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Friday, October 30. I agree with the crowd.

Sinatra???? Do I want to listen to a human pop music robot spit out the entire history of U.S, radio every night, AND say that Trump is a great President? Just when you finally had it right, you guys blew it.

This afternoon news-oriented program led by Steve is a welcome addition to our WGN Radio weekday lineup.”. He has so much information about an incredible variety of topics.

I love Anna and her own show and the extended hour will be nice but she needs to broaden her topic base she’s a wonderful person delightful to listen to. The R&B expert has shown her true political colors by promoting Donald Trump as an excellent president. – Click for more on David Hochberg and to meet our sponsors. How many people could be listening at three in the morning anyway.

Do I want to listen to recycled shows from earlier in the day? ROE CONN and NICK DIGILIO are out, JOHN RECORDS LANDECKER and a news block with STEVE BERTRAND are in, and ANNA DAVIANTES is getting more time in a shakeup of NEXSTAR News-Talk WGN-A/CHICAGO's lineup announced just as AMERICA headed into the long holiday weekend.

I wasn’t up late enough to listen to Nick but, people seem to like him and what’s the difference.

BRING HIM BACK! I also have sent many text messages regarding Rollye James I really liked her and the way she prepares for for guests on her shows . Copyright © 2020 All Access Music Group. The Daily Intelligence Report delivered to your inbox.

Also Rokhan was the perfect person to have on the drive home all people in that 30 to 50 age group even older could relate to him another huge mistake I’m sorry thanks for giving me the chance to voice my opinion sincerely Pam. You have entered an incorrect email address! WGN Radio will air "Halloween Radio Theatre" hosted by Carl Amari, on Saturday, October 31 from 10pm to 5am. Explore Internet radio seek out the best. Radio Ink is a radio-industry trade publication that is published bi-weekly for the radio management sector of the radio broadcasting industry. Roe Conn has the rare ability to give objective background to issues. – Click to visit the Team Hochberg website to leave a question for David or any of the Home Sweet Home Chicago experts. The CPB is Celebrating, Business Development Manager: North America, Gray DC Bureau – Off-Air Multimedia Journalist, Senior TV News Manager, Innovation News Center, A Big Spectrum Win For A Far-Flung L.A. TV Station, Beasley Stock Sparks As Q3 Results Show COVID-19 Recovery. © Streamline RBR, Inc. All rights reserved. Get more information here.

I too will not be listening any more. I will miss, miss Ro Conn. LANDECKER, the CHICAGO radio legend who most recently had been a fill-in host at WGN, will take over the 7-10p (CT) slot. She doesn’t seem very engaged and can barely keep an interview going more than the first few standard introductory questions. So sad to see what’s become of the station. Sign up for our newsletters for the rest of the headlines, оформить заявку онлайн на потребительский кредит, Wisconsin man shoots TV before police standoff, A Third Reduction in Force Claims Many iHeartRadio PDs, Beasley’s Q3 2020 Ad Picture: Smoother Bumps, Nielsen ‘Subscriber First’ Effort Has Radio Talking, Wall Street Sinks.

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