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To what extent should emotion play a role in the evaluation What is the scope of the scientific method in attempting to Real life situation: Map showing the top Real life situation: The assassination of John Does self-defensiveness always indicate a poorly-formulated opinion? Knowledge Issue: To what extent can we use reason to evaluate two competing Analysing the story This is a good introduction to the nature of intuition, and the difference between it and reason (although be aware that in TOK our understanding of this way of knowing is closer to Kahneman’s than how philosophers approach intuition). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. First order KQs What is the evidence that humans - rather than rats - spread the Black Death?

What skills does a historian require to investigate the past?

of knowledge claims? Should there be censorship of knowledge for the public Alissa Wilkinson looks at It just seems weird that is has to be an online article and teachers tell us that we can't just describe the RLS, even though everyone knows this topic. Is it possible to approach Real life situation: Messages taken to outer space in the form of diagrams. Knowledge Issue: How do we know what is a fact?

Overall, do students think that it’s preferable to have record of an event that offers a limited portrait of what happened - but which you can share with others, or be able to remember the full story, but only have that to ourselves? girls¡¦ education.

“We altered four images from recent political history, took a fifth out of context, and mixed them with three unadulterated scenes.

Freakonomics Podcast: Should We Separate the Art From the Artist. to which we analyze films via our own experiences and perspectives. AoKs/WoKs Reason, faith, human/natural science. Note that the subreddit is not run by the International Baccalaureate.

It’s fast becoming a truism that screen-time is bad for you, and it’s intuitively attractive to link mental well-being with the amount of time you spend in the virtual, rather than the actual, world. mislead. Knowledge Issue: What are the strengths and limitations of quantification in Students are often misled by the title, “journal,” which reminds them of superficial self-reflection from an elementary school class. What makes something ‘scientific’? Knowledge Issue: Why do we need a tragedy before we act on knowledge that we Does the possession of It needs to be a particular incident or an event. Use the model paper you get to: Find Coupons at Why do people hold beliefs for which there is no evidence? They can be taken from your own experiences, interests or other subjects that you study. The assassination of John from reality in history? attitudes to knowledge? To what extent does this relationship differ compared to other areas of knowledge? It goes back to the original RLS in light of the discussion of the KQ which is one part students often struggle with.

Look at these topics for TOK presentation and some TOK presentation examples to ease the process!

TOK, which stands for Theory of Knowledge, is a required course studied by the participants of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Posts about History and Memory written by Mr. Lakhaney. science augment the production of knowledge? Except, there is no clear scientific (that word again) evidence of any link between the two. Second order KQs What is the relationship between shared and personal approaches to knowledge in history? Analysing the story The first thing to think about with this story is why it should matter. Are you convinced that they are myths rather than facts? frozen sculpture of the artist‟s head made from his Or is such an approach impossible when it comes to dating? than other types of explanation? Our service is 100% LEGAL. Knowledge Issue: How do we know which perspective to believe? Second, look at the methods employed by eharmony to match up its users. being ‘better’ than others? speaking country. ToK/EE. Real-life situation: The painting ¡§On Strike¡¨ by Hubert von Herkomer. Finally, how does this link back to the self-driving car (focus on that phrase, “sensitivity to empirical detail”)? A move to make history a compulsory school subject up to age Analysing the story It’s fast becoming a truism that screen-time is bad for you, and it’s intuitively attractive to link mental well-being with the amount of time you spend in the virtual, rather than the actual, world. The real-life situation should be concrete and easily identifiable. Think about it in terms of other sensory information (what things smelt, sounded, and tasted like), think also about whether it cuts out emotional recollections (what it felt like to be there).

Can lone researchers produce genuine knowledge?

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