the rise and fall of world class championship wrestling

This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. Kerry regained the championship the following May at the final Texas Stadium Parade of Champions card. WCWA champion Al Perez and Kerry Von Erich were scheduled to face each other in a steel cage main event for the title, with Gary Hart handcuffed to Fritz to prevent interference. As the match wound down, Hernandez had Adams in a high vertical suplex, with French tripping Hernandez, causing Adams to land on Gino; however he rolled over on top of Chris and pinned him. and the Terms and Policies, When Mercer moved to the syndicated telecasts, Marc Lowrance took over the KTVT show. He began his sentence on November 1, and was released on January 29, 1987. With the primetime slot bought from Georgia Championship Wrestling and the services of wrestling experts like ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, the wheels were set in motion. On February 10, 1984, at the height of the Von Erich-Freebird wars, David Von Erich died from an intestinal rupture caused by a stomach ailment just after arriving in Japan for a tour for All Japan Pro Wrestling. In 1969, Von Erich took sole control over the Office after McLemore died from a heart attack, and also gained ownership of the Dallas Sportatorium. Adams also engaged in a brief feud with Brian Adias, mostly out of the rights to use the ring entrance music Bad to the Bone, which Adias used, much to the objection of Adams, who was best known for this ring entrance music with Gino Hernandez.

Kerry later wrestled against Mark Calaway, who was known as The Punisher at that time, while Embry was involved in a blinding angle (similar to the angle used with Chris Adams nearly four years before) involving a white bottle (which may have been Freebird Hair Cream) which Travis used against Embry to blind him. Adams responded by attacking Kevin with a chair.

These two programs aired in this format until 1991. Adams also feuded with Tatum and Hyatt, with Sunshine once again managing Chris, and also began wrestling against Matt Borne and Buzz Sawyer.

Jimmy Garvin and Precious also departed WCCW during this time to join the AWA. A month later, the USWA returned to the Sportatorium, but only for a limited basis, as promoters Max Andrews, Joe Pedicino, Grey Pierson and Boni Blackstone were getting their Global Wrestling Federation promotion ready to go for the summer of 1991. Gary Hart, who left World Class in early-1983 due to a dispute with Fritz Von Erich over the booking of the Freebirds-Von Erich feud, returned to World Class in August to scout the babyface talent, including Adams, Iceman King Parsons, Brian Adias and others.

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Two years later, Skandor Akbar and Toni Adams had died, and in 2013, Percy Pringle, who was one of the last surviving heel managers in World Class, passed.

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Advertisement. Doyle King, and for one week Jim Ross, worked as fill-in announcers for Lowrance for the Fort Worth telecasts.

World Class Championship Wrestling was a member of the NWA and was originally known as Big Time Wrestling until 1982, when Adkisson decided that the name of his federation needed to be changed. Add the first question.

Originally brought in by Tatum, Tessa, like Sunshine years before, turned face and joined Dundee's side. This angle, which also involved Chris Adams, ended in 1985. Eric Bischoff, Nitro and the Monday Night Wars: In 1993, Turner promoted former commentator Eric Bischoff to the helm of affairs, and from the word go, Bischoff launched an all-out war against the WWE. In another contest, Adams won by DQ when Taylor brought Mike George and Masahiro Chono in a three-on-one gangup. This event, which drew over 20,000 fans the previous three years, drew less than 6,000 for the 1987 event, which featured Kevin Von Erich defending the World Class title against Nord The Barbarian, who in actuality was a protege of Bruiser Brody's. The bacterial infection deeply affects the once promising young competitor’s health and well-being. In addition, the NWA President at the time, Jim Crockett, Jr., had also decided that he would no longer book the NWA World Champion at the time, Ric Flair, to wrestle in the state of Texas. By this time, he has shaved his head, rechristened himself “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and become the biggest Superstar sports-entertainment has ever seen. Embry wins the war and symbolically tears down the World Class Championship Wrestling banner in the Dallas Sportatorium, signaling an end of a major epoch in Texas wrestling history. SHARE. Among the famous incidents that occurred during this angle include Embry being hit with a baseball bat by Akbar, Cactus Jack and Gary Young (in a mask as The Zodiac) during an April 1989 battle against Akbar; both of whom were hiding under the Sportatorium ring for some three hours.

From late 1988 until the station cancelled wrestling in 1990, KTVT's tapings were held at the Sportatorium on Saturday mornings. Kerry Von Erich also returned to World Class, wrestling with a prosthetic foot, and during a November card at the Sportatorium, he interfered in a match between his brother Kevin and Brian Adias. Kevin Von Erich, without the benefit of television (as the result of KTVT's cancellation of Saturday Night's Championship Sports), the absence of his brother Kerry, and longtime World Class guru Gary Hart (who was starting his Texas Wrestling Federation promotion at the time), began promoting Sportatorium wrestling himself, bringing back the World Class Championship Wrestling name on September 14, 1990. An animated satellite would beam down over Dallas, and as it moves east, the World Class logo would appear and move across to the upper left hand corner of the picture.

On February 4, 1986, local authorities and friends of Gino Hernandez - now one of the company's major stars - discovered him dead in his apartment.

This prompted the return of Percy Pringle to the promotion, who would later campaign to bring Embry back to World Class, as well as being the victim of several attacks by Akbar and his troops.

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