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He would expand recruitment to law schools across the state. And he won’t be going away after that election, either. Finkelstein is backing one of the blacks, his top aide Gordon Weekes. @VoteTomLynch Tom Lynch Bonnie Growick Lynch Tom Lynch for Broward County Public Defender. 1515. “This disproportionality, especially when there is perceived disparate outcomes for the indigent in the courts, will eventually erode trust in the the entire criminal justice system. Plenty If You Are Black, Race, Age Overshadowing Campaign To Replace Public Defender Howard Finkelstein, Fort Lauderdale Website Design by PaperStreet. And an exculpatory witness interview was “lost” too. She also has earned the trust of her professional colleagues outside the office — this year she was elected president of the Broward Association of …

That leaves very little time in most peoples’ brain for the rest of political life. (The next generation) has fresh eyes. His family has Broward ties since the 1930’s, when they built the Hollywood Dog Track. Cant we get the BEST LAWYER available AND KEEP RACE OUT OF THE DISCUSSION? While in high school, Tom was editor of the newspaper, president of the senior class, and president of the surf club.

He will run on his record and experience. Paid for and approved by Tom Lynch for Broward County Public Defender, Democrat. Weekes is not a young, wet-behind-the-ears, newbie. If they are learning every day, the young lawyers would see value in staying the at the PDs Office and they would provide better representation to the poor, he says. President Donald Trump is very adept at getting attention. So we had to find out the next day just before jury selection. Someone who understands minorities better because they are a minority.

Two blacks candidates and three white candidates are running. “I remember walking into a courtroom for the first time as an intern and being shocked by something they didn’t teach me in law school. I hired Sean Conway and his partner (who dissolved the partnership after a year) in 2014 when I was falsely arrested for a violent felony and was facing 5 years in jail. You mean IF DEFENDANTS ARE 16 year old ESKIMOS YOU NEED A 16 YEAR OLD ESKIMO AS PUBLIC DEFENDER? In addition to his lengthy criminal justice resume, Lynch is a lifelong resident of Broward. He is perhaps best known as “the surfing judge” for his dedication to the water sport. Race and age is thought to be especially important in Broward, where African Americans now comprise about half of the registered Democrats.

Tom Lynch was born in Broward General hospital, went to grammar school in Fort Lauderdale, and high school in Hollywood. I believe that is why he runs again and again. Race will not be an issue used by his campaign, promises Lynch, who is 68 and white. The candidates, five Democrats at this point, are largely in sync on the issues. If he wins, the PD Office would emphasize “mentoring” younger lawyers, continuing their education as part of the job and thus giving them a reason to stay.

He would be an active spokesman for state funding in Tallahassee. let tom know he can count on you. As Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein prepares to retire after 16 years in office, three Democratic candidates have stepped up to replace him. Since the 2020 Fla. Presidential Primary is March 17, I don’t think it “will suck up all the attention” on August 25 when the party primaries are held. No where to be found. We need somebody younger. (2) The Democratic Party’s national convention (July 13-16) and the Republican Party’s convention (August 24-27) will be in the prime campaigning season for elections in Florida. Blacks in recent years have captured such leading offices as Broward Clerk of the Courts from the older generation of whites. One tweet of his dominates the news cycle for hours. Tom Lynch, a former Broward circuit judge and Weekes most formidable opponent, also suggests a way to decrease the turnover. Run on your balls so to speak not your race.Atty.Finklestein needs to stay out of the race.Comes across bias on the sole point he likes Weekes.Let the voters decide not you Atty.Finklestein…. Constitutional guarantees to a fair trial are empty promises unless a defendant, rich or poor, has a well-trained lawyer by their side.

Race and age of a candidate is more important when running for Public Defender, according to Finkelstein. You hear it at the next table in restaurants, people seated near you at baseball games, in line at the movies….everywhere. He became a circuit court judge in 1995. Many do care about the presidency and they pay attention to that campaign. Is anything else on the ballot more important? 3 Shares. Run on your crediitials,experience etc.To just support someone soley on their race is concerning. Ethnic, gender and age similarities are two of the best known reasons. Concerning race and age of the candidates being an issue, Weekes has an answer.

“…(And) the majority of our clients are people of color,” Finkelstein continued. But your point on most voters having little knowledge of the candidates for this office is well taken! But perjury charges were never filed against any of them since, after all, this IS Broward County with Mike Satz in charge. When candidates mostly agree, age and race becomes more important. “.…They would be served greatly if a person of color won, a person who clients can identify with.”. I remember seeing the majority of the handcuffed looked like me and the majority of the judges, lawyers and bailiffs didn’t. Perhaps no one else on the ballot has as much to do with upholding the Constitution as the Public Defender. The charges were dropped because a youtube video was found showing the false victim and a handful of lying witnesses made up the whole story. So Gordon you are conceding that while Howard was PD and you were his #2 that the PDO training and recruiting of young lawyers has been substandard and the PDO has done nothing to lobby and advance the cause of criminal justice reform in Tallahassee?

He would increase training in an attempt to retain qualified lawyers.

There is an undercurrent of race and age lapping over the campaign for a new Broward County Public Defender. Finkelstein promises to keep mentioning race and age through the campaign. I heard that the state attorney told Sean the charges would be dropped the day before the jury trial but Sean didn’t tell me or his partner! They may see it differently.”. So Finkelstein says it’s time to put somebody in charge who is closer to the age of the clients and the PD’s lawyers. The Public Defenders Office represents the poor and downtrodden against the overwhelming power of the police, prosecutors and judges. Didn’t Lynch get called out by some newspaper as the most likely to jail a black person in Broward County and one of the worse in the state? That is still years younger than Finkelstein, who was leaving high school when Weekes was born. So most of all, 2020 voters will be electing a defender of the Constitution. Maybe Weekes is qualified because he has been at the Public Defenders off etc,no get the endorsement and support because of your race is just not fair( that is why I am against Affrimative Action- what minorities get 5 ,10 extra points on these civil service test etc)is not fair. On age, he believes the next generation of leaders like him are more likely to have new ideas: “Age is a matter of perspective. “It’s a new Broward, a new generation that is different from me. Here’s why attorneys Ruby Lenora … More than a year before the Election the only politics people talk about is Trump. Many of the accused are from minority communities and are young. Lynch retired from the bench in 2016 after wall full of awards and accolades from attorneys for fairness. The current pay for the Public Defender is roughly $160,000 annually. Stories could/will continue to break right up to November’s Election Day. It is not good for all of us.”. When you get to elections for local level jobs like Public Defender and others on the primary ballot, most voters just don’t care. That’s why the turnout is higher for presidential elections than any others.

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