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Vin’s control over steel and iron allowed her to use horseshoes as a means of continued motion. In that regard, she was far more . Posted by. (...) To take pleasure in seeing that which we love become more than it was before. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Gemma Christina Arterton was born in Gravesend, Kent, England, where she was raised. Movies. He has three younger siblings. . Having been trained by Hammond to flare pewter to assist with individual strikes and maneuvers, Vin became a skilled hand to hand combatant. Vin is a Mistborn of great power and skill. Duralumin- Having discovered duralumin herself, Vin kept it a secret. Taylor got her start in the industry as just a toddler and appeared in hundreds of print and commercial campaigns internationally throughout her childhood. She is an actress, known for Mirrormask (2005), American Gothic (2016) and Defiance (2013).

The heightened senses give her an advantage over those that would try a sneak attack. Due to a life spent on the streets and in the skaa underground, Vin is relatively small and thinks of herself as scrawny. After he deserted her, Vin found out that he had been killed by Steel Inquisitors, trying to protect her by denying her existence. [31], Two weeks later, after Vin has recovered from the consequences of pewter-dragging, the executions in the later named Square of the Survivor begin.

Convinced of the need to find the Well of Ascension, Vin and Elend leave Luthadel, and head towards the Terris Dominance in hope of finding the Well of Ascension. A Fanart Drawing of Vin on top of Kredik Shaw, drawn by Inkthinker on u/chibakutenseidopain. [9], Vin follows Kelsier one night, discovering the spikeway between Luthadel and Fellise in the process.

He played John Locke on the TV series Lost, the title role in The Stepfather and Stepfather II, and Peter Watts in Millennium, which ran for three seasons (1996-1999). She speaks with Slowswift and though he is reluctant to sell information about Aradan Yomen's weaknesses, she quickly deduces how to convince him to sell her the information: by appealing to his fear of change and convincing him that the change coming upon the world is inevitable, and that Yomen cannot protect Fadrex from it.

She was shown to be able to augment the powers of Allomancers as seen when she strengthened Elend's Allomantic abilities. I am that child who grew up in the shadows. Mistborn Movie Cast.

[6] Additionally, she is a historical model for modern women in the Elendel Basin, her example creating more egalitarian views about women in the Basin's society. This is more evident when Elend is concerned. Information from Rhythm of War and Dawnshard is not allowed on the Coppermind until the books are out. She later becomes known as Heir to the Survivor, the Ascendant Warrior and the Lady Mistborn[5][6], as well as taking on the alias Valette Renoux. When confronting Shan directly, Vin realises that her atium is about to run out, and extinguishes it prematurely, leading Shan to think that she is vulnerable. In the aftermath of the siege, she inadvertently frees Ruin from its prison at the Well of Ascension. Vin begins to spread bad information among the nobility, while remaining the crew's primary spy among them. ”, “ I can't decide if you're a fool, (...) or if you simply exist in a way that makes you incapable of considering some things. Kelsier notices this as he is following Vin and Camon, and steps in to distract the Inquisitor, making them lose Vin's trail for the time being. —TenSoon speaking of Vin to Waxillium Ladrian. She has great skill with most other metals, and can make use of Duralumin to control Koloss, Kandra, and potentially Steel Inquisitors, although due to Ruin's influence, this is never possible.

She can also pierce her own coppercloud, hearing allomantic pulses from outside.

At the beginning of the first book, Vin is a very untrusting girl dying in Luthadel in the Central Dominance. Actress | “That was an illusion, a dream. [41][42][43], The crew hold a funeral service for the fallen at Keep Venture. Through much of the series, Vin is thought to be the Hero of Ages, but eventually it is revealed that she is not. Her mother, under Ruin's influence, killed Vin's baby sister viaHemalurgy to bestow Vin with an earring to increase her use of Bronze. Sazed hints at his ability to return Vin and Elend back to life later on when he learns more about his new powers. James Nesbitt was born in Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, to May, a civil servant, and James Nesbitt, a primary school headmaster. Sazed takes the opportunity to convince the couple to flee the city in search of the Well of Ascension, in an attempt to save them, along with Spook.[1]. Vin also flares tin when needed to assist in sight or hearing, often when she is spying. Vin scarcely knew her father, due to her existence being illegal under the Lord Ruler's law. Vin is imprisoned in Kredik Shaw after Kelsier's death at the hands of the Lord Ruler, and is forced to burn aluminum to destroy her metals. In minutes, the two Mistborn wipe out three hundred of the one thousand men garrisoned there and make their way to Lord Cett and his son, Gneorndin Cett to threaten them. Elle has more "star power" at the moment, but based on her performance in Bloodline, I think Taylor is also a contender (and a closer physical match - dark hair, slightly shorter). Vin burns atium at the last second, taking Shan by surprise and killing her. Copper to hide her own allomancy, and Bronze to detect others using allomancy near her. •. [2] As Vin gets a foreboding feeling and prepares to leave the crew's lair, she tells Ulef that she's leaving, and asks him to join her. Elend becomes King at the end of the first book, marries Vin in the second, loses his title of King, and becomes Emperor at the end of the book. Being a Mistborn, Vin has the ability to access and burn all of the Allomantic metals. This could have bordered on pewter dragging had she not been convinced to rest occasionally.

Vin has used pewter to lift and use a Koloss sword. Vin will often utilize tricks to allow her to position herself for surprise attacks as well. Instead, they return to the caves, finding the two thousand men, lead by Demoux, who stayed behind out of loyalty to Kelsier. Vin is more powerful than most Mistborn, coming from a "pure lineage," although first generation Mistborn (such as the Lord Ruler, and for functional purposes Elend) have greater raw power.

Iron and Steel- Vin was extremely proficient in the use of both steel and iron. Murphy was educated at Presentation Brothers College, Cork. However, she doesn't use the power often in her later life, largely due to her lack of finesse in using them. In terms of melee combat and weapon skills, Vin was very talented. Elend rejects Vin, but she saves his life shortly after when she uncovers Shan Elariel's plot to kill him. However, Ulef betrays her to Camon, who is at the time drunk and believes that Vin plans to sell him out to the Steel Ministry. When he was about 3 or 4 years old, he decided to ... During the early 2000s, actor Scoot McNairy quickly came to specialize in portrayals of colorful and individualistic young men with a slightly rebellious edge. This is primarily caused by Vin’s predilection toward combat oriented metals, and her being a full Mistborn. Duralumin enhanced steel pushes have allowed Vin to leap extreme distances, as well as throw several horses into the air by their horseshoes. Her legacy in this regard is also written into law. Vin is a half-skaa Mistborn from the Final Empire on Scadrial. him. Tin- Vin often burns a small amount Tin at all times. Forcing yourself to stay apart—emotionally, at least. When she loved, she was the kiss. Marsh beheads Elend, killing him, and removing the last thing binding Vin to the world. She fails in many of the same ways as Rashek, initially, from unforeseen consequences of each action, as well as Ruin's interference. Knowing that every pure allomantic metal had a supplementary alloy, Vin contracted metallurgists to develop multiple alloy variations for testing. Vin and Elend set about expanding their empire, and bring large numbers of koloss under their control by killing Ruin's Inquisitors.

When Zane moves to kill them, she convinces him not to.

Her bronze burning picks up on Kelsier trailing her in the cognitive realm, and she believes she is being followed by an enemy Mistborn and attempts to lose him. A protection. You threatened my people. He was educated at Coleraine Academical Institution (also the school of Brian Campbell & Brian McAlister). Being quiet, unobtrusive. He graduated from the Danish National School of Theatre in Copenhagen in 1993. She is of German, Irish, English, French, and Channel ... Taylor Rouviere is best known for her portrayal of sweetheart Jane Rayburn on Netflix's hit show "Bloodline" (2015-).

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