and ctronz.

We are taking pre-orders for All 2021 Models NOW. Yamaha’s SX 190 ran level and free, turned on a dime and gave change.

And it happens all the time. To our liking, steady winds were responsible for creating choppy one-and-a-half-foot waves on Lake Simcoe. • Your boat should not be cavitating. And based on the limited amount of what you said, I took it that you even felt you may have been hard on your boat. But it comes at a cost. If you don't know where or what the intake grate is, or how to check for weeds or blockage in the intake, you don't know enough about the boat to be out there. Full on-order inventory will be updated soon.

Drivers will value this boat’s clean, appropriately appointed helm. And I understand you to be saying now...that you do know those systems, you just didn't know the correct terminology...but that isn't what you said before. Has 76.9 hours on the engine. I am sure that had something to do with it also. At rest or wide-open throttle, the SX 190 pays dividends. When boating with that many, you’ll be thanking the Yamaha designers who wisely placed some very large, even cavernous, storage bins into the floor and under primary seat pads. Save This Boat. Check the pee hole to make sure water is flowing when you are on plane. Been out at least a dozen times and a few were in some rough seas and the only maintenance issue I've had is putting the hours on the motor to require the first oil change. The trailer is included along with a US Coast Guard starter Kit. Not big enough to stop it but just big enough to slow it down. With an overall length of 19’5” and its wide, 8’2” beam, the SX 190 sets itself apart from the competition. Purchased new on 06/2016 as a leftover.

Some guys have even jumped islands with their boats. Highlights include a shaded instrument panel, rocker switches, Bluetooth stereo, tilt steering wheel, smart phone holder and the Yamaha Connect 4.3” touch screen interface with cruise assist and no-wake modes, a handy feature for incremental speed adjustment. Planting the throttle, the SX 190 planed in 3 seconds, hit 20 mph in 5 seconds and 30 mph just four seconds later. You stated..."Not quite sure exactly where to check for the weeds blocking the intake". Through decades of experience, Yamaha boats have stood the test of time – something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If plugged take Mel's advice and run a weed whacker line through it. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Not only does it cover all of the drive’s external components, surface features include slip-resistant Hydro-Turf matting and a molded non-skid surface for sure footing.

I slowed down and just cruised for a few minutes and the alarm went off and everything was ok. It wasn't a challenge about your lack of knowledge, it was a challenge about you getting the knowledge before you get out there. Has only been on Lake Arrowhead. Has anyone else with 2 engines experienced and overheat from playing too hard (turning back and forth)? While jet boats track well at speed, docking one can get interesting when confronted with wind and current. I am not accusing or even suggesting, I was asking...and if you didn't know those things that I mentioned, let me ask you...do you think you would know enough to be out there? Could the Yamaha SX190 become another giant-killer? SX 190(*) Note (*)Includes the value of the trailer. Contact. And believe me, there are idiots out there on every waterway. It’s not unusual for runabout builders to boast, “generous open space forward”, but Yamaha’s 190 actually walks the talk. I think that the problem is that by turning sharply so many times in a row, not enough water is being taken in and it allows the engine to overheat. Not sure where you read he was abusing the boat. There was nothing accusatory in what I said. . Plus, new Premium 21 FT models! Joy and peace came into my life when I accepted Jesus Christ.

No offense was intended at all. If you still have an obstruction, you may need to remove the pump to get it out. Add an articulate Keel of Yamaha patented, providing a direct steering response and maximum control, and you have a compact boat that stands out from the Pak. Both times it was weeds blocking or slowing the flow to intake/cooling pick-up. I would think that if your overheating problem disappeared after you changed the way you were driving, then the cavitation from all your turns was contributing to the overheat. Click on LOGO to go to the HOMEPAGE. Its 18-degree deadrise hull handled predictably, cutting through waves of various heights while encountering wakes from approaching boat traffic. _____ Jared '12 SX190|dual batteries w/ switch|freshwater shower|secondary bilge pump|rear bimini ext|front bimini shade|lower deck turf|EZ-Lock|tow valve|trim tabs|Seadek|LEDs|swim deck speakers '02 LX2000|sold '98 Exciter 270|sold . This is a Message Board for all Yamaha Jet Boat Owners and other interested parties.

It isn't the cavitation that would cause any big issue there, it is the landing from all the jumping! Your IP:

Their models are fresh and current, ultimately built for enjoyment - and by multiple generations. I was pulling a tube today and an alarm went off saying engine over temp. New 2021 Yamaha Info now available including the New and Exciting 25 FT Models! We were not disappointed. The occasional jump across a wave causes cavitation and is acceptable. Thankfully, Yamaha’s new rudder and downward thrust deflector helps considerably, especially when backing up. Mine did that on the first outing. Please have financing … Please enter a city name, postal or zip code and select the city you want. 2020 Yamaha SX195 Horsepower. 920-247-2431 × Advertisement.

Don't wait! It was hot and i was turning a lot and the boat would cavitate quite a bit. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. But what I was wanting to convey, is that you can't just look into the cleaout or into the nozzle and see much without light and a mirror. Reaching 35 mph in 14 seconds, we later topped out at 38 mph turning 7350 rpm. I don't want you or anyone else to be lacking in knowledge, for your safety as well as those around you. Don't know if I was cavitating but when I turned sharply to pick up fallen tuber then my engine rpm increased and I lost speed. The boat has an engine that has a direct shaft that comes out the engine compartment into the bilge area under the swimdeck and into the pump on the back of the boat. 2015 Yamaha Marine SX190 is up for auction. Safety always comes first. Created for Boaters by Boaters; providing the ultimate resource for researching and shopping for new & used boats of all types. My desire is to share information, fun, knowledge, and experience...but when someone shares a good deal of either experience or knowledge with you, is there any reason to make it about them vs taking a look at the original questions and see if any of it fits?

A lot of turning sharply but not really running it hard. I'd be interested to know if the way you were driving was the only cause. bucks448. For it’s size, Yamaha’s latest SX190 is an all-around, generously proportioned sport boat packed with technology. Quantity of the engines is already included. I am glad to hear you do know what the cleanouts are and the intakes. Any help? Oshkosh, Wisconsin. '12 SX190|dual batteries w/ switch|freshwater shower|secondary bilge pump|rear bimini ext|front bimini shade|lower deck turf|EZ-Lock|tow valve|trim tabs|Seadek|LEDs|swim deck speakers, 2013 AR240 - Dual Batteries, Lowrance Elite 7 HDI, Thrust Vectors XL, Tru-Lock 2, General Discussion (Yamaha Jetboat Related), http://www.amazon.com/SportsStuff-53-17 ... ird+3+tube. If the boat is over heating while tubing there is a problem. . The way you wrote that sounded like you were just continually jumping. 2021. Expect loose or broken components. So now we get to the meat of things and see if this single engine has the stones to get this boat where we need it to be. With an overall length of 19’5” and its wide, 8’2” beam, the SX 190 sets itself apart from the competition. I added a Keel Guard, Thrust Vector, and Yamaha Mooring cover. Now it is your boat and you can determine the amount of wear and tear that is acceptable to you.

2018 Yamaha SX 190(*) Prices and Specs Select Option Packages Below . I experienced Engine overtemp on Two separate days recently while on week's vacation at the lake Both times I was pulling a tube and running hard. Tried and true to the Jet Set, Yamaha stands firm in its commitment to boaters who, for many reasons, understand and appreciate the benefits of owning a jet boat. I was pulling the kids on the tube. Ask us for details. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Renown for manufacturing high quality leisure products, Yamaha boats are subject to stringent standards.

Yamaha Boats SX190 Suede Gray . Extreme Inventory Shortage in the Marketplace will continue into next Spring and Summer.

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