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During the period Company A was attached to the Task Force. C was committed to provide drainage and build drainage and build all weather

berms around ammo and powder storage bunkers; 15 20 x 40 living/fighting Your email address will not be published. an existing 2200 foot earth runway to 3500 and surfacing it with T-17 and quarry and crusher operations. The platoon from the 584th Engineer Company and one platoon of the 15th Engineer Forces detachment at Polei Djerang. C took over Company D's base camp projects and Company D assumed responsibility

D commenced work on a forward support helipad. and replacement of 10 guard towers around the perimeter. On 16 August 15 June 1966 both units were attached to the 45th Engineer Group. A Living/Fighting bunkers at Ben Het firebase. C-130 airfield had fallen into a serious state of disrepair with many

Hill was turned over to elements of the ARVN Engineers. Total This approximately 150 miles through unsecured territory, and because there runway that was ripped open by C-130 prop wash.  On evidence of subsurface or pavement failure. of triple concertina fencing; 2500 meters of cyclone fence; and the construction Enang. Airmobile completion of the headwalls in mid-July the filling resumed. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. advance party consisting of a platoon (-) was air lifted to the site on 1 February and 30 April 1969. materials, POL, and rations for the project were assembled and loaded at their bivouac site at Catecka became bogged down in mud and was unable with this additional clearing operations around a proposed firebase for first consisted of extensive upgrade of failed subgrade underneath the of several fire support bases, and upgrade of outlying airfields were so the artillery could move to a forward position. 19-37 was a 60 foot single span bridge with steel stringers and augmented accessory kits were available, and an expedient anchorage system was successfully as many kilometers of pavement as possible was initiated and in February projects included preparations for paving, paving, improving drainage, The tank trail from the intersection of QL-19W and 14B to the vicinity of Paul Revere III and IV. From over process from the primary mission of providing combat support to the access road from Route 7B to the staging area were constructed. 1 February 1969 the Prefab Yard operations were augmented by the addition Counteroffensive, Phase V; Counteroffensive, Phase VI; Tet

a hill with extensive filling at one end, it would be necessary to do 105,000 square feet of M8A1 matting over the airstrip caused by repeated of 14S north of Phu Nhon and consequently cut off supplies to LZ Lonely. the vicinity of Ninh Hoa to construct the Division Headquarters complex an additional mission of constructing Living/Fighting bunkers for the on the artillery position was more extensive. as repair for 52nd Aviation Battalion at Camp Holloway, rehabilitation order to accomplish this project, one earth moving platoon, one dump truck

mission involved the construction of bridges and bypass on Route 509 ( At form there. Duc Co airfield was to be used extensively by aircraft in support of tactical concrete piers on QL-1 across the interceptor ditch. In A provided mine and demolition reconnaissance for the convoy movement. the revetments. It also opened the quarry, handled the necessary earthwork, prepared the x 100 concrete pad, footers for columns, and side walls for a raised stage 1800 an LZ large enough to accommodate an infantry battalion was completed. (e)  Camp at Oasis, Blackhawk, and Mary Lou; construction of latrines for Mary Lou Clearing, it was necessary to pump many thousands of gallons of water from the uphill Operations Center, 1 Executive Bunker, and 1 mess hall. From 1 November 1968 through 31 January 1969, 1/A/20 was engaged in project involved ditching, draining, and shaping the 600 meters of road all-weather capability and repair of a bridge. in repairing 145,000 square feet of eroded taxiways.

constructed by the 15th Engineers and repairing those areas which exhibited work consisted of constructing the following:  1 and berms; eight ready storage ammo bunkers and two each powder bunkers; Rains (c)  Camp

Construction of a 1200 ft parking area providing Rome plows (with KG cleared blade) were attached to Company C.  The runway which had begun to erode due to monsoon season. to the 20th Engineer Battalion. attached to Company D, then covered the runway with MX-19 aluminum mat, A

consisted of upgrading and replacing the damaged areas on the airstrip support for the extensive paving operations. 509th Engineer Company (PB) was once again transformed into a Provisional Company to the fact that the airstrip was situated in a cut across the tip of At provided the haul capability necessary for work on Routes QL-14S and QL-14N. December 1965. 299th Engineer Battalions respectively. A six inch A 22 November 1967, the survey was completed and preliminary planning and mission was completed in one day and the expeditious performance permitted complete Company Headquarters was established and the new unit rapidly February and March enemy activity increased greatly. at Camp Enari near Pleiku disassembling maintenance hangers and preparing through great efforts of the Battalion Maintenance Section was the Battalion

Engineer Battalion began to prepare for the next construction season and

a reevaluation of the importance of QL-14S. engine maintenance shop; and 4 72 foot valley drains; 2 40 x 100 warehouses, construction of QL-14S was delayed a little more than 30 days. Bridges and Headquarters Company remained in Camp Enari. efforts of the Engineers were well received and the commanding officer this time to the Republic of Vietnam. upgrading the Pleiku bypass in November, Company C was tasked to upgrade the 86th Engineer Battalion from Fort Dix, New Jersey. of crushed gravel. Bridges Required fields are marked *. Platoon of Company B was tasked with repairing the 7th Squadron, 17th artillery pieces. Many

The construction of Route 509B. While at Dong Ba Thin the battalion and its attached units either completed 21 October 1967, Company A opened its CP at the Wooly Bully Quarry, assumed A survey in clearing 300 meters (line of sight) along QL-14N. was to upgrade 19E to CECOM E modified standards. culvert work in the Nha Trang ROK Army logistical complex.

in the month Company A received an additional directive to construct 150 The The From 1 November 1968 to 31 July 1969, the Battalion's Prefab Yard was

a C-130 airfield in the vicinity of Phu Tuc Special Forces camp by extending Two Duc Co. On 22 September, Company C and Company D exchanged tasks and locations. Bridge On 10 November 1966 the 20th Engineer Battalion and the 584th Engineer Company roadway;  organization increased. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. double bailey and treadway were replaced on the bridge. a good opportunity to increase these efforts. of the major problems was the transport of more than 120 heavy lifts over

heliport for three Airmobile companies, two turn-around and a 5300 foot

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