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They need to be cataloged, in more ways than one. Have a great day! William Blake's poems are quite long, which indicates that he doesn't only like writing expanded poetry, but that he also likes to produce poetic stories. Let’s go and see. His paintings are later discovered by a woman of his acquaintance, and as she walks into his room hoping to see some beautiful paintings, all she sees is abstract art, which makes no sense to her. Brilliantly penned!

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This is for anyone who feels like they can't be like the "rest".

Thanks again for stopping by. Poems about Abstract at the world's largest poetry site.

I love this line and in some ways for me--this poem is about this line--beautifully done! Thanks a lot for reading caroline. Landscape is more to my taste. Glad you liked it raciniwa. 9. Concreteness is a genuine quality of poetry.

It is a broad term and all encompassing in its use. :). The paintings are REMARKABLE. The paintings are finally highly acclaimed, and sold at exorbitant prices. When to use an abstraction? Yep, you're so right, Senoritaa. Thanks a ton for your thoughtful comment. The poem essentially is a story of a painter who passes away unrecognized. That was very sweet of you epigramman. And above all, live. An old man contemplates his childhood and wishes he could stay a child, and not get entangled in the lies of this world. :). Audrey Howitt from California on December 28, 2011: Rinita Sen (author) on December 28, 2011: Hey Audrey.

I am myself not much familiar with abstract art but try to comprehend them in my own way.

I love it all. Most people who read poetry are turned off by the now academic approach to poetics, mainly literary schools, literary magazines specializing in academia, and abstractions in modern poetry. While patrons of paintings seem to always realize this value, there is a large group of people that condemn abstract art as they are not that simple to understand. Amazing !!! It is the power of language to describe the indescribable, especially in poetry. Lady luck herself visits to restructure some of the colors and shapes of the paintings to reveal the woman's face. we are apples, our love is an arrow.

She realizes that all this time the painter was in love with her, and could not tell her. Answered October 1, 2016. Frank Atanacio from Shelton on December 27, 2011: Senoritaa.. fantastic write I love the idea to this poem :). Hope you have a great day and catch you later. Love your use of language.

Lovely narration.

We don't all need throne... Where is heaven on earth? The feeling of contentment.

I love landscape and portraits, too, and this was my attempt to understand abstract art as much as an attempt for my readers.

( Log Out /  And since then I’ve been praying I for one keep away from abstracts unless i am fascinated by something in them that grabs my attention right away. As I ran across the verdant field. Rinita Sen (author) on November 01, 2018: Thank you, Rajan. With this self-advocacy and self consoling This, I believe, is because the world is full of them and they need to be described. Ranked poetry on Abstract, by famous & modern poets. ... 1 If half of me is skewered by grey crested birds in the middle of the vines of my promise and the very fact that I'm a poet suffers my eyes to be filled with vermilion...Read More. Rinita Sen (author) on November 02, 2018: Thank you for visiting this piece, shimmering Dawn.

Every time I see an abstract painting I try to visualize its hidden meaning. Be beautiful. Yes you are right in identifying the essence of the poem.

This is a great poem and the art was beautiful. Even though God seems like a dirty pipe dream. His paintings are later discovered by a woman of his acquaintance, and as she walks into his room hoping … please. Well done. Your comment made me smile. the poem you make of me.

Poems thrive on the language of comparison.

Your heartfelt comment is appreciated.

Get empowered by owning them? So he chose to hide his feelings in his abstract paintings. 8. Click here to read poems under abstract genre- whether metaphysical, philosophical or notional in nature, you will find them all here Gorgeous poem Senoritaa! Yes I know what you mean. Eye and Tooth.

She views every single painting with this new outlook, and begins to understand. Rinita Sen (author) on December 27, 2011: @alwaysexploring: Thanks a bunch for your lovely comment. Concrete the abstract.

When you need to describe a very broad idea; if this is the case, you would use concrete symbols in language to. Not everyone could understand and appreciate abstract art. Why do we, as poets, use abstractions? Are we really the burden of this patriarchal society?

Poetry is that awkward moment between birth and death. True, not everyone understands or appreciates abstract art. Yet, love, in itself, is an abstract idea. While patrons of paintings seem to always realize this value, there is a large group of people that condemn abstract art as they are not that simple to understand.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Being born as a girl is lucky on one hand, and at the same time, a challenge. Yet, why? How many us actually embrace the choices forced upon us? It’s just a case of learning when you can get away with it! Glad you enjoyed. .....ole my pretty little Senoritaa - OLE!!!! “Assurance” by Emma Lazarus The cool wet grass tickled my bare feet, Able to settle-down after some time The story told through this poem reflects the value of abstract art. ( Log Out /  Truly appreciate your sincere comment. Everything that is essential to life, in all its abstraction, is worth the quality of poetry.

Glad to see you again. Create a free website or blog at ( Log Out /  on October 31, 2018: Abstract art is difficult to understand no doubt. Learn how to write a poem about Abstract and share it! The story told through this poem reflects the value of abstract art. Or, rather, when should there be abstractions? Therefore, write.

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