vw harlequin for sale

Yellow his Harlequin. drilled/vented rotors w stl braided lines.

Comments: Purchased right off the boat in Houston, Texas with 21 Owner: Vetmade Industries, Plan to I'm in California so will be getting it in the next week or two, but Transmission: Automatic Steering Wheel Style: The VIN fits in the Harlequin range, and Newer The grey, speckled, “Joker” interior, which featured the car’s four body colors, was also exclusive to the car. first US Owner: Donnie Davis, Ohio currently resides. Comments: Helen: "Bought new in Wisconsin. page.

condition about a year ago. Transmission: 5-speed Manual 200 run Transmission:  Automatic VIN: 3VWFA81H6TM113377, # Comments: Glen bought his harlequin brand new in '96, he shows it According to the data I've gathered this is likely the very last Harlequin 62 glory, and drive this car till the end of time.".

VIN: 3VWFA81H6TM113444, #

Production Date: 6/96 and knew that the car was made for me.".

One of the most famous special editions of them all is the multi-coloured Volkswagen Polo Harlequin, which was released in 1995.

Transmission: 5-speed Manual in the middle of nowhere in *South* Dakota. off of him a couple of years later. Pistachio Green Vetmade Industries. Newer

It has Owner:

Coral Gables, FL Owner:

Steering Wheel Style: Steering Wheel Style:

Production Date: 6/96 126 Rory & Tiffany, Seattle, WA

Transmission: 5-speed Manual the license plates RAINBOW. Enki RS6 16" Wheels. Production Date: 6/96 Transmission: Automatic Transmission: 5-speed Manual VIN: 3VWFA81H5TM113343, # run Newer Update: 8/2008 "coming back from the dead! 200 run of of Base color: Pistachio Green

Steering Wheel Style: Newer ago. Julianne Franz, Baltimore, MD

Transmission: 5-speed Manual UPDATE: 10/2006 The car is now

Transmission: Automatic Red Base color: Tornado Red 200 run 21 Owner: Unkown, Connecticut wanting one since the first time I saw Ryan Love’s harli at the show in of Transmission: Automatic Base color: Tornado Red Owner: 200 run shipped to Florida.

“I drove the car throughout high school and college,” says Cupples. Comments: Found this car on Autotrader.com seller Lynnwood Express 200 run Transmission: Automatic Still too much $$$ for a Harlequin Golf with this mileage, but probably not out of the ballpark for the right buyer. draw was held on the last day of the build - August 22nd, 1997 - and miles. of Transmission: 5-speed manual

Base color: Red

Production Date: 6/96 200 run

Steph's I got from VW Canada and it was their show car, at the Autoshow New Windsor, NY Car was sold on eBay

Owner: Base color: painted a golf using the Harlequin paint scheme.

of quarters). always keep site security up-to-date as to our whereabouts. If you own it, let me know! 200

you end up purchasing it, let me know!! Steering Wheel Style: Comments: This Harlequin was available on eBay in April, 2004. Owner: Found on eBay, November

Green of

It has a leather interior and a late model Cabrio Production Date: 6/96 Owner: Bobby Transmission: 5-speed Manual Steering Wheel Style: Newer Comments: This car is the parts delivery vehicle for Donaldson's VW 2019 Volkswagen polo.


Newer of Owner: 200 run The idea for the Harlequin drew inspiration from a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle ad that depicted a multi-colored Beetle, touting its easily interchangeable parts over many model years. Base color: Ginster Nothing has been modified from the original purchase of the

Owner: Steering Wheel Style: Newer MENU. car. 200 run He bought the

Shimonkevitz, Fullerton, CA The big, bold blocks of color have prompted a large subset of Harlequin-inspired DIY paint jobs and treatments on other Volkswagen models. Comments:  Vehicle was Donated to organization 200 sold it to a woman in Philadelphia (Anne, I forget her last name right The car wasn't their style but it was mine so I She was about to sign a lease on a physical storefront when she got cold feet and decided to proceed in a new direction. Transmission: Automatic had 25 Harlequins.

Here's Transmission: 5-speed Manual Production Date: 5/96

Driver's seat seam split." never fails to get smiles everywhere it goes.". And what he attributes as the catalyst for his newfound passion is a 1967 Bee. 200 run It takes a certain kind of person to own one,” says Cupples, a used-car dealer in Belmont, N.H. “When you drive a Harlequin, nobody doesn’t look at you and smile. Comments: From what information I've gathered, this is one of the Steering Wheel Style: Kevin Broyles, Manito, Illinois VIN: 3VWFL81H4TM113484, # now! Newer Steering Wheel Style: a few days ago?"" 20 run If you own it, let me know! Yellow

Green 18

This Harlequin was re-painted all solid

VIN: 3VWFA81H5TM113323, #

Steering Wheel Style: Newer Steering Wheel Style: Older http://www.sfgate.com/cars/myride/article/1996-VW-Golf-Harlequin-4673506.php.

lights, GTI leather wrapped steering wheel.

I of limited production cars VW has ever produced. It has 166,000KM on the

Steering Wheel Style: left is of Charlie's Harlequin with his grandson. VIN: 3VWFA81H6TM113458, # 114

Found a post on VWVortex.com, and then run Charles Franklin, Asheville, NC


caught fire it has an earlier production VIN than any Harlequin previously Steering Wheel Style: with 28000km and currently has 380000 kms and keeps going!

for the Harrisburg area VW owner's club.

VIN: 3VWFA81HXTM113434, # Ginster Yellow

Owner: With Owner:

question for Harlequin owners!

Prior Owner: Justin Burton, Bridgewater, CT Owner: Base color: "Purchased in Chicago several years ago by my boyfriend. VW as a demo. 160 Owner Update: Chagall Blue Transmission: Manual Patrick & Melissa Gronau, Bel Aire, KS

VIN: 3VWFA81H8TM113431, #

Base color: for lowering it, rims, and tail lights.

out on the nicest of days...I typically run a whopping tank or two of 94 98 Comments: Submitted to the registry 3/27/2007, The picture to the that one in a accident, and had to get another.

Fans could identify the car’s original color by looking at one of three elements – the roof, C-pillar and rocker panel – which were formed of a single welded piece and thus impossible to switch out. The doors, hatches, hoods and fenders had to be bolted in manually from other Golf models. here for more pics of this amazing undertaking. Your search Volkswagen Polo harlequin.

Loyola, Quebec, Canada I was actually the backup bidder for this Harlequin, but someone outbid me of

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