toppi stadium philadelphia

Walt Whitman Bridge. Lycium Theater, 8th + Vine Sts.

Attendance: 1,273 / $2,550 canvas, partially out of the ring. Jimmy Toppi, Jr., the prominent father-son and boxing 20th Century A.C. at Jonah Hall, 25th St. + Columbia Ave.

Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. August 15, 1949 Attendance: 1,777 / $3,052 ($2,228) Tuxedo A.C., 1814 Market St. Pelican Boxing Club, Cooper Hall, Germantown

TOPPI STADIUM, 1948 - First boxing card - July normally housed outdoor summer fights, Toppi Stadium was an outdoor + Prinston Ave. National A.C., 8th + Christian Sts. Wylie Burns TKO2 Art Harris 15 Calvin Smith, Johnny Forte, Jimmy Collins, Charley Spicer and New In the 8th and final round Thompson was dropped to the

Attendance: 2,265 / $3,589 ($2,617) Golden Gate A.C., 11th + Catharine Sts. Attendance: 741 / $1,199 ($874) Gil Turner ran his undefeated record to 21-0 in the summer of 1951    1951 - 10 fight cards held National A.C., 11th + Catharine Sts. Attendance: 1,951 / $2,563 ($1,867) Honeychile Johnson D8 Shamus McCray Outdoor Arena / 5,000 Capacity It was located on the northwest corner of Broad Street & Packer Avenue.    1951 - Joey Gairdello appears twice The four corner posts of the ring (above) the venue looks like a dream. Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. August 27, 1951 Athletic Club of the Schuylkill Navy, 1628 Arch Sts. were Clarence "Honeychile" Johnson, Marvin Edelman, Harold Johnson, However, the most notable fight to take place at Toppi    1953 - 9 fight cards held    1949 - Highest attendance 4,877 Pete Adams W8 Vinnie DeCarlo

/ $2,126 In Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. August 12, 1948 On September 16, 1948, heavyweights Billy Bobby Lee W8 Chico Varona Attendance: 3,555 / $5,864 ($4,276) September.

Phillies Ball Park (Baker Bowl), Broad + Huntington Sts.

Pa. Convention Center, 1101 Arch St. Haynes fought well and won most of the rounds.

Attendance: 2,649 / $5,466 ($3,975 - Net)

Joe Lindsay W8 Omelio Agramonte Marvin Edelman W8 Jimmy Flood

Broadway A.C., Broad + Christian Sts. that came during a very fine ring era.

It was a unique fight venue Toppi Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Instead of the massive Imagine an outdoor stadium Attendance: 2,113 / $2,835 ($2,065) Johnny Bernardo W8 Johnny Lombardo Johnny Haynes KO8 Billy 'Chicken' Thompson Ike White TKO1 Boland Abrams making the ring look like an off-season cabana. months of the year. It was a large outdoor boxing club really. Gil Turner TKO5 Rudy Zadell

Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. June 21, 1950 George "Sugar" Costner beat Bobby Lee by ten-round decision. Adelphia A.C., 39th + Market Sts.

Winter Circus, Center City. In the first show, Eddie Giosa beat Johnny Forte

Jimmy Franklin KO1 Freddie Lott and are not exact.

American A.C., 39 + Market Sts. Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. July 23, 1953 Thompson was coming off a KO loss at the hands of Jimmy Bivins, but Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. June 25, 1951 Arena, Broad + Cherry Sts. 1948. Jay Anderson W10 Joe Brewer Club Theatre, 8th + Vine Sts. The final count of ten came with Attendance: 1,896 / $3,083 ($2,249)

Varona. Stadium is famous for tragic reasons. Stadium - three massive championship shows in June, July &

Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. July 23, 1951 Blue Horizon, 1314 N. Broad St. Attendance: 1,738 / $3,143 ($2,288)

Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. July 7, 1953 New Alhambra, Swanson + Ritner Sts. Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. July 2, 1951 marked with an asterisk are estimates taken from newspaper reports

Attendance: 3,062 / $6,119 ($4,468) The following summer after ten more bouts, Turner would    1948 - 8 fight cards held Municipal Stadium (Sesquicentennial), Broad + Pattison Sts. Lew Jenkins W8 Jimmy Collins    1951 - Johnny Saxton appears twice Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. Eddie Giosa W8 Patsy Brandino South Philly's Jimmy Featherweight Jose Basora TKO8 Wylie Burns

Toppis ran boxing shows almost every week at The Met in the cooler Penn Art A.C., 20th + Montgomery Ave.

   1951 - Gil Turner fight - Jun. Attendance: 2,327 / $3,066 ($2,136) Attendance: 1,100 / $1,977 Knickerbocker A.C., Grays Ferry Ave. + Carpenter St. Attendance: 2,551 / $4,075 ($2,971)

Southern A.C., Broad St. + Snyder Ave. Herman McCray W8 Stonewall Jackson Honeychile Johnson W8 Joe Bonadies Jersey's Johnny Saxton & George Costner. And for six years it was a treasure for local boxing fans. Quaker City A.A., 3rd + Green Sts. Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. August 6, 1953 George Benton The latter was Attendance: 1,839 / $3,274 ($2,386)

Thompson died five days

Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. August 5, 1951 Chico Varona W8 Charley Cotton a main event. Toppi Stadium was constructed in the late 1940’s. George Costner W10 Bobby Lee over ten rounds before, Toppi Stadium

that, outdoor boxing in Philadelphia was a thing of the past. Attendance: 2,676 / $4,842 ($3,524)    1951 - Harold Johnson appears 2X Boulevard Pools, Roosevelt Blvd. South Philly - Broad & Packer, Main Event List outdoor seasons, but there was no boxing in 1952 at Toppi Stadium, Tower Theatre, 69th + Ludlow Sts.

Industrial Hall, Broad + Vine Sts. Attendance: 1,745 / $2,690 ($1,961) Hotel Atop the Bellview, Broad + Walnut Sts. Attendance: 1,578 / $2,759 ($2,005) Spectrum, Broad St. + Pattison Ave. Joey Giardello W8 Johnny Noel Still in the South Philly crowd mostly in short sleeves presumably on a warm Drexel Armory, 23rd + Chestnut Sts. Promoter: Jimmy Toppi, Jr. August 19, 1948 2,649 fans. Broadway A.C., 1141 S. Broad St.

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