who won the battle of alamance creek

Outraged at the disregard of a second white flag, the Governor rallied his troops against the insurgents, whose ammunition was running out. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The Battle of Alamance is further memorialized through an annual battle reenactment. William Hooper, Alexander Martin, and Francis Nash] became patriots during the Revolution. The residents of the backcountry chafed under high taxes and a biased justice system. A battle between colonists on the frontier seeking and expand further west and Native Americans who wanted to protect and keep their land. Other historians indicate much greater numbers, between 15 and 27 killed. In 1771, an armed group of backcountry farmers calling themselves Regulators battled with royal governor William Tryon's militia on land now preserved at Alamance Battleground State Historic Site. Location I lament the fatal necessity to which you have now reduced me by withdrawing yourselves from the mercy of the crown and from the laws of your country.

Funded by council member and wealthy merchant Samuel Cornell for £6,000,[5] on May 11, Tryon left the county seat of Hillsborough with his militia to confront the Regulators, who had made camp south of Great Alamance Creek in western Orange County (present-day Alamance County).[6]. He became suspicious that his positions were being flanked and ordered the militia to march within 30 yards of the Regulators.

Realizing what he had done, he sent a flag bearer named Donald Malcolm with a white flag in hopes of calming things quickly. Between 1764 and 1771, the Regulators initiated various skirmishes with colonial forces. The Royal Governor pardoned others and allowed them to stay on the condition that they pledge an oath of allegiance to the royal government. Tryon, in a moment of anger, took a musket from a militiaman and shot Thompson dead. Outside the visitors center is a 3-pounder cannon replica and a map of the battleground site. The historic site is located south of Burlington, Alamance County, North Carolina in the United States.[2]. Named for nearby Great Alamance Creek, the battle took place in what was then Orange County and has since become Alamance County in the central Piedmont area, about 6 miles (9.7 km) south of present-day Burlington, North Carolina.

At about this time, two men who had been attempting to negotiate a peace between the two sides left Tryon's camp: Reverend David Caldwell and Robert Thompson.

Today the site contains exhibits, period cannon, and colored flags representing troop positions.

While Tryon won the battle, one could argue that seeds of future rebellion were firmly planted in the minds of the men and families who were defeated and forced to flee the area. Recent archaeological studies at the site have shown that the area now known as Alamance Battleground was also the site of another skirmish in the revolutionary war and of a civil war era Confederate encampment.

Many surviving ex-Regulators became loyalists during the Revolution, and several anti-Regulators [e.g. You will be defeated!

While the terms were being read, Tryon's troops began to move forward.

Thompson was detained by Tryon as a prisoner.

[4] Donated by descendants of the family and moved from nearby Snow Camp to the current site, the frontier style, one room log home is furnished with restored, original pieces from the period.[4]. A visitor center at the site allows visitors to view a film and several historical items - including the powder horn of Harmon Cox, the only known surviving archeological relic from the Battle of Alamance, in a small museum. Event details

Evidence was also found of a Civil War era encampment of the 3rd North Carolina Junior Reserve unit under the command of Col. John Hinsdale, who camped on the site shortly before surrendering near High Point to Union forces. The Battle of Alamance began on May 16 after the Regulators rejected Tryon’s suggestion they disperse peacefully. [8], A man considered one of the principal military leaders of the Regulators, Captain Montgomery, was killed by a shell at about the same time a bullet hit Tryon's hat. One of them, James Few, was executed at the camp, and six were executed later in nearby Hillsborough.

By the 1760s, the restless backcountry residents had coalesced into a loosely controlled group known as "Regulators." Peaceful protests and minor incidents occurred until 1768, when an association of "Regulators" was formed.

Some historians in the late nineteenth-early twentieth centuries considered the battle to be the opening salvo of the American Revolution, and locals agreed with this assessment. The Battle of Alamance was fought in May 1771 as part of the War of the Regulation between the forces of Royal Governor William Tryon and a band of settlers from western North Carolina who were dissatisfied with the leadership provided by the royal governors.

with a defeat of the Regulator forces. The next morning, at about 8:00 am, Tryon's troops set out to a field about one-half mile from the camp of the Regulators.

Citizens confronted the Governor's officials over various grievances, including excessive taxes and dishonest officials.

The battle begins with a skirmish on May 15, 1771, and ends on May 16 [2] The battleground is largely handicapped accessible. Tryon sent one of his aides-de-camp, Captain Philemon Hawkins II, and the Sheriff of Orange County with a proclamation: To Those Who Style Themselves "Regulators": In reply to your petition of yesterday, I am to acquaint you that I have ever been attentive to the interests of your County and to every individual residing therein. Unfortunately for them, the Regulators had no ammunition and it could not be used. [16][17], Lutie Andrews McCorkle, "The North Carolina Booklet", Vol III, No.

[3], The state historic site belongs to the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources was established to preserve part of the battleground and provide historical interpretation of the lifestyle of the settlers in 1770s north central North Carolina. Date The Governor will grant you nothing. 1 (Original Television Soundtrack), Outlander: Season 1, Vol. A gift shop is located within the visitor's center. The War of Regulation: A Revolutionary Reaction for Reform", "Colonial Williamsburg's latest buy: Money", "Some Neglected History of North Carolina", "Search of Alamance Battleground yields archaeological jackpot", Outlander Recap: “The Ballad of Roger Mac”, "Alamance Battleground, Burlington, North Carolina", "An authentic relation of the Battle of Alamance", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Battle_of_Alamance&oldid=982537937, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. By midday the hour had expired. The battle features in the Diana Gabaldon novel, The Fiery Cross, and is depicted in the television adaptation, Outlander, in the fifth-season episode "The Ballad of Roger Mac," which first aired in 2020.

7, p. 29, 1903, North Carolina Colonial Records Vol 7 p 736-737, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Alamance Battleground State Historic Site, "Prelude to the American Revolution?

[8], Losses for both sides are disputed. Outside the visitors center, the grounds are marked with 2 granite monuments. To require you who are now assembled as Regulators, to quietly lay down your arms, to surrender up your leaders, to the laws of your country and rest on the leniency of the Government. [3][4], In the spring of 1771, Royal Governor William Tryon left New Bern, mustering and marching approximately 1,000 militia troops west to address a rebellion that had been brewing in western counties for several years, but which had included only minor, scattered acts of violence, followed by refusals to pay fees, disruptions of court proceedings, and continued harassment of government officials.

The Battle of Alamance was the final battle of the War of the Regulation, a rebellion in colonial North Carolina over issues of taxation and local control. In May of 1771, Jamie and his men head to Alamance, where they are met by Regulator men.

Tryon reported nine dead and 61 wounded among the militia. There is a plaque that commemorates the deaths of the six men who were hanged as traitors by decree of Governor Tryon following the defeat of the Regulators: James Pugh, Robert Matear, Benjamin Merrill, Captain Messer, and two others. The Regulators lacked the leadership, organization, and ammunition that Tryon had, but the early course of the battle went well for them. Participants Some of the Regulators remained behind to continue firing upon the militia.

The Battle of Alamance was the final battle of the War of the Regulation, in which North Carolina farmers and backcountry residents rebelled against the wealthy and corrupt colonial officials.

Gentlemen and Regulators: Those of you who are not too far committed should desist and quietly return to your homes, those of you who have laid yourselves liable should submit without resistance. How did William Pitt plan to encourage the Americans to assume the military burden in the Seven Year's War in American?

The flag bearer was himself fired upon by the Regulators, who called out, "Fire and be damned". Delays prevented the 300 reinforcements under Captain Benjamin Merrill from arriving in time. The years preceding the American Revolution, were a period of discontent. Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade, "I Give You My Body...": How I Write Sex Scenes, Outlander: Season 1, Vol. May 15 – May 16, 1771

The following individuals were numbered as members of the Regulators: The following were excepted from pardons by Tryon: Six men were found guilty of treason, but were pardoned at Tryon's behest: Six men were found guilty of treason and were sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered, although in practice, they were only hanged: Visitors to Alamance Battleground State Historic Site may view the field of battle, memorialized in 1880 with a granite monument and a second monument in 1903. Lieutenant-colonels: John Frohock, Moses Alexander, Majors: William Bullock, Walter Lindsay, Thomas Lloyd, Martin Fifer, and John Hinton, James Hunter – So-called "General of the Regulators", whose 1901 statue is now found at, James Few – executed at camp after the battle, Charles Harrington – died from wounds received at the battle, James Emerson – later signed the Revolutionary War Patriots' Muster Roll as James Emison (Emmerson), Hermon (or Harmon) Cox – his powder horn is now on display at Alamance Battleground, This page was last edited on 8 October 2020, at 19:32. [9] Both sides counted nine dead among the Regulators and from dozens to approximately two-hundred wounded. This allowed two of the Regulators, brothers named McPherson, to capture one of Tryon's three cannons. On This Day in History - May 16, 1771 The Battle of Alamance brings the War of the Regulation to a close. I and others promise to obtain for you the best possible terms. The visitors' center offers exhibits, artifacts, and a presentation on the battle.

Many Regulators traveled on to frontier areas beyond North Carolina.

2 (Original Television Soundtrack), Outlander: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack), https://outlander.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_of_Alamance?oldid=38465. Caldwell made it to the field between the two lines, but was warned by the Regulators, who saw that the Governor was about to open fire. Alamance Battleground State Historic Site also includes the John Allen House, which family sources suggest was constructed around 1780. He formed two lines, and divided his artillery between the wings and the center of the first line.

By accepting these terms within one hour from the delivery of this dispatch, you will prevent an effusion of blood, as you are at this time in a state of rebellion against your King, your country, and your laws. John's sister, Amy, was the wife of Herman Husband, an agitator and pamphleteer prominent in the Regulator movement who was present at the Battle of Alamance.

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