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The pouch was full of Thyra's (Ragnar's) blood, thereby carrying out Storri's steps to ensure that Ragnar left Niflheim and entered Valhalla. Before the other Vikings could harm Uhtred, the rest of the West Saxon army appeared and won the day. Eardwulf ordered his men to shoot arrows at everyone if they did not hand over Aelfwynn, but Eadith came forward and told the men that Eardwulf was not to be trusted, saying that he had killed Aethelred, had murdered the West Saxon messenger sent to warn the Mercians of the Danish attack, and that he was thus responsible for the deaths of his guardsmen's families. Used to find english history boaring ! Beocca promised to be by Uhtred's side, and he said that his father would be proud of the younger Uhtred, just as he was. Uhtred then returned to Liscumb with his wife and child, and, upon seeing Oswald hauling one of Uhtred's property's trees for sale, Uhtred made good on his promise and killed him, trampling him with his horse before stabbing him, to Mildrith's horror. The next day, Thyra and Beocca arrived at Dunholm, and Ragnar had a happy reunion with Thyra. He was born in’36 and I in ’67. Uhtred designed a trap, covering a deep ditch with brush and concealing it. While Kjartan lurks in his formidable stronghold of Dunholm, the north is overrun by chaos, rebellion and fear. Uhtred attempted to recapture Skade, but Hastein knocked her out and placed her on his horse, escaping with her. Uhtred and his men then headed to the Danes' camp at Hunstanton, where he warmly reunited with Shitric, who revealed to the others that his defection had been a part of a ruse. He then let him go, but, when Hastein said that he would have slit Aethelflaed's throat after having her, Uhtred drew his sword and duelled Hastein. Alfred refused to let his daughter be whored to the highest bidder, and he was ready to let thousands of men die by paying the ransom. Eadith then told her brother to flee to Francia, and he rode off as his horsemen returned to Aylesbury. Uhtred swore that he would die to protect each and every one of his men, and told them that he could not continue his quest without his men. Uhtred escaped to a stable, wher ehe met with Finan, who helped him to escape. After the battle, Uhtred was brought to King Alfred, who asked about why Uhtred was there.

Uhtred of Bebbanburg is a man of his word. At the last minute, Edward decided to make a kingly decision by leading a cavalry charge, assisting in the slaughter of Hastein's army. Uhtred planned to meet Aethelred at Farnham and draw Bloodhair into battle, sending Finan to find the Mercians and bring them to meet up with the West Saxon army. Brida decided that she would leave to meet with the younger Ragnar by herself, angry that Uhtred had made a promise to Alfred. Bloodhair then returned to his base and wanred that Uhtred would not reach Valhalla. At dinner, Uhtred confronted Aethelwold about his visit to Aethelred, and Aethelwold confessed that he wanted Aethelflaed dead.

He ordered his men to arrest the party and threatened them with execution if they refused, but this caused his guards to aim their swords at him for threatening them. Uhtred said that besieging the fortress would take 3,000 men and be costly, but he believed that he could lure Hastein out of Beamfleot and onto a battlefield where he could be defeated. During his ride, a delirious Uhtred hallucinated about Leofric chastising him for his betrayal. Uhtred watched as Ragnar killed Kjartan in single combat, avenging their adopted father. While Uhtred trained the soldiers at Wilton, Brida grew sick and unhappy, and she had a miscarriage in the forest; Uhtred later found her bleeding and discovered this, having not known that she had been pregnant. Uchtred married 3 times and had children from each marriage. Uhtred and Brida decided not to go to prayers with Alfred, and Alfred entrusted Beocca with keeping them in Winchester. However, Beocca promised to join Uhtred once the hard work was done, and Uhtred said that a large feast would be held in his honor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Odda, lamenting his lack of a son, asked Uhtred to promise that he would continue serving Alfred, but Uhtred was angered that the king never trusted him, and said that he was beginning to despise Alfred. Here are the books in the series: Uhtred is an English boy, born into the aristocracy of ninth-century Northumbria.

Brida explained that Storri had cursed her on the day when she took him hostage, Brida then told Uhtred that her love for him had passed, and that she would not hesitate to kill Uhtred on the battlefield, but they agreed to find the man who killed Ragnar. The next morning, Uhtred told Brida that he would not continue his own life until he got Ragnar out of Niflheim, and they rode towards Leagaceaster to meet with Storri, who might be able to help. When Ubbe lay on the ground, mortally wounded, Uhtred told him to go to Valhalla, and he then plunged his sword into his chest, killing him. Edward said that his father had trusted and respected Uhtred the most, and that he found his father's letter to be true, meaning that Alfred's pardon stood. Uhtred then asked Aidan who he was loyal to, and Aidan said to the true heir of Bebbanburg; however, he then pointed up at Wihtgar, who was aiming a crossbow at Uhtred and threatened to kill him. Erik told Uhtred that, since leaving Northumbria, his and Sigefrid's fleet had grown to 19 ships, and that they would soon leave Francia if the ghost said so; he also asked Uhtred to meet with the ghost. Uhtred decided to give the large cross to the Church to settle his debt to Bishop Aelwold in Exeter (Aelwold also agreed to settle the wergild debt with Oswald's family), and he divided up the rest of the silver among his men. There, Clapa cut down the cage where Aethelflaed was imprisoned, and, before the group could escape, Sigefrid arrived, and he felt betrayed that Erik was helping Aethelflaed escape, Uhtred challenged Sigefrid, but Erik felt that he must be the man to do so. He then assassinated the guard Sinfiotli Otkelsson, took his torch, and lit several pouches of flammable materials on fire before hurling them onto the Danish ships. On the boat ride to Bebbanburg, Uhtred and his son sparred over Uhtred' pagan ways, as he cut his arm to sacrifice to the Norse sea goddess Ran to calm the waves. Uhtred told the Witan that Eardwulf had confessed to the murder of Aethelred, and he then presented the Witan with Aethelred's ring as proof of his treason. He had an older brother also called Uhtred, who died in battle against the Danes. Uhtred then accepted Alfred's offer to swear to serve him for a year in exchange for the title of Ealdorman. Beocca, Uhtred, and their companions searched out Tidman, and they found Aethelwold at the same house. Wyrd bid ful araed. After Sihtric presented Edward's sons Aelfweard and Aethelstan from the city gates and told Edward that he could choose to save one if he retreated, Uhtred decided to trade himself instead, knowing that the Danes wanted him dead, especially Brida. She threatened to have their son baptized if Uhtred left, but Uhtred said that he would disown him if he became a Christian, as he was forced to crawl in the mud; when Mildrith said that Uhtred had crawled before God, Uhtred then said that he rejected the Christian God. As two opposing kings gather their armies, fate drags Uhtred to London, and a struggle for control that must leave one King victorious, and one dead. Beocca asked Uhtred to stay and wait for Edward to become King, as Edward could help him. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. He then took Ealhswith and Stiorra as captives, saying that they were now even for the capture of Cnut's boys. He also advised him to quickly go to Winchester, kneel before King Alfred, and be hailed as the savior of Wessex, warning him that, if he did not go, someone else would. When Eadred repeatedly taunted Uhtred about Gisela being married in God's eyes and Uhtred being a heathen, Uhtred stabbed the abbot in the chest with a knife, horrifying Hild and the priests present at the scene, as a holy man was killed at a holy site. He and his followers found that the city was heavily fortified, unusual for the Danes, who typically detested sieges. Alfred grw suspicious when Odda informed him that Uhtred and Aethelwold had left for Mercia, so Alfred had Steapa keep watch over Gisela. He then asked for news about Wessex, and Beocca said that Wessex was thriving, as it was fortified against Viking attack, although he and Hild warned Uhtred of the ambitions of Ealdorman Aethelhelm of Wiltshire, Edward's father-in-law. Uhtred and his men escaped the fortress with a cart, causing Bloodhair to give pursuit; Uhtred left behind some silver when the cart was stuck, holding back the Vikings. Alfred and Odda the Younger voiced concerns that Uhtred could be Guthrum's spy, that he could be setting a trap, and that he was prematurely claiming to be loyal to Wessex, and, when Alfred agreed to the plan, he decided to have Uhtred and Brida imprisoned pending the coming battle's result. He told Uhtred that Aethelflaed was hiding from her husband at the Wincelcumb nunnery, and that Aethelflaed had asked for him; he also mentioned that Aethelwold had come to Dunholm from Aethelred's court. Uhtred "the Godless" of Bebbanburg (born 856), born Osbert, was an Anglo-Saxon nobleman of Northumbrian origin who served as Lord of Coccham from 880. At a meeting between the Viking leaders and Aelfric, the priest Beocca reunited with Uhtred; he quietly warned the boy that his uncle Aelfric wanted to kill him and become the new Ealdorman. Uhted and Aethelred met with Alfred, telling him that Pyrlig reported 1,000 warriors in London; Aethelred made a poor plan of launching a seaborne attack on the Ludd gate under the cover of darkness, a plan which Uhtred opposed.

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