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For the purpose of this introduction to the language, the written conventions of the English language are used to "spell" the Cant words. Instead, any modifier can modify either a noun or a verb, depending on its location within the sentence and with respect to the words around it. There is no specific Cant alphabet, because Cant is only rarely encountered in written form.

Unless specified otherwise, Cant prepositions are used as in English.

Cant: Beti tyni barbo, takin bano. In English, these words are called adjectives and adverbs. Negatives Construction. Literal translation: Run man who has helmet. Thieves Cant Dictionary Welcome!

Return to the Thieves' Cant Main Page. Literal translation: You steal box! The language takes time and practice to learn the extensive vocabulary and the process of forming sentences. For example, "seventeen" is imboula, or "10" (imbo) plus "7" (ula); and "seventy" is ulaimbo, which translates as "seven tens.". For the Advanced Dictionary, English to Cant, click here. As stated on other pages, the advanced form of the Thieves' Cant is used by the elite - common thieves are either too stupid, or impatient to learn the intricacies, and some do not even know of the languages existance. The Cartographers’ Guild is a forum created by and for map makers and aficionados, a place where every aspect of cartography can be admired, examined, learned, and discussed.         boxes = kalkal, Literal translation Many numbers, including 0 through 10 and some higher numbers, are included in the accompanying dictionary as separate entries. Standard word order: Word order is extremely rigid in Cant, since only by its position in a sentence can the function or relationship of a word be determined. Who yesterday steal box. Only another creature that knows thieves’ cant understands such messages.

", This is an active sentence. Example: English: I might go if it rains. The basic (infinitive) form of a verb in Cant ends in the letter "n." (Note that some words that end in "n" are not verbs.) Those types do not exist as such in Cant. ), English: Who stole the box yesterday? For the purpose of this introduction to the language, the written conventions of the English language are used to "spell" the Cant words. The person or thing responsible for the action is not indicated; instead, the sentence indicates that the action was performed on the crown. Cant: Koma sen obok ark. Tenses are indicated by placing a time expression at the front of the sentence. Advanced Thieves Cant Translator Translator for use in tabletop rpgs.

When a pronoun is used with a verb, it is generally attached to the end of the verb form: ken means "to steal"; keno is "I steal"; kene is "you steal," and so forth. Vowel sounds in Cant are sounded the same way as in these English words: "a" as in bad; "e" as in bed; "i" as in bid; "o" as in lone; "u" as in suit; and "y" as in sly. Note that many letters of the English alphabet have no representation in Cant; "c" and "d" are two noteworthy examples.

Pronouns are words used to represent nouns. Mon is also used to denote equivalency between two nouns and/or pronouns: Mone kawabi translates as "You are a cleric." Vowel sounds in Cant are sounded the same way as in these English words: "a" as in bad; "e" as in bed; "i" as in bid; "o" as in lone; "u" as in suit; and "y" as in sly.

In speaking the language, all words in Cant are stressed primarily on the first syllable. Indefinite past and future can be indicated by using the word for future (kar) or past (bir) in front of the sentence. Strictly speaking, a distinction should be made between general slang terms and terms only used by the London underworld. This language is a tool of secrecy and is very rarely found in written form. Click on the cover image on the right for more details. Labne mon keno fuid translates as "The crown was stolen yesterday." Examples: Labne keno fuid translates as "I stole the crown yesterday.

Cant uses the single word hibni to express negation. time+verb+subject+place+indirect object+direct object First person plural (including the person spoken to), oeo (us, we and you); second person plural, oe (you); third person plural, ii (they, them). In the examples below, note the location of the modifiers and how their placement affects the meaning of the sentences, even though both example sentences contain the same words: English: The fast man runs slowly. Cant: Labne kene kal. Example: Literal translation: Slowness run Simple Thieves' Cant Dictionary:   English-to-Cant   |   Cant-to-English Command word order:

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