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Winning (of course) and getting to know the girls were the highlights for me. Depending on the federation, if you win overall champion at the contest you will earn an IFBB Pro card.. 2 nd 118 Emily Hackett What competition did you compete in? More than just a fitness competition, the WBFF focuses on bringing back the true meaning of beauty. The Zen Planner team will be rooting for you, Cody! Singapore, brimming with western influence yet still embracing our eastern culture, is the perfect metropolitan society. The next WBFF Asia show will take place in South Korea this May. Would incorporate a heavy ab workout one time per week. BAHAMAS EXPOSED ELITE! It takes some time to get used to the dedication of eating specific things, in specific amounts, EVERY 2-3 hours, no exceptions! My coach gave me suggestions but I was in control of what I would do at the gym. I like self-motivation and prefer to be in control of my own progress. Highlands Ranch, CO 80129, Call us at 303-927-0484 Depending on the type of prep you decide to do, a lot of times you CANNOT miss a meal. Zen Planner, LLC WBFF 2019 UK Pro Am Results PRO DIVA BIKINI MODEL. You also MUST have a cheat meal once a week. I chose to compete in the Fitness Diva category, which consisted of two rounds: bikini and theme wear.
As the journey continued, Tyra was crowned and titled twice as the 2016 and 2018 WBFF Miss Diva Fitness USA Champion. If you don’t change things up your body plateaus. In the WBFF you can bring your own beauty without having to fit a “muscle mold”, so you can be yourself! 8 th 108 Linda Stewart. That is SO important! The judging panel was made up of seasoned WBFF spokespersons and ambassadors like include CEO and founder of the WBFF Shows, Mr Paul Dillett, WBFF Head Judge, Nathan Harewood, WBFF 2016 World Champion Pro Fitness Model, Hattie Boydle and WBFF North America Champion Fitness Model, Ahn Jaesung. There are always changes. The finale which took place the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre saw over 100 registrants from over 14 nations including Singapore, Malaysian, Indonesia, Brunei, Macau, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Japan, South Korea, Spain, South Africa, UAE and Belgium. The PRO card is an official professional model certification which not only recognises the athlete’s hard work, but also reflects every winner’s commitment of being a WBFF’s official ambassador. I am a perfect example of this. The team has chosen Singapore to spearhead the influence of WBFF throughout Asia. 9325 Dorchester St, #202 I have kept in touch with a few and look forward to seeing them at the Worlds competition in Las Vegas this August. 2nd: Kim Eun Hyea + PRO card (S.Korea) The PRO card is an official professional model certification which not only recognizes the athlete’s hard work also reflected every winner’s commitment of being a WBFF’s official ambassador. 2020 WBFF Pro - International Next Level Virtual World Tour. Every competitor is different, but overall you have to eat specific amounts of protein, low glycemic whole carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats or quinoa) and veggies/greens every meal, and I ate six meals a day. NPC is more traditional bodybuilding, but I found that the WBFF focuses more on beauty and fashion, like a fitness pageant. She would tell me things like, “Your upper body is getting too big and you’re holding fat in your thighs.” So I would decrease resistance and increase reps and add cardio. 3rd: Koo Seul A (S. Korea), Male: Kwon Sungjoo (S.Korea) She is an IFBB Figure Pro (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness). My coach was only interested in my meals and workouts, but I would also log my weight, body fat percentage, water intake, even my hours of sleep sometimes if I was feeling low energy. Female: Nastumi Sugamata (Japan). It is not just paying for registration. UAAP Season 79 Men’s Senior Basketball Standings. The highly-acclaimed and anticipated World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) show finally made its South-East Asia debut in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. In this physical shape and with this looks I won my WBFF LONDON pro card. A few examples are: stair stepper, sprints, inclines on the treadmill and plyometrics. The WBFF helps athletes by granting them a Pro status, with which they can promote themselves or their own business and attain sponsorships. Cody will be competing in The WBFF Worlds competition in Las Vegas on August 15th, so stay tuned to our blog to find out how she does. You have to constantly be pushing your muscles and cardiovascular system, and keeping that metabolism going.I had two main changes: dial back my upper body lifting and tweak my nutrition as the competition approached. 3 rd 110 Morgan Jean. I competed in The WBFF ( World Beauty Fitness Fashion, Inc. ) Denver Show in June in Fitness Diva and Fitness Diva 35+. Working professionals need time to incorporate that into their workday. If I had to guess I would say because it's a symbol of recognition and prestige in the bodybuilding world. Moving forward, the WBFF Asia show will be an annual affair in Singapore and we plan to tour the WBFF Asia show to the other regional markets.”. First: If it is your first competition get a coach and start training at least four months out. I liked competing in WBFF because it is not so strict on certain muscular aesthetics, which is good because I seem to fall right in between the NPC bikini category and the NPC figure category. 4th Heidi Ashton. About. 2nd: Kim Yongsik + PRO card (S. Korea) 3rd: Quisha Baterna (Philippines), 1st: Kristina Obiang + PRO card (Lithuania) You will spend countless hours chopping vegetables, cooking, grocery shopping, portioning out food, eating 6+ meals every day, working out, coordinating beauty things (hair, makeup, swimsuit, posing, tan, photographer, meeting with your coach, etc.). This will earn them an invite into a national championship. Learn all about this unique competition, how she prepared and her advice for pro card hopefuls! This program includes unlimited WhatsApp or email support, a customized workout program. The WBFF also chooses some competitors to be apart of other projects including the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) and appear on TV. For the theme wear round, competitors wear a glamorous costume (think Victoria’s Secret runway show or Vegas Show Girl costume) and are judged on creativity and fashion. 2 nd 100 Alice Leemhuis.
or toll-free at 866-541-3570, Fashion/style including class, femininity and taste, Stage presence including poise and confidence. Heck, even parking ran my husband and I over $50 for my show downtown! 2nd:Shin Jung Jin + PRO card (S.Korea) In order to get the card, a bodybuilder has to win a regional contest weight class. Go to Admin » appearance » Widgets » and move a widget into Footer1 Widget Zone, Go to Admin » appearance » Widgets » and move a widget into Footer2 Widget Zone. These are the physiques that the general public want to be associated with.”, Chairman of WBFF Asia, Augustine Tan, seeks to educate more Asians about the numerous international opportunities that the WBFF Asia can offer to the competitors, “This year, Singapore will be the first country in South East Asia to showcase the competition. 7 th 103 Florencia Cabrera Martinez. The finale event saw seven winners being awarded with the prestigious PRO card status. I would log everything.

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