wenonah graphite canoe

is that true, and what about carbon versus kevlar? Seats, footbraces, and all hardware is then riveted into these plates.

A whole pound! cobrasox clampThe angle required to infuse the integral rail precludes a clamp on yoke without adding an inner, plexuses in lip. I would have bought his Vagabond in a heartbeat if I’d had the money available. Ultra-light hulls are stiff and incredibly light. Bulkheads and a self-bailer are included along with an integrated race seat and foot brace configuration. Wenonah/Current Designs once had a Caribu-S made up that way for the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake one year, it was a stunning stealth looking beauty w/yellow seam tape. This material is currently only offered in a selection of hulls at the moment. Polyester is fine for glass work. When the winds and tides are directly opposed, it is about 3.5 mph. Would I recommend this layup to anyone who isn’t comfortable with repairs? It offers durability, hull memory, and weight similar to that of Royalex.

NAH I NEED TO FEEL THE FLOW If you mainly plan on paddling smaller rivers and streams, look here or some highly maneuverable Down River canoes that excel in down-river fun. The stern will respond to draws and sweeps but the lack of responsiveness in the bow puts a lot of stress on the person in the front. In our Ultra-light construction a structural-foam core and ribs are laminated into the hull and sides. WENONAH'S ORIGINS. Any feedback related to the durability of this Wenonah construction would be appreciated. Wenonah’s Tuf-weave hulls are incredibly durable for composite material, with added durability from the outer gel-coat applied. Well done Wenonah! Copyright 2017 © Canoe Country All Rights Reserved. I hate to mention that, with a slight change in the Carbon/Kevlar lamination schedule and a newer infusion resin we’ve got them down another pound, and down to 25# with CobraSox XLT rails and thwarts. Because of the design features to enhance speed and easy paddling, the Escape can rock back and forth excitedly in big waves. This layup is light and it is stiff, but it is fragile. I would have bought his Vagabond in a heartbeat if I’d had the money available. They’re called skin boats because the skin is the resin holding the cloth together.

Sturdy River/Lake Solo Royalex Canoe with Seats by Old Town has open and spacious hull with room for tackle, decoys, a dog or gear. ENCOUNTER – Just me, my boat and the water. It will turn with two experienced paddlers but I find only with a stationary draw or prys from the bow. Wenonah Carbon GraphiteThe lay up is very light and very fragile. My wife and I both use a 210 Werner Corryvrecken glass paddle (which we also love), at a fast cadence we can really get this boat cruising! This gives a very secure connection and eliminates rivet heads on the exterior. I would not hesitate putting it in some nice class II, yet I know it will also eat up the flats. Ours is the tuff-weave version, weighs about 65 LBS. Sweet weight, Charlie!One question though : With the Cobra Sox system, can a clamp-on yoke be used or are you limited to the strap-around fabric yokes? I’m tired of picking up the heavier boats and moving them around the garage - I can’t get some of them over my head until I get them out of the garage. The gel-coat can be applied in a variety of colors, and with this inside of the canoe being sprayed to match.

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