the singer solution to world poverty thesis

Essay, 4 pages. One has to decide what Singer is in effect trying to do.

Although it would be wonderful to be able to help all in need, sometimes it isn’t possible when Americans are struggling themselves to pay bills and raise their own. Although donating …

This pushes one into thinking that effective efforts on combating poverty should direct funds towards projects like infrastructure improvement, sounder governance policies, and so on. Michael Jackson had many different. 24 Oct. 05 .

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. He suggests all Americans have the choice to give up all luxuries because these sacrifices could better a child’s life. We should refrain from buying anything that is not essential so that we can help hungry children overseas. custom paper from our expert writers, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”. Type: What is the purpose of Peter Singer's proposal? Michael Sylvester Why is Feeding the Hungry Proving to be Such a Difficult Challenge? Get Your Custom Essay One can object that the high life standards of the Western society are promoted by the high motivation of the people and ingenious system that rewards performance. A Scrutinize For "The Artist Answer for World Neediness" In the article "The Artist Answer for World Destitution," rationalist Subside Vocalist tends to the issue of destitution by recommending Americans part with the vast majority of their salary to help those out of luck. The main weaknesses of his essay seem to be the example that is a little overdrawn, failure to account for some serious possible objections, and a somewhat problematic purpose. Does Singer expect hard-working citizens to reduce themselves to a life consisting of bare necessities in order to feed immoral officials somewhere in Africa or Asia whose children are well off enough to pay their tuition at US universities? Another problem with Singer’s example is that Bob loses “His pride and joy” (Singer 1999). Additional materials, such as the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your writing easier are Human nature can be mean and unworthy, but so far financial reward has been an important stimulator. Scholars Furthermore, Singer not only expects too much, but doesn’t realize luxuries and necessities mean different things to different people. Although donating a vast amount of money could help dying and starving children, Singer’s proposition is not only unrealistic but also too demanding for everyday Americans who have responsibilities of their own. The first thing that comes to mind is corruption that is so prevalent in developing nations.

To the sophisticated reader, the main point of focus is the wording and how well the argument is presented, how effectively the author uses his persona, how effective his examples are, and how well he appeals to his target audience.

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