who makes waverly tuners

Simple replacement...smooth operation...hold tune perfectly. But they run you $150. We highly recommend the #1714 Depth-stop Drill Bit (3/32" bit) for the pilot hole before installing these screws. there is a ton of stuff in there. I love Waverly tuners - have put them on my Gretsch repro dobro, and my gibson acoustics - but lately as I start building my own instruments I have chosen these lovely tuners to distract from my so-so luthier work. Smoother. Please call us at 1-800-848-2273. Waverly's renowned gear mechanism is second to none. Item is as pictured. Thank you! In Working order small chip off one black button Iveroid one is marked Waverly New York it's nice. No scratches. Waverlys need no introduction– they are solid brass and they stay in tune(and looks darn good while doing it) I took them off of my 1935 Gibson L-C when I restored it to original condition. Please contact for overseas shipping rates. You may also consider using Bill Me Later A COMPLAINT WILL BE FILED FOR A NON-PAYING BUYERS. Will ship to the USA only. If you are looking at these, then you probably already know what they are and what I mean by reverse gear and square block.

They are also easily distinguished from Klusons by the worm shaft (the rod that the plastic button attaches to and turns the tuning post). Very good condition. 3/4" from base plate to string hole. Smoother, more efficient tuning. they make my work look better. I don't accept wire transfers on this item. 1950s 60s Waverly Guitar tuners - Harmony, Silvertone, Gretsch, Guild !!!!

Here is a set of[6] chrome vintage Grover Waverly guitar tuners for Martin acoustic guitars. Complete 3+3 set.

Set 396: 1950s/60s Waverly strip tuners for solid headstock as found on many Harmony and Gretsch guitars, as well as other makes. Good condition with the pegs turning fine and not bent. If you've been looking you know that these tuners are very tough to find. In this case, I think the easiest and most reasonable approach is to enlarge the holes in the tuner plates so they can be mounted and removed easily with no damage to the guitar. so be sure and check out our other listings! Ivoroid. But they may fit a variety of other ca. I bought the solid Koa premium ukulele kit, and while it came with perfectly good tuners I just had to put these little gems on it. These plugs are simple to install and they make for a solid, simple, and permanent repair. As such, unlike the vast majority of eBay sellers listing vintage restoration guitar parts, we are listing these things with NO RESERVE and a low opening bid.

They then expanded to adding a tiny "nub" or "bell" to the end of their plates which became larger and eventually became an identifying feature of many Waverly tuners.

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