winspace hyper wheels review

I decided to do a review in my own style. Did not experience any brake rub putting out 1000+ watts on uphill sprints.

But, for me (I weigh 50kgs and love to climb) I think the 50s are where it's at. - Rear wheel : 2:1 spoke lacing on rear wheels. This is just hard fact and science. There are no products matching the selection. they creak around 150-200w but maybe thats when they tend to be travelling 25-30kph, so might be a resonance effect related to wheel … ↳   For sale - Pictures are mandatory 22-3-13, viewtopic.php?f=10&t=153136&p=1572170#p1572170, So, for me personally the 65s on paper don't make a lot of sense. In the dry you can get just as good results with non texture braking surfaces depending on your braking surface material, resin and pad compound. 21 spokes.

Kicked off by a review by Hambini and further amplified when Peak Torque took a look at a set. Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc. Given that the rim is 26 mm wide (with 19 mm inner width) most 25 mm tires would expand to somewhere between 26 - 27 mm and will be therefore wider than the rim which will result in worse results. In my opinon textured braking surfaces main advantage is how quickly the brakes start to bite in the wet.

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc. Sounds like you might be having the same problem rlanger was having. Also interested whether changing to a swiss stop or Campagnolo red pad offered any improvement in braking.

↳   Introduce Yourself / Gallery - Please use metric weights. Textured braking surfaces are also asking for small stones / dust to get stuck in there, then take huge chunks out of your braking surface, so I think textured braking surfaces need extra care and cleaning. ↳   For sale - Pictures are mandatory 22-3-13, viewtopic.php?f=10&t=153136&p=1572170#p1572170. Sale Products. If you live really flat or you're already a heavy (body weight) crit racer, I think the 65s make sense. would appreciate more input/feedback on the (rim) braking performance of these wheels.

... Winspace is one of the Chinese independent brands with a good reputation in China, whose products have a high quality and have few problems.

I'd really like to know who actually makes all these rims as they seem to be very interesting in many ways except for a few details and maybe there would be a chance to have the manufacturer modify their production in the future (for the updated models). When you keep surfing on this site you agree with the cookie usage. If someone could take a picture or two of a HyperX rim we could compare the rim profile. We're using cookies in case to provide best-possible user experience. Might be worth a shot if you plan to build your own @RDY. And, you can't deny that. They look similar to these sold at Aliexpress: Yes I think you're right. Orange Seal, does it live up to it's fame. ↳   For sale - Pictures are mandatory 22-3-13, viewtopic.php?f=10&t=153136&p=1572170#p1572170,, ... 31735.html. We're using cookies in case to provide best-possible user experience.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. BUT.

Winspace Hyper.

... Jagwire Elite link cable review. I think he uses 23 mm tires in his tests and performance evaluation. Hubs: - Bespoke engineered Winspace hubs. - Supplied with standard Shimano compatible 11s freewheel body.

After 2 rides so far so good.

There are no products matching the selection. Quite possibly two of the toughest critics on YouTube, it was a trial by fire. I got a set of the 50s in rim brake. Orange Seal, does it live up to it's fame. I wish there would be more rims in the 27 - 27.5 mm width range. 130kms today with 1700+ meters of climbing and gotta say I'm just blown away by the wheels. Kicked off by a review by Hambini and further amplified when Peak Torque took a look at a set. Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc. They look cooler. Yeah, all of those wheels look similar. The jump in weight doesn't seem to match the jump in aero gains.

Gei in touch with Winspace. the disc wheel creaked more than the rim, but its hard to test without going on a proper ride because the creaks seem to start only after some time or maybe requires some time at a constant speed of 25-30kph.

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