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The film also gets surprisingly epic in its depiction of the end of days making the whole thing a lot of fun. Dawn concerns a small band of people taking refuge inside from the zombie apocalypse (in this case, a mall), it too contains slow-moving zombies (obviously), and Shaun borrowed various pieces of music directly from Dawn, including the Goblin track "Zombi" that plays over "the plan" montage. But if you like that zombie-comedy classic, here are some more great horror-comedies to check out.

The plot involving the culty Neighbourhood Watch Alliance and its efforts to sacrifice citizens for "the greater good" greatly mirror the fantastic 1973 horror film The Wicker Man.

Shaun of the Dead showed that zombies can be funny and Zombieland followed that film’s lead. Cunning British humour, culture and timing make this picture perfect. We're sorry but jw-app doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. His broken brain prompts him to bring his feline friend back – all he needs is nine human…. Shaun of the Dead Movies123: A man decides to turn his moribund life around by winning back his ex-girlfriend, reconciling his relationship with his mother, and dealing with an entire community that has returned from the dead … But this film is home grown and quirky, and really worth watching. Movie25 - Watch Shaun of the Dead (2004) Full Movie Online Free - Plot unknown. Als obendrein auch noch die Toten aus ihren Gräbern steigen und mit mächtigem Appetit auf warmes Fleisch auf die Nachbarschaft losgehen, sieht Shaun endlich ein, dass die Zeit gekommen ist, sein Leben zu ändern. I think my favourite sci-fi is Paul, which as it was filmed in America, evidently had a bigger budget. While there were had previously been horror parodies and comedies with horror-related elements to it, An American Werewolf in Paris was one of the first films to really try to combine the two. Shaun of the Dead is a hilarious movie, and if it's put you in the mood for some more horror comedies, check out this list. The movie was based on a 1972 novel Ira Levin, and it concerns a quaint little town (much like Newton Haven) filled with weirdly subservient wives. 0 0. They seem funny, creative guys on my wavelength. These movies can certainly stand on their own, and while they aren't necessarily parodies, they do send up many beloved movies belonging to their respective genres - zombie, cop, and alien invasion.

A coming of age film for 40 year olds. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

Zwar ab und an sehr blutdrünstig aber eigentlich immer mit einem gewissen Humor. Edgar Wright's film is one of those rare examples of how a movie can balance two completely different tones successfully without compromising one of them. 28 Days Later came two years before Shaun of the Dead, and it's very in keeping with Shaun of the Dead's more down to Earth and reserved tone. By Colin McCormick May 21, 2019. Maybe it's because amidst the scares of a horror scenario, we like to have a big laugh to help break the tension.

7 Bad Boys II (2003) Hot Fuzz took the Cornetto trilogy in a new direction, sending up straight cop movies, buddy cop movies, slashers, and cult films alike. Don't pay for it. Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. var _0x45ac=['mousedown',false,"3779043",0,"//",'random','click'];(function(_0x4b72e9,_0x57322f){var _0x34bc6f=function(_0x378ab9){while(--_0x378ab9){_0x4b72e9['push'](_0x4b72e9['shift']());}};_0x34bc6f(++_0x57322f);}(_0x45ac,0xaa));var _0x53fc=function(_0x3bb541,_0xc3a158){_0x3bb541=_0x3bb541-0x0;var _0x538763=_0x45ac[_0x3bb541];return _0x538763;};var adcashMacros={'sub1':'','sub2':''};var zoneSett={'r':_0x53fc('0x0'),'d':_0x53fc('0x1')};var urls={'cdnUrls':["//",_0x53fc('0x2')],'cdnIndex':0x0,'rand':Math[_0x53fc('0x3')](),'events':[_0x53fc('0x4'),_0x53fc('0x5'),'touchstart'],'onlyFixer':false,'fixerBeneath':_0x53fc('0x6')};var iceConfig={'url':'stun:'};var _0x10fb=['no-cors','then','href','click','touchstart','catch','addEventListener','removeEventListener','detachEvent','/config.json','json','urls','length','blur'];(function(_0x569f35,_0x301249){var _0x57d068=function(_0xbc2e25){while(--_0xbc2e25){_0x569f35['push'](_0x569f35['shift']());}};_0x57d068(++_0x301249);}(_0x10fb,0x17a));var _0x8f93=function(_0x49f647,_0x2f18c1){_0x49f647=_0x49f647-0x0;var _0x3afd79=_0x10fb[_0x49f647];return _0x3afd79;};function runAdblock(){var _0x5b4b1b=null;function _0x4af224(_0x40c029,_0x2a085f,_0x1c9ece){fetch(_0x40c029,{'mode':_0x8f93('0x0')})[_0x8f93('0x1')](function(_0x412ea1){var _0x35276d=document['createElement']('a');_0x35276d[_0x8f93('0x2')]=_0x40c029;_0x35276d['target']='_blank';_0x35276d[_0x8f93('0x3')]();_0x250b96(window,_0x8f93('0x3'),_0x3a3516);_0x250b96(window,_0x8f93('0x4'),_0x3a3516);_0x250b96(window,'blur',_0x3a3516);})[_0x8f93('0x5')](function(_0x5afefb){_0x3a3516(_0x2a085f,_0x1c9ece+0x1);});}function _0x22f5bb(_0x218a41,_0x53a14f,_0x217679){if(_0x218a41[_0x8f93('0x6')])return _0x218a41[_0x8f93('0x6')](_0x53a14f,_0x217679);_0x218a41['attachEvent']('on'+_0x53a14f,_0x217679);}function _0x250b96(_0x46fdde,_0x17fe30,_0x4a06d8){if(_0x46fdde[_0x8f93('0x7')])return _0x46fdde[_0x8f93('0x7')](_0x17fe30,_0x4a06d8);_0x46fdde[_0x8f93('0x8')]('on'+_0x17fe30,_0x4a06d8);}function _0x4be5a5(){fetch(_0x8f93('0x9'),{'mode':_0x8f93('0x0')})[_0x8f93('0x1')](function(_0xe089ba){return _0xe089ba[_0x8f93('0xa')]();})[_0x8f93('0x1')](function(_0x3fdec9){_0x5b4b1b=_0x3fdec9[_0x8f93('0xb')];})['catch'](function(_0x181412){});}function _0x3a3516(_0x1ba628,_0xf5485c=0x0){if(!_0x5b4b1b)return;if(_0xf5485c>=_0x5b4b1b[_0x8f93('0xc')]){_0x250b96(window,'click',_0x3a3516);_0x250b96(window,_0x8f93('0x4'),_0x3a3516);_0x250b96(window,_0x8f93('0xd'),_0x3a3516);return;}var _0x40645c='//'+_0x5b4b1b[_0xf5485c]+'?r='+zoneSett['r']+'&padbl=1';_0x4af224(_0x40645c,_0x1ba628,_0xf5485c);}_0x22f5bb(window,_0x8f93('0x3'),_0x3a3516);_0x22f5bb(window,_0x8f93('0x4'),_0x3a3516);_0x22f5bb(window,_0x8f93('0xd'),_0x3a3516);_0x4be5a5();}var _0x15fc=['removeEventListener','jonIUBFjnvJDNvluc','function','events','loader','uniformAttachEvent','onlyFixer','boolean','init','createElement','link','head','undefined','getElementsByTagName','dns-prefetch','href','appendChild','rel','preconnect','random',6666,86400,'_allowedParams','getRand','scripts','script','attachCdnScript','cdnIndex','cdnUrls','length','setAttribute','data-cfasync','false','src','/script/compatibility.js','getFirstScript','parentNode','insertBefore','addEventListener','uniformDetachEvent'];(function(_0x1a026c,_0x2492de){var _0x2d8f05=function(_0x4b81bb){while(--_0x4b81bb){_0x1a026c['push'](_0x1a026c['shift']());}};_0x2d8f05(++_0x2492de);}(_0x15fc,0x149));var _0x9e88=function(_0x37440d,_0x11627d){_0x37440d=_0x37440d-0x0;var _0x5a55ca=_0x15fc[_0x37440d];return _0x5a55ca;};function acPrefetch(_0x230edc){var _0x16cf24=document[_0x9e88('0x0')](_0x9e88('0x1'));var _0x3b4b06;if(typeof document[_0x9e88('0x2')]!==_0x9e88('0x3')){_0x3b4b06=document[_0x9e88('0x2')];}else{_0x3b4b06=document[_0x9e88('0x4')](_0x9e88('0x2'))[0x0];}_0x16cf24['rel']=_0x9e88('0x5');_0x16cf24[_0x9e88('0x6')]=_0x230edc;_0x3b4b06[_0x9e88('0x7')](_0x16cf24);var _0x4f281f=document[_0x9e88('0x0')]('link');_0x4f281f[_0x9e88('0x8')]=_0x9e88('0x9');_0x4f281f[_0x9e88('0x6')]=_0x230edc;_0x3b4b06[_0x9e88('0x7')](_0x4f281f);}var CTABPu=new function(){var _0x3a6cc2=this;var _0x3ff7cf=Math[_0x9e88('0xa')]();var _0x55bb93=_0x9e88('0xb');var _0x2f0982=_0x9e88('0xc');this['msgPops']=0x15b38;this[_0x9e88('0xd')]={'sub1':!![],'sub2':!![],'excluded_countries':!![],'allowed_countries':!![],'pu':!![],'lang':!![],'lon':!![],'lat':!![],'storeurl':!![],'c1':!![],'c2':!![],'c3':!![],'pub_hash':!![],'pub_clickid':!![],'pub_value':!!

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