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So far, Westar’s field workforce has responded positively to the new app. Make your company more agile and competitive in a rapidly changing world. Utilities Evaluate the Full Costs and Benefits of Undergrounding Distribution, Siemens Switching Principle Paves Way for Sustainable F-Gas-Free Power Distribution, Transforming Direct Transfer Trip (DTT) with LTE – Eversource’s Story, EU Report Highlights Sulphur Hexafluoride Countdown, Replacements, Klein Tools Borescope for Android Enables Easy Sight into Hard-to-Reach Areas, Hurricane Zeta Causes Multi-state Power Outage, Transmission Reforms Needed to Support Offshore Wind, State Clean Energy Goals, Securing the Grid: Key Enablers for a Stronger Power System, Special BBQ Offer for Linemen's Rodeo Supporters, 2020 Lineman Celebration Week: Thanks to Our Sponsors and Supporters, Download the Lineman Celebration Week Cookbook, Check Your Answers to the Lineman Celebration Week Quizzes, Spotlight on the Line Trade: Art Crouse of Jersey Central Power & Light. Now you can manage your account from anywhere; take care of all your important transactions and information on your phone or tablet; anywhere, anytime.

WeStar is an app made for setting up and controlling WeStar lights. And, you can easily report outages and track progress without having to remember a phone number or call Evergy.Manage your account:• Pay bills• Get payment & usage history• Manage average payment plan – Add/cancel average payment plan, check balance• Manage automatic bill payments – Add/modify/cancel automatic bill payments• Find authorized pay stations• Report OutagesStay informed about an outage:• See outages in your neighborhood• Search by address, zip or county• Show outages visually on the map by zip code or county• Improved outage information including if a crew is in the area working the issue• Sign up for text alerts on current and future outages• Current weather overlay of service territory• Easily report an outage – no need to remember account number or Evergy’s phone number.Manage outage alerts• Receive outage alerts for SMS Texting and Email.

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MyWestar Apk search engine, photos, reviews, description and changelog below. i Match – Match. Track energy and utilize energy resources to save .

Find detailed billing, payment or financial options. For proper use of this site, you need to enable javascript in your browser! These experts worked directly with the programmer for Index AR. star. Visit Chrome.com to get the fast Chrome browser for Windows.

It is not uncommon to have two or three truck rolls for a voltage regulator issue. Financial Conduct Authority Reg Nr: 794952.

It will not work for legacy KCP&L customers… Westar just rolled out tablets to its distribution line crews within the last year, and the linemen use the mobile technology to receive their work assignments, tap into the work asset management system and access mapping data to pinpoint their work locations. After zoning in on a topic for the app, Westar brought in subject-matter experts who mapped out the processes for troubleshooting and maintenance. They were discussing the difficulties of reaching over 2,400 employees out in the field, and how to communicate … 2019) (unpublished opinion). Even though the issue may be minor, most troubleshooters don’t have the experience with all the different models of controllers to make repairs like the relay technicians. Find detailed billing, payment or financial options. Half the electricity supplied to Westar’s 700,000 customers stems from emissions-free sources such as nuclear, wind and solar with a third coming from renewables. In addition, the app includes access to all of the reference material for the task at hand. gcse.async = true; These include Google Font … The Evergy mobile app is currently available only to legacy Westar Energy customers in the Kansas Central territory of Evergy. I understand that this server may be used for lawful and authorized purposes only and by clicking 'Sign In' I Agree to the Terms and Conditions In our last installment, Shel Holtz of FIR was talking with Jana Dawson, Director of Corporate Communications, and Jaycee Breese, Corporate Communications Representative, at Westar Energy in Kansas City, Missouri. Required fields are marked *. For the controls, you can use WeStar to change the color, color temp or brightness …

That way, the utility can reduce the number of truck rolls and streamline a maintenance process, thereby saving time for the field crews and … The Westar Energy MyWestar app is convenient and easy to use. Prior to Westar, he worked for Central Illinois Light Co. Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ, the official caterer of Lineman's Rodeo Trade Night, has a special offer for linemen and their families for Lineman Celebration Week. If the issue lies with the voltage regulator, he or she will turn it over to a line crew, but if it is a problem with the controller, the troubleshooter will turn it over to a substation relay technician.

You'll need your Westar Energy account number before you begin. When using the LineAssist SuperApp, Westar’s employees can also access a set of maintenance best practices for pole-mounted voltage regulators.

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