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After convincing her psychiatrist Greg to give her controversial medicine in breach of the rules, Liz reconciles with her estranged son Artie. Liz makes a desperate attempt to see her son, whilst Jake becomes concerned for Linda when she's still being manipulated by Sean. While many of the women believe that Marie murdered Kaz, she is able to frame the drug dealer Vicky Kosta for Kaz's murder by planting her missing blood-stained hoodie in Kosta's drug stash.

Rita and Kaz decide to band together to protect themselves from Marie's wrath. Rita's identity as a cop is under threat of being exposed to the other inmates, and Kaz embarks on a journey of self-discovery and atonement. Meanwhile, Wentworth's eclectic mix of misfits are fracturing as the powers of love, deception and revenge threaten to break them apart for good. The prisoners and staff mourn the loss of their "Top Dog" Kaz, while the hunt is on for the person who murdered her. With Liz's help, Boomer stands up to her bullying mother May.

Marie seduces Will, who allows her to print documents. With the case of Joan Ferguson presumably closed, a significantly pregnant Vera and her co-conspirators in the Freak's demise, Will and Jake, are off the hook... at least for now.

[17], Season seven of Wentworth was intended to be the final season; however, in December 2018, it was announced that the series was renewed for an additional 20 episodes which will broadcast through 2020 and 2021. Ruby fights for her life as Marie continues to manipulate Will. [13], New cast members joining the show during the season, included Dr. Greg Miller (David de Lautour),[14] Sean Brody (Rick Donald),[15] Narelle Stang (Morgana O'Reilly),[16] and Kylee Webb (Geraldine Hakewill). Click here and start watching the full season in seconds.

Rita reveals her true identity to Will and with his help, Rita uncovers Marie's protector. A new psychiatrist, Greg Miller, arrives, and Liz, whose condition is rapidly deteriorating, is in fear of ending up in the psychiatric unit. The seventh season of television drama series Wentworth premiered on Fox Showcase in Australia on 28 May 2019. Ruby is rushed to hospital for urgent surgery for a burst brain aneurysm. Vera learns the sex of her baby whilst Marie and Kaz try and make amends, with Rita facing an impossible dilemma to keep her identity as a former cop a secret after being told to kill Kaz by the new inmate. Boomer continues to tick items off of Liz's bucket list.

It feels like only yesterday we were reintroducing Foxtel viewers to such iconic characters like Bea Smith and 'The Freak' Joan Ferguson. The prison spirals out of control and Linda and Will struggle in their new position to get the drug problem under control. Wentworth Season 7 Episode Summaries, Episode Guide and TV Show Schedule Following interviews for the acting deputy's position, Linda Miles is appointed to the role. Marie starts losing the support of the inmates including Allie as suspicion of her role in Ruby's poisoning grows.

Rita enlists the help of Liz to free her from the holding cell, in which Rita fights back against Sean and his assailants and successfully manages to climb to safety through an air duct. The Prisoners are on edge as things are on the edge of imploding, as Linda is in debt $20,000 and works double shifts to try and pay it off, and as Vera takes Rita to see Ruby against governors orders. She considers apologizing to Marie but changes her mind after seeing Marie caressing Will. Tensions remain very high as the investigation into the death stirs up emotions for everyone. Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services and are catered to GB users. Marie screams in horror as she is unable to escape. During this session, Kaz is finally able to let go of her troubled childhood and states she is proud of the woman she has become. Jake blackmails Sean into dropping the sexual harassment complaints against him while Vera learns the true nature of his relationship with Sean. Liz, who is suffering from dementia, initially believes that she killed Kaz in a fit of madness but is cleared.

Sean demands that Will lift the lockdown or he will kill hostages. However, this monologue is cut short when a hooded assailant shockingly slashes her throat. The Prisoners and Staff mourn the loss of Kaz while the hunt is on for the person who murdered her. The multi-award-winning prison drama returns to the increasingly broken inmates of …

Kaz confesses to Narelle that she hurt her brother, prompting Narelle to demand that Rita kill Kaz. Against Governor Jackson's orders, Vera allows Rita to visit Ruby in hospital. Liz asserts her authority over the troublesome May. [2], A seventh season was commissioned in April 2018, before the sixth-season premiere, with filming commencing the following week. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page. The cut scenes, which were intended to give closure to the series, included Franky and Bridget with Vera and Baby Grace, while another scene featuring three new prisoners who have arrived at Wentworth (cameo appearances by original Prisoner cast members Val Lehman, Fiona Spence, and Colette Mann who played Bea Smith, Vera Bennett, and Doreen Anderson/Burns, respectively). The women are led to the roof, while Vera's life is spared when she goes into labour, and with the help of Liz and Boomer, she gives birth to a baby girl, whom she names Grace. Sean manipulates Linda into keeping quiet, and Liz meets her son for the first time in years. Sean and his accomplices take Liz, Allie, Linda, and several women in the laundry room hostage. Ticking an item off her bucket list, Liz has sex with a male prostitute but he dies of a heart attack.

Australian prison drama ‘ Wentworth ‘ Season 7 finally has a UK premiere date on 5STAR this June. Narelle continues to pressure Rita into killing Kaz for hurting her brother whilst Marie is discharged from the medical unit. Three months have passed; Rita is released from solitary and Marie returns from her court hearing, having both discovered they are to serve 15 years for their crimes. Vera in turn discovers evidence of Will's affair with Marie.

After being clear of Kaz's murder, Vicky is released from the slot and is determined to pay Marie back for setting her up. The police arrive and Sean strikes a deal to have them escape in a helicopter. Rita manages to contact Will and informs him that Marie is Sean's mastermind. Watch Wentworth season 7 full episodes. Ruby wakes up from her coma. A junkie takes Vera hostage which makes her rethink her governorship, and Rita suffers a tragic loss. Bea Smith is locked up while awaiting trial for the alleged attempted murder of her husband and must learn how life works in prison. ", "Westside's David de Lautour on the right side of the law in Wentworth", "Wentworth's Rick Donald: "My best role ever, "Wentworth's Kaz pays the price for taking on Marie", "Australian actor Geraldine Hakewill — aka Ms Fisher — looks very different in new role on Wentworth", "Foxtel confirms Wentworth renewal to 2021", "Wentworth Season 7 - Alternative Ending", "Aacta awards 2019 winners: The Nightingale and Total Control dominate Australian screen awards", "Australian Directors Guild Awards 2020: nominees", "Coronavirus pandemic forces cancellation of 2020 Logie Awards", "Australian release dates for movies & TV", "WENTWORTH PRISON [Season 7,Episodes 1-10]", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wentworth_(season_7)&oldid=985420296, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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