the allusion to atlas in line 34 primarily serves to suggest that modern poets

Earlier, in Section 10: Die Philosophie der wilden und nackten Natur schaut die vorübertanzenden Mythen der homerischen Welt mit der unverhüllten Miene der Wahrheit an: sie erbleichen, sie zittern vor dem blitzartigen Auge dieser Göttin – bis sie die mächtige Faust des dionysischen Künstlers in den Dienst der neuen Gottheit zwingt.

Her separateness from others--the real issue in the sequence--would pursue her even into the Daphne myth; when she becomes "rooted," that is, transformed into the tree to evade the bees and villagers, the other vegetation now assails her: "the gorse hurts me / With its yellow purses, its spikey armory." [ back ] 14. See also Barron 1964:39-40, who argues that the Eponymoi to whom the inscriptions on the horoi refer are the four sons of Ion, heroes of the four Ionian civic lineages or phulai. [ back ] 136. Her vacillations from the bizarre to the mundane, from the surreal to the real, from suspicious questions to matter-of-fact answers are finally what exhaust the speaker by the end of the poem--"I am exhausted, I am exhausted"--though she, like many readers of the poem, blames the villagers. Which of the following best characterizes Dryden's method of writing? Related to the forms amphiphălos and tetraphălēros in this Homeric verse is the form tetraphālos.

The sewn fabric may in the end suit a body that is not human but divine. Introducing the stranger, Eumaeus prepares Penelope for someone who speaks like a poet, a master of words, a person whose power of speech is enchanting (, And yet there is in the end no avoiding of the troublesome Penelope question, at least not entirely, since Penelope’s utterances and her actions may be taken in widely different ways depending on whether she speaks to a complete stranger or to someone whom she at least suspects of being her husband. The shock at the end of the poem that inspires the final three questions is her surprising realization that she is the only one left performing. Meiggs 1972:294-295.

The term is taken from the theatrical expression "blackout," meaning to dim the lights while a scene changes or, in a magician’s act, to allow a trick to be accomplished under the cover of darkness; it is also a word that suggests the magician’s occupation, "black art." [ back ] 145. .

Your own death is not on your mind [thumos] – – a death that is coming near.

See also Robertson 1985:288-289 on an aetiological narrative about the first male weavers of the Peplos. See Stadter 1989:175 for citations of documentation for earlier phases of competitions in mousikē in Athens.

The distance from such earlier poems as “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (1915) or even from Pound’s Hugh Selwyn Mauberley is apparent; the lyric “I” and the concentration on a single speaker’s or character’s experience has given way to a sort of dream vision, in which many voices speak at once. The wording that follows, however, indicates that anyone interested in hearing Hippias perform is free to come.

"... he has contrived to bring together whatever cab be said in praise of them..." (line 8-9), The audience that might benefit the most from the speaker's ideas is likely to be those who, The word "humor" (line 12) can be best defined as, According to the passage, reading is beneficial when supplemented by, A prominent stylistic characteristic of the sentence "Read not to... weigh and consider" (lines 21-24) is, The sentence "They perfect nature... by experience" (line 12-17) most probably means that, E. Learning and experience must balance and complement each other, In context, the word "observation" (line 21) is analogous to.

/ ‘That corpse you planted last year in your garden, / ‘Has it begun to sprout? The knives do not cut her because they are merely a "blackout," that is, an optical illusion. The Center for Hellenic Studies | 3100 Whitehaven Street, NW. What can one infer about Raphael's decision to modify his masterpiece, the School of Athens, by adding the "solitary philosopher" at a later date? At a later point, I will comment on the idea of ‘adding’ inherent in kosmeîn ‘adorning’. . you owe me grandsons!’" (I, 37). The opening passage draws on Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra to describe a richly furnished room, in which a depiction of Ovid’s story of the rape of Philomela and her transformation into a nightingale is displayed above the mantel. . See also Isocrates Antidosis 295, where agōnizesthai is synonymous with gumnazesthai ‘engage in athletics’ in a context that includes any form of competition established by the state of Athens. David grieved, "O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom!". [ back ] 54. In that passage as well, the parallelism of these gods is featured in a work of art, the goldsmith’s art.

My translation ‘has’ not ‘shakes’ reflects a meaning of -okhos that is secondary: this form is derived from the Indo-European root *wegh- ‘shake’, which becomes ekh- / okh- in Greek, homonymous with ekh- / okh- as in ekhein ‘have’, derived from the distinct Indo-European root *segh- ‘have, hold’. She sees what appears to be a coffin, realizes something has ended, and feels the chill of the grave already upon her. The verb āidein ‘sing’, formant of the derivative nouns kithar-ōidos and rhaps-ōidos, is actually used with reference to the performances of rhapsodes: see Plato Ion 535b and my relevant commentary in PP 26-27. What paradox about studies does the speaker present? The change from the singular to the plural pronoun is made in order to, B. I note again that sophia here conveys a non-transcendent concept, ‘skill’, instead of the transcendent concept of ‘wisdom’. I refer especially to the analysis in 3§130. These allusions are in fact heavily weighted towards the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Eliot’s immediate precursors, but they include several ancient, medieval, and Renaissance sources, thus establishing a retrospective tradition that seems to run, say, from Sappho down to Pound, Eliot’s friend and mentor, who himself drastically edited the manuscript of The Waste Land and arranged for its publication in The Dial. The poem ultimately does promise a new beginning, but Eliot’s speaker appears, perversely, to prefer winter to spring, and thus to deny the joy and beauty associated with rebirth. The wording in this part of the libretto matches closely the relevant wording in Act 4 Scene 5 of the play by Barbier and Carré, Les Contes fantastiques d’Hoffmann, staged in 1851. Pausanias must have meant that the precious material for the making of the statue can be dated back to the time of the war. For more on this passage taken from Plato Ion 530c, see PR 30. [ back ] 23. [ back ] 35. Embracing virginity with a vengeance, she becomes the magician’s "girl"--both daughter and assistant--who participates in the trick of Sawing the Lady in Half.23 The box, then, is the prop that makes the optical allusion possible. I mean suit figuratively, not literally: there is no need to think that the gigantic quadrennial Peplos was literally draped over any statue of Athena. “Eliot came back from his Lausanne specialist looking OK; and with a damn good poem (19 pages) in his suitcase,” wrote Pound after reading the manuscript of the poem. There are also some isolated historical occasions when the political agenda must have been featured explicitly, not just implicitly, on the Peplos itself: I cite again Plutarch Demetrius 12.3; also Diodorus 20.46.2. A spring The phalos is explained as the ‘horn’ of a helmet (Iliad III 362, etc.). See also Nagy 1996d on relevant concepts of aristocracy. When she says in "Wintering," "It is they [the bees] who own me," she does not mean that she cannot distinguish herself from them--only that she is connected to them by their dependence upon her, a relationship she assents to: "This is the time of hanging on for the bees." Like Pound, Eliot drew for his conception of impersonality on Robert Browning’s dramatic monologues, in which he took on the roles of such figures as the Duke who casually tells the story of how he put a stop to his first wife’s suspected adultery (“My Last Duchess,” 1842) or the Renaissance professor who devotes his whole life to the smallest aspects of Greek grammar (“A Grammarian’s Funeral,” 1855). ETYMOLOGY. See the previous note. The title “A Game of Chess,” drawn from a Renaissance play about a seduction, and the chess imagery of this section, point to an understanding of marriage and sexuality debased into a game of strategy in which men and women battle over sex. I regret to add that the value of Mansfield’s survey – and of his overall work – is consistently undermined by gratuitous insertions of unsupported assumptions about what is supposedly right or wrong about the work of his predecessors. [ back ] 9. Her love for her nephew outweighed her embarrassment at crouching and waiting for him with food in her apron.

Complex sentences with parallel construction.

And also water These personifications compare the elements of the landscape to a monstrous humanity and thus have the effect of dehumanizing the whole environment. Here, the words have a sinister quality, suggesting that “time” means death, or apocalypse. What does the speaker imply about man's ability to be a "corrector of abuses" (line 41)? And significantly, the flowers and prickles of the gorse are imagined as both female (purses) and male (armory) just like the communities of the villagers or the bees.

The denotation of a word may not adequately represent what it really means, As it is used in line 13, the word "periods" may be best defined as, In the second paragraph, the shift from the first sentence (line 15-21) to the second sentence (lines 21-27) can be best described as one from, The comparison of lines 15-21 ("Secondly... only by tale") likens words to, In the first and second paragraphs, the speaker supports his arguments by the use of, In line 32, the word "fair" is best understood to mean, The third paragraph of the passage (lines 28-34) is an example of, In line 48, "substances" are contrasted with. Give an example of an inadequate phrase that is losing its currency. Even so, the speaker recognizes that the myth of metamorphosis, like the other conceits in the poem, is an inadequate solution to her problem; however, her moment of clarity is brief at this point. [ back ] 91.

ἰνδάλλετο δέ σφισι πᾶσι τεύχεσι λαμπόμενος μεγαθύμου Πηλεΐωνος. [ back ] 200. In 1922, however, his anxieties about the modern world were still overwhelming. Which of the following best describes this passage? [ back ] 208.

See further in Plato Hippias Maior 285e. I think that the reference to the large crowd (Hippias Minor 364b) is meant as a parallel to the reference to the agora (368b).

Pericles is called the epistatēs ‘supervisor’ of the Parthenon and of the Telestērion (Strabo 9.1.12 C395) and of the statue of Athena Parthenos (Philochorus FGH 328 F 121) and of the Lyceum (Philochorus F 37 via Harpocration s.v.). [ back ] 79. The helmet, as described here in Iliad V 743, is not unique to Athena: the same verse occurs at Iliad XI 41, describing the helmet worn by Agamemnon.

Eliot invokes three ancient Sanskrit words from the Upanishads, ancient Hindu scriptures: Datta, Dayadhvam, Damyata, each announced by the single syllable “DA,” representing a clap of thunder. In his book Trees, Meiggs 1982:474 notes that “the roof beams would have been enormous, more than 70 feet (21.3 meters) long.”, [ back ] 138. As the critic Louis Menand has put it, “nothing in [the poem] can be said to point to the poet, since none of its stylistic features is continuous, and it has no phrases or images that cannot be suspected of—where they are not in fact identified as—belonging to someone else….. Eliot appears nowhere, but his fingerprints are on everything.” Menand’s comment recalls Flaubert’s idea of the godlike author who is “present everywhere and visible nowhere,” and the demand of the prosecuting attorney in the Madame Bovary trial: “Would you condemn her in the name of the author’s conscience?

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