toilet in north east feng shui

If there’s a bathroom in North-East or South-West then; Hang a metallic wind chime in the bathroom. Auspicious day to replace toilets in bathroom. But that’s another subject….

Never place metallic wind chimes in North, North-West or West bathroom. If your bathroom dont have a window, you can hang a mirror above the toilet. That means RLL may receive a small commission from those sales at no cost to the buyer. You can use a destructive Water Element, or an Earth Element; i.e., a stone in order to suppress Fire Energy. That’s the key. Avoid mirrors reflecting toilet seats. Keep the bathroom door closed as much as possible and keep the toilet lid down when not in use. Feng Shui to Attract Wealth and Improve Financial Luck. Don’t keep old and worn-out toothbrushes in bathroom. For example, if it's on the south wall, include a dramatic piece of artwork or paint one of the walls red to invoke the fire element. Car Place objects made of Earth element, like a ceramic vase or crystal balls here. You can use a destructed Element Metal, a five-layered wind chime or a five rod-metal wind chime. Paint the wall of your bathroom with red color. Toilets get a bad rap in feng shui because everyone assumes that they ruin your feng shui. Of course, it’s hard to find the exact best spot to place a toilet. The bathroom drains all good luck, and the kitchen fires all good luck, always keep the door closed to the bathroom and remember, always keep the toilet seat closed.

If there’s a toilet or water closet in the sector where there’s an affliction, keeping the door closed on it will literally flush the problem away. We fix the problem created by the bathrooms and toilets, by using Feng Shui, and still enjoy a good life ?. The Center, North East and South West are earth energies. Log in, Mirrors and Feng Shui – How You Can Use Them To Attract Abundance, Feng Shui House – How To Do It (Room by Room),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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