worst tasting game meat

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Best tasting: kudu (while in South Africa). Once I made a pasta out of the contents of my desolate refrigerator: elk heart and arugula.

Not only is this deer the most hunted big-game animal in America, it's the most hunted anything in America.

Sorry, but the kitchen knife won’t do it.

Black Wildebeest liver is the best liver I have had.

Best tasting game meat! eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'archerydynasty_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',117,'0','0'])); If you enjoy meat that is lean and slightly gamey, then rabbit meat is for you.

But a javalina that I shot made some excellent jerky.

But they are true divers in that they sit on the water like a diver and they take off like a diver. I learned the hard way some years ago when I was visiting the town in Hawaii where I grew up. Copyright © 2020 Field & Stream. I have yet to experience this, but some say that rutty caribou tastes pretty bad, and I guess this would be because of a few factors, but depending on what state you live in or what the caribou has been eating or fed, the taste can differ immensely.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'archerydynasty_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',111,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'archerydynasty_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',111,'0','1'])); For some hunters, caribou is at the top of the list for best big game meat they’ve ever tried in their life, but for some, they say it was the worst tasting thing they could have ever come across.

Here are a few of those stories.

If you have ever hunted and cooked duck before, then you can kind of get a feel for what quail will taste like. All of the White Tail that I have shot have been butchered locally and the meat was awesome.

Big bucks, land management, rut reports, and tips for the whitetail obsessed.

Guys - do you care about cellulite? Some good, some bad.

You can include condiments and drinks if you want. Have no fear meat-eaters, we've gathered the best and worst meats you can find so you'll be better prepared for dinner. If possible, season them up and then glaze them with a nice, thick sauce afterward. Sam Lungren It takes your body more energy to metabolize these two foods. It’s one thing to have good tasting meat, but it’s another to have healthy meat as well. It just got better and better each night and my wife and daughter usually turn their nose up to game meat (won't eat deer, might eat elk sometimes, etc). One time, I brought several pounds of Canada goose jerky with me from Montana to give out as Christmas presents.

Without game bags, you’ll have a very hard time cooling your meat down after you’ve skinned your animal.

Check them out here: That’s the list in short, but if you’d like to learn a little bit more about each one to give you a better idea of what each tastes like, then I highly recommend reading on. Bou'bound 07-Mar-19. Except of course the two famous desireable divers, the Red Head and the Canvassback. Not too strong or not too light. I read in Field and Stream or Outdoor life many years ago about how a **** wasn't bad if you treated the meat right.

On the best side, Buffalo tail stew (oxtail to us) is the best.

Just came from a hunt and already longing for the bush. If you know anything about the consumption of wild animals or have tasted wild game before, then you should know that animals usually taste like what they mostly eat.

That's why I will usually choose a doe or young buck over a virile buck with a larger rack, of course unless it's a real trophy. Haven't tried baboon or monkey......too close to home.

Contributors to this thread: Ucsdryder 07-Mar-19.

They can be compared to having the taste of a pheasant and is one of those small games that thousands upon thousands love to eat.

I give tips and pointers on how to control what we hunters call ” buck fever ” if you’re not already familiar with the term.

A good cook can make tenderloin of skunk taste pretty good, though I've never sampled it. Ostrich was surprising , more life beef then a bird .

Mine would be a coot. These bags can be used for larger game animals such as moose, deer. Each meat has its own unique taste and while some are better than others, all of them are pretty delicious, to say the least. Whether they result in producing chum slicks that could be picked up by marine radar or having to throw away your favorite cut of meat, bad meals happen. Trash bags,  grocery bags, or any other kind of bag with limited breathability will cause bacteria to grow on your meat much quicker, so with that said, you’ll need to get your hands on a set of bags more breathable, such as these bags here from Amazon.

Those first three are some of the BEST tasting foods around, and most nutritious.

So when hunting, make sure you’re paying attention to what condition and … Comment. The old, intimidating industrial... Our picks for the week’s best hunting, fishing, wild foods, and conservation content. Just like most game animals, the taste of your moose will depend on what was consumed and where it is located, but when you do catch one under the right circumstances, you will definitely not be disappointed.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'archerydynasty_com-leader-1','ezslot_12',113,'0','0'])); Definitely one of the better game meats on this list and arguably the best tasting game on the planet, the axis deer has been coined as a hunter’s favorite when it comes to taste and if I had to give my honest opinion as well, I’d have to say that I pretty much agree. JavaScript is disabled. Absolutely delicious with a creamy finish to it. For beginning hunters, antelope can sometimes be mistaken for a deer, but little do many people know that these animals actually belong to a family that consists of goats and oxen. This site is owned and operated by ArcheryDynasty.com, a limited liability company headquartered in Indiana, USA.

I know every hunter’s dream is to score the biggest buck possible, but if you’re looking for an enjoyable meal and want something that tastes great and that the family will enjoy, then hunting for that younger buck will probably be your best bet. Impala, Wildebeeste, Hartebeest, Eland, it was all great. They carry lean meat and if not prepared properly can taste bland and have the texture of a rubber boot. – For all of your field dressing needs, scroll down to the bottom for the recommendations that I use when skinning my animals. This blade also comes with a brown, leather belt sheath and a hole on the back end of the handle to be hung as a lanyard.

In the summertime, moose can be said to taste like grass-fed beef. Finally, meat and, again, Lamb is very nutritious and good tasting--I "love" a NY Strip Steak bbqued. It just got better and better each night and my wife and daughter usually turn their nose up to game meat (won't eat deer, might eat elk sometimes, etc).

Caza y Safaris Argentina wrote on sanderson0203's profile. This is important to know so that when you finally do get ahold of one of these you’re not telling your friends and family that you tried venison for the first time like I did when first starting out as a hunter. In reality, more often than not, bad flavor is the result of human error.

Venison has been both my best and my worst.

Any diving duck rates a close second on … The worst, though I haven't tried ****, has got to be spoonies (Greater Northern Shoveler).

The steps you take and don’t take can be critical to how it tastes after you grill it up, so just keep in mind that time is of the essence here.

Some threads I read for information. Nothing great, they do have a mild "organ" taste like liver, but not nearly as strong as liver. will get the job done with pretty much any game that you want to hang. Check out the slideshow above for the 10 best and worst …

That's why I really don't care to shoot a big boar. This isn't a list for worst prepared foods it is a list for worst tasting food sand these actually taste good so this definitely shouldn't be number five . A Bonnier Corporation Company. I love eland, just done on the braai, and also tasted a delicious stew made with bushbuck. One thing that surprised me was the Outfitter wasn't a big believer in aging meat.

It’s one thing to have good tasting meat, but it’s another to have healthy meat as well. Some have said that certain species within the antelope family can have a sweet and nutty taste.

When I cleaned the goose, it was impossible to ignore the smell of gut shot, but I was convinced that the brine and smoker would take care of it. Deer meat, and deer meat...not everyone can do deer justice, but some can cook it right.Takes knowing how.... Best I've had is a toss up between elk and moose. Guess I'll have to go back and try it again . If you’re averse to the strong flavors of liver, a hot tip is that they don’t get better with age. Big fox squirrels and pretty tasty. With that said, though, let’s go a little deeper into each type of meat.

I have only tried antelope in North Ameria, so I can only speak on the taste regarding the ones we have here. They mainly eat vegetation growing off the bottom, so they dive to get it. Ryan Callaghan

Hi, I’m Devin (far right).

We certainly can’t deny that in the West we eat some pretty awful stuff (such as sea urchin and tripe), and this list includes a … One … Needless to say, my wife and son haven’t eaten deer liver since. I always thought Oryx backstrap was a good as it gets.

It also depends a lot on what the critter has been grazing on. The meat they carry is rich, flavorful and hardly gamey at all.

The Best-Tasting Pokémon Are (Mostly) Endangered. These bags can be used for larger game animals such as moose, deer. Really? The first duck I shot and cooked in butter was good, too. The worst I personally had was blesbuck, maybe it was the way it was made?

girls do you.

I have yet to experience this, but some say that rutty caribou tastes pretty bad, and I guess this would be because of a few factors, but depending on what state you live in or what the caribou has been eating or fed, the taste can differ immensely.

After you dress your game, it’s time to get your meat up in the air for the cooling process.

Before you go and throw that dirty word around, look at your ingredients, preparation, and how you cared for the meat. I'd shot lots of deer in the agrcultural area's of southern Wisconsin that tasted fine but there is very little agriculture in the northern part of the state and the taste of the deer reflects it. I have had impala, kudu, oryx, blue wildebeest, springbok....and porcupine..all but but the porcu where delicious.. "I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.” Winston Churchill, talipa are real goood for freshwater fish.

Sometimes it can be hard getting one with the other, but with the elk, it is possible.

I personally love eating this duck, but when I searched to see how other hunters felt about it, I got a bunch of mixed answers. North America's largest rodent made this list, not only because their flesh tastes like pot-roasted beef, but also because the meat of so many of them gets wasted every year because few know how to handle this animal as table fare.

They are mostly made up of dark, dense, and tender meat and will not need to be marinated in order to get the most out of them. What went wrong?

Of course if the hot sauce is hot enough, you won't be able to taste anything.

Yeah, sometimes if a buck is shot during rut and all his harmonial juices are flowing in his blood, he'll taste more like an old boar hog than a deer.

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