will ferrell ruined the office reddit

huge fan of the office, but not sure if Will can fill Steve's shoes....definitely will stay tuned. But, even I, a very sincere fan, didn't think the show would last without Michael. Comedy, this ain't.

Jim and Pam are more annoying than Ross and Rachel and the show grinds to a screeching halt when it's about them.

Put a fork in this show. The show will continue to be a hit! Compared to how many episodes made for the brilliant-but-different British version? Will was so straight up and smart that he performed the impossible – made us almost want to move past whacky Michael, we are ready too.

So she said "hello Dundee mifflin, this is." tricking Michael into meeting him to see a turtle, Neve Campbell's a 'pussycat' when it comes to scary movies, Our favorite YouTube stars of the week cover Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera's coming back to 'The Voice,' and more news to note, 'American Horror Story' renewed, and more news to note, Taylor Swift is Billboard's Woman of the Year, and more news to note, We hope you liked 'Extant,' and more news to note, Robert Downey Jr. messes with our minds, and more news to note, 'Walking Dead' gets sixth season, and more news to note, That time Colbie Caillat sang 'Smelly Cat,' and more news to note, Ellen Pompeo's new baby, and other news to note, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga top the charts, and more news to note, Chris Brown's rep on his tattoo: It's not Rihanna. i dont like the office

How about ANCHORMAN and THE OTHER GUY? With so many good writers struggling to find jobs these days, how is it that CNN is employing what has to be a remedial-level high school english student to write articles! It dawned on Michael that he had to accept what was happening, and he gave Deangelo one of the most hilarious hugs in television history, saying, "Why did you have to be so damn good? The Office hasn't jumped the shark and I should know since I started this whole jump the shark thing. matt...you obviously never watched the office to compare michael scott to brick from anchorman. "It was a little intimidating at first because that cast is like a well-oiled machine and they know each other so well," said Ferrell.

How lengthy have you been blogging for? Who wrote this and was the author 12? Steve Carrell can never be replaced also The Office has millions of fans feel free to speak your opinion realizing that it has no value. I agree that this article is very poorly written. No offense to Steve. #2 – If you do/did work in an office, this shows aim is to laugh at ones self and others that frustrate you Michael Scott in his heart is a good person but emotionally stunted. It sucks. I think the way they're making the change is perfect. If Will Ferrell is a permanent fixture on The Office, I'll never watch it again. Fortunately his (one assumes, temporary) replacement, Deangelo Vickers, is played by Will Ferrell. Thank you for being objective, Sandee. We thought Michael Scott embodied them all. The episode with Ferrell was the worst in a long time, doesn't look good for the future. Will Farrell nailed it. I'm already in a slump over the latter. He's not funny and I'm looking forward to tuning in again when he is gone permanently!

The Brits only had the original for 2 seasons but here we want to suck out as much money as possible even though it is getting really tiresome. The article is very poorly written like all the well educated people have said. "What I liked is how his withholding only made the workers want to please him more. "Superstar funnyman Will Ferrell definitely lived up to the hype in his first episode of what is supposed to be a three- or four ep-stint as guest star," Forcella wrote. I would smack 95% of you buttholes. #3 – CNN does need a better critique. RELATED: Deangelo Vickers: Will Ferrell’s 10 Most Memorable Quotes on The Office. I hate when people say jumped the shark, and when they think they are smart, and voice there sh!tty opinions. And that one, funny hug scene? This article reminds me of the synopsis I get when my ten year-old comes back from a movie with her mom. Season 5 was the last great season. HOW.

The current and last season, I've noticed, the pauses have been cut dramatically, the humor is more childish, and scenes are way too short, trying to go for a quick laugh but consistently fell short. I don't know if subtle humor is his strongest game like it is for Steve Carrell. Its as if the humor is too forced. Society is conforming me into a butthole, I'm just trying to fit in and get involved with a Laughing at your idiocy?

Worst Journalism ever. I agree, too much hype made the episode not funny. I be punjabi but I also be lezbo! or something running out of some sheeps ###. He'd be perfect as the new office manager. Good maybe he will stop making those stupid movies. I think you are all extra cool.

i hated that article

A horrible actor and a very poor choice as a replacement. Let's get bizzy and get your big ol meat stick in my chute asap! I love Will Ferral. As such I know much about Native American folklore. I would be more than happy to give u my digits so we could do some butt slammin! I can't wait for the new episodes!! The entire article was just you recounting the entire episode, did you get paid for that??? And if the US version is so bad, how come so many MILLIONS of people (likely more intelligent than you based on your juvenile post) would disagree with you? Well i think the author was on the spot because everything he wrote was on that episode.. i read it then watched and it was just like the author explained so... maybe it is that you guys cant read.. The worst come back ever? I agree that the writing in these blog articles is usually nowhere near as competent as what you would find in print media, but look at most of the readers' responses; the writing skills of the respondents are as bad as it gets.

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