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Happy culturing, isolaters. Plus, if you actually have The Virus (I currently do), then you’ll find that going up and downstairs with too much purpose requires a lie-down afterwards. After a painful break up with his fiancée, Kelly, Gavin also shares Philip and Kirsty's home on the Beechwood Estate. Slavery isn’t just happening overseas; it is happening here in the UK, ‘hidden in plain sight’. Since then, fans have been listening on in horror as Welsh bird-watching family handyman Philip Moss is exposed as a slave master. Philip shares his business with his son, Gavin. He’s making them work like dogs for little money, and hardly any food.

In Norway, Hope for Justice AS is registered under Organisasjonsnummer 915 520 995. Alistair offers his support and points out that calling the party off won’t do any good - Philip has to realise that the explosion wasn’t his fault and the only way to stop gossips is to face them down and carry on. This issue is even more important during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, when traffickers will be looking to exploit people’s vulnerabilities.

Andy's film credits include Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves, Much Ado About Nothing, Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters. And, yes, it’s strange when contemporary slavery becomes a respite from the real world, but that is where we are. Many are, boringly, in English, French or Spanish (ah, colonialism), most play terrible international pop, but there are several that are more local and broadcast some great music. Plus, if you’re careful to choose places where you don’t understand the language, you don’t get any annoying virus speculation. So my current prediction is that Philip will get arrested at his and Kirsty's wedding reception. Now it turns out that he was using the petrol on Philip’s son’s advice, and he only switched on the grill because he was hungry and wanted to make toast. After initially clashing at a village meeting about the contamination of the Am, the pair have hit it off despite having an age gap of at least 10 years. Benedict isn’t a natural podcaster – his voice is a bit flat – but what he does brilliantly is focus on a single aspect of the film in question, such as walking, or equipment, or failure, or a particular historical situation. Listening in bed is entirely allowed. I first made an appearance in The Archers back in 1987, playing a bogus removal man who conned Mrs Antrobus out of some antique chairs. Prior to being Philip Moss, my last appearance was back in 2007, as DS Collins, the arresting officer in the Kathy Perks rape case. He’s concerned because the so-called engagement party invitations have gone out and he’s worried that it appears insensitive. It has set up a standup show at 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays offering classic sketches, clips from people such as Ed Byrne, Rhona Cameron, Omid Djalili, mostly recorded at London comedy club Jongleurs in the 1990s, plus contemporary recordings from newer comedians stuck at home wondering what to do. In a somewhat unlikely plot twist, we now realise that Philip has three workers – Blake, Kenzie and Jordan – who were once on the streets. His producer lands through the roof.

Philip Moss, about to marry the much-liked Kirsty Miller, has revealed himself to be a swine and a rotter. Which is where audio comes in. Yes, that’s both the title of the podcast and the presenter’s name. Thanks to earlier efforts to evade police interest Moss has spun the story in Ambridge that Blake is in Norfolk whereas in reality he is in the slave quarters which Gavin Moss maintains. Radio makes you feel as though you’re in touch with the outside world (if you fancy that). A wildlife-conscious builder who never fails to quote a competitive price. Sedaris is a comic genius, and the conversation between him and O’Brien gradually develops into a beautiful, beautifully funny thing. Other recent theatre credits include: Grandpa Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (UK/Ireland tour) and Monsieur Firmin in The Phantom of the Opera (UK/Ireland tour and West End).

“I hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before,” he said to Philip, desperately. Philip Moss wants to sell slave worker Blake who was injured in the Lower Loxley explosion which he very probably caused- due to Gavin Moss’s negligence. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Friendly and hard-working, Philip is popular with the residents of Ambridge - though perhaps with the exception of Eddie who feels like he's lost out on a lot of work since Philip arrived. THE ARCHERS continued on BBC Radio 4 tonight, but fans of the long-running drama are now fearing the worst for Philip Moss after several hints he will die in the coming months.

Prior to being Philip Moss, my last appearance was back in 2007, as DS Collins, the arresting officer in the Kathy Perks rape case. In Ambridge, life trundles on, mostly boringly – much fuss about whether Adam should crack on with “drilling the spring barley” (me neither) – but the saga of the explosion at Grey Gables has taken a suddenly sinister turn. Hope for Justice has been working alongside The Archers producers to assist with the storyline. Hope for Justice is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization in the USA, a registered charity in England & Wales (no. His son Gavin called Blake the worker injured in the Grey Gables explosion a ‘slave’ on Friday earning a sharp rebuke from Philip to be careful what he said. If you’re not busy writing the new King Lear – and those of us sharing our self-isolation space with quaran-teens and pre-teens are unlikely to be churning out masterpieces – then cooking, or cleaning, or sorting out the drawer of doom are some of your main at-home, busy-busy options.

Hope for Justice’s advocacy team – trained lawyers – have given advice based on their experiences working alongside investigators, the police and other charities to support victims. Hope for Justice and its business membership scheme Slave-Free Alliance have encountered human trafficking within the construction industry, at car washes, in nail bars, massage parlours and hotels, to name a few. Their discussion around whether Barack Obama is circumcised has the potential to make your day. Read about our approach to external linking. The BBC has revealed that he appears to be a Gangmaster although the extent of his illegal operation is as yet unknown. It reminds me a bit of ye olde radio knob-twiddling in order to hear strange shortwave stations. Hiss! He became a resident himself after love blossomed between him and Kirsty. We use cookies to help make this website better.

But this podcast makes the grade simply because of the David Sedaris episode. Celebrating five years of our Cambodia Lighthouse — 300 lives changed, Global news coverage of Hope for Justice’s work, Hope for Justice works with US State Department to prevent trafficking in Middle East, Trucks to tackle trafficking by directing people to Hope for Justice website #AntiSlaveryWeek, Digital Resources Pack for Anti-Slavery Week, Slave-Free Alliance: Keep your business protected, Protect your Business from Modern Slavery, Freedom Is Worth The Fight campaign and merchandise. They both have a keen interest in birds and wildlife. Escape the horrors of contemporary slavery in Ambridge with a great new app that takes you all around the world, Sun 29 Mar 2020 01.30 EDT Tap on it and you see a virtual globe with twinkling lights on it.

Aside from that, if you want to avoid corona-chat, then The Archers is still operating in a world where Covid-19 has yet to materialise. How are you using your time?

Available for everyone, funded by readers. Hope for Justice has been working alongside The Archers producers to assist with the storyline. Podcasts, once the in-ear accompaniment to the commute and the gym workout, can liven up household chores immensely. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Conan O’Brien Needs a FriendYes, yet another “celebrity chats to a mate” show.

Every show reveals a new angle and makes you want to see the film straight away, even if you’ve watched it a hundred times. Philip wasn’t interested, insisting that Blake “stick to the story” – which is that it was Blake’s decision to use petrol, to save cash. With features such as John Dredge Talks to the Furniture (yes, that), Dredge Daren’t (where he refuses to perform any scary stunts) and, apparently, Frank Sinatra sawing Big Ben in half accompanied by a goat on the piano, this is a very daft listen, for those who like Milton Jones and the Beef and Dairy Podcast. But the joy, really, is in the spinning of the globe and landing who knows where.

I can recommend La Voz del Chaco Paraguayo in Paraguay (around 9am our time), Radio RNA, from Madagascar, and Senegal’s RTS Kolda FM92.2. He repaired the hunt kennels after part of its roof collapsed.

Also, Radio Krokom in Sweden, if weird oompah is your thing. Last modified on Fri 24 Apr 2020 09.37 EDT, Radio GardenThe Archers (R4) | iPlayerSteven Benedict (podcast). 1126097) and in Scotland (no. Finally, for those of you who are working your way through old DVDs, or trying out movies you never got round to watching, may I recommend a great film podcast, Steven Benedict. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Suddenly Philip couldn’t be more of a panto villain if his surname were Green. BBC Radio 4’s The Archers is raising awareness of one of the most serious and barbaric crimes of humanity – modern slavery. In between I've been heard as a policeman investigating a runaway Aldridge; an unsavoury debt-collector who gave Eddie Grundy a hard time over the unpaid hire of a hedge-trimmer; an RSPCA inspector called Allan who drove through France with Elizabeth in pursuit of veal trucks and on one occasion, I even supplied the panting sounds for Jack Woolley's dog Captain! “Yes, Mr Moss,” agreed Blake, sadly. Boo! This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience.

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