virago trike conversion kits

a 1965 Chevy Impala. STAGE 1: Base Kit. $BlnAutomaticLinkApproval=0 ; The conversion was undertaken by Eurotech Trikes ; 1989 Yamaha V-Max Full Power Trike : Import ... 1988 Yamaha Virago Trike : 1986 Yamaha Venture Royal Trike : 1998 Yamaha XJ 900 S Trike : Yamaha XJ900 Trike : The trike was built with Sierra back Axciel, also has Hagon suspension for great comfort for those long rallys. tyre, Exhausts - Aftermarket chrome drag It may take ages but it’s worth it when you’ve built/converted something. The letter in parenthesis next to the bike is the frame size used. I made them a little big and heated the swinging arm to expand the holes and when it cooled down it was as tight as a duck’s proverbial. If you have written an article or have a picture COVID-19 Update: Please note that while we are still manufacturing and shipping as scheduled, Motor Trike facilities are closed to tours and to the public until further notice, in accordance with government guidelines.

He was very apologetic and agreed that the trike was indeed a soft tail conversion. We use American made components whenever possible. Click Image to View Gallery. Well there’s the rub- it’s probably called a pipe bender cos it’s for bending pipe and not tube, unless the tube happens to be a good tight fit in the former! Axciel, also has Hagon suspension for It was described as a 1989 Virago XV1100 with a Chevy Camaro rear end and a fiberglass fender. The bike is likely to fall over and we don’t want any more expense, let alone accidents. A quick phone call to the local DVLA office helped a lot.

These trike conversion kits fit Shaft Drive. YAMAHA V-STAR 1100. Added halogen running lights with high/low Two Good Man. Each Voyager trike kit includes fenders, a rear guard, mounting hardware, suspension hardware, trailer hitch, rims and tires, heavy-duty frame, free technical support, and a one-year warranty.

I mean the bit that’s in the middle at the front end. lights for eyes. Would I do anything different? Off I went to the steel man and bought some tube.

I’ve also got another 535 swinging arm ripe for conversion….just in case. Rewired most of lighting $sMailServerName="localhost";

It turns out that you can call it anything you like, nearly. Trike Conversion Kits. google_ad_slot = "8540969413";

My son-in-law, Bikerpsycho, steadied the bike while I was working.

Voyager trike kits fits most motorcycle models.

lights, Paintwork - Burgundy pearl with gold That’s a result anyway. Click Image to View Gallery. Sold by Madness Cycle. ?>. These seem to be becoming more popular. See the difference with this video.

Also the roll center height has been lowered ensuring both tires are kept in contact with the road at all times which helps to prevent rolling. “You’ve welded the swinging arm to the frame”.

Stay in the Wind with a Trike Conversion Kit that is made to fit your motorcycle, handle well because of EZ Steer, and give you the style you like to show off. The photos that were sent with the application weren’t even the right trike. Mistake number one! Click Video to Watch Walkaround .

front and drums to the rear, Suspension consists of 2 coiled dampers $BlnShowCategoryDescriptions=1;

$iLinkDescription=200 ; google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3443029759027310"; It looked like this. It didn’t bend without collapsing in the pipe bender. A couple of split pins on the ends of the handbrake cables. Voyager Info Videos Available Models. The fuel axle set up with 2 disc brakes to the

First, they designed and patented an air ride suspension that offers over four inches of wheel travel. List of bikes that require the purchase of a monoshock conversion kit:-all Yamaha Virago's . today=new Date();

Two Viper crome Exhaust. Should have gone this way first! The other necessary parts to complete the conversion are available separately. It may not, but it’s an idea.

Bloody good laugh that was. The answer is Yes……..I’ve got an XS1100 frame and front end that’s just crying out to be triked. Trikes for Harley-Davidson ® Motorcycles. $sWebSiteDescription ="Motorcycle News, reviews, free competitions, new and used bikes and a full shop selling clothing, parts & accessories" ; The //-->, © /*

But to my amazement, they did. Well the best I can say is to enjoy what you're doing, try not to get too stressed or fed up or you'll end up abandoning the project. Below are some other sites that you may find useful. Shop V-Star 950 Kits. Camaro – Virago Trike.

Testimonials; Contact Us; Cart; Select Page. The exhaust system had to come off too.

Then another piece of 4mm plate cut to shape and welded on the other side of the arm. Dual boat air horn Trike Kits Fitting Shaft Drive.

Then, they lowered the spring rate to create a more comfortable ride with plenty of 'give' when traveling over bumpy terrain, with an extra passenger, heavy cargo, or pulling a trailer.

Thumb Motorcycle Chrome carries both Independent Rear Suspension Kits as well as Solid Axle Kits. $sAdminUsername="username"; My mate's a professional welder so off he went and welded the plate on for me. Click Video to Watch Walkaround. The frame listed for each motorcycle is recommended.

Why? Trikes, Full independent rear suspension based metalflake, Rear Subframe - Fabricated by G&G Trike Conversion Kits.

Motor Trike Inc. Now there were two 4mm plates sandwiching the two tubes that make up the swinging arm.

Motor Trike offers an Independent Rear Suspension on many of their conversions.

OZ Racing front wheels, billet rear wheel, with onboard compressor & air tank. I cut the legs off the swinging arm so that I could attach the new tubes that make up the conversion. That took about ten minutes.

YAMAHA. Rear end conversion using a Reliant I think what had happened was that when I explained about welding bits to the swinging arm he thought that I’d said I’d welded the swinging arm to the frame.

Shop V-Star 650 Kits.

The trike was built with Sierra back He did want to see the original back wheel bevel gear etc though, to confirm that it could be converted back to a bike. When I rang I got through to a call centre. $sWebSiteTitle1 ="Motorcycle Parts and Accessories"; Find your nearest authorized Voyager Dealer >. This bike sold on ebay in April, 2009. 650 fitted with 100/90/19 54H Avon Venom

great comfort for those long rallys.

All prices in USD ($). The first photo is from Texas. The swinging arm now looks like this at the mounting points, not the best of pictures but it should give you some idea of how it’s refitted. I’m thinking that the next one, (blimey, this one is barely finished, I must be mad!

That meant that I only had to answer about half a dozen questions. Rear lights added are from

Disclaimer With all of these preventative measures in place, the inconsistencies in the road are completely absorbed creating an effortless ride. $iDaysforNewlisting=13; The letter in parenthesis next to the bike is the frame size used. I took the trike for the M.O.T.

Prices are subject to change. ‡2015 and newer Harley-Davidson motorcycles may come stock with a Bank Angle Sensor (BAS). That was the easy bit! He wasn’t phased at all and as calm as you like he put them in for me. The man from the Ministry came along for a look at the trike after about 4 weeks. It was a mate’s trike with his number plate stuck on.

Trikes for Harley-Davidson ... IRS Kits Available Solid Axle Kits Available; Honda GL 1800 Motorcycle 2001 - Current Condor Kit : Prowler RT Kit : Fastback Kit: Razor Kit : Adventure Kit : Fastback 2+2 Kit: Honda CTX700 Motorcycle 2013 - Current

built by The Trike Shop in 2004.

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