tau competitive list 2020

This list presents a tonne of firepower that can go after both volume and heavy targets, while also having mortal wound output from the planes, and while it doesn’t get to lean on drones for defence also doesn’t have to spend a few hundred points on them, letting the list focus on more guns!You can see John talk about his list in a video Twisted Dice put up on their channel.Army List - Click to Expand++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (T’au Empire) [36 PL, 656pts] ++T’au Empire Sept Choice . Credit: Jack Hunter. Personally I can’t wait for Tau to show up in Psychic Awakening and randomly buff Riptides without helping the rest of the army, forcing us to come back in and make that recommendation even stronger. TOTAL COMMAND POINTS: 14 (-3) This thing is a BATTLESUIT, and as such benefits from Saviour Protocols. The gimmick is basically this – they’re cheap, fast, and fly, plus they mount a couple of drones on them.

Even if you aren’t a melee army charging Tau can help – it stops Broadsides shooting for a turn, and forces their other units to at least move and be unable to Kauyon. This army went 4-1 at the North East Open, a UK major we did some coverage on earlier this year.

Either way £100+ for 500 points.

. Battalion Detachment, Tau Empire: Farsight Enclaves [53pl, 807pts] +5CP By now you hopefully have everything you need to get going on your T’au Empire army (hot tip: start with Riptides and Drones) and start crushing your opponents.

Taken together, they mean that a Farsight unit within 6″ is always re-rolling hits and wounds on shooting, making them appropriately deadly up close and adding some serious attraction to shooting units that want to get in the enemy’s face like Breachers, Stealth Suits and Crisis Teams. The Ethereal bonuses aren’t locked, so the HQ slot here adds the one you probably want for your castle. DX6 ‘Remora’ Stealth Drone w/ 2x Seeker missile: 2x Long-barelled burst cannon, 2x Seeker missile DX6 Remora Stealth Drone Squadron [3 PL, 64pts]


Devilfish full of Breachers hopping out to murder things would be great if only it wasn’t objectively worse than just plinking away from miles across the battlfield, but it is. As with any strategy document, this article represents a specific time and place.

Fire Warrior Shas’ui: Markerlight, Pulse rifle .

Any reason why you're not taking velocity tracker on the other two Riptides?

Then welcome to the T’au Empire, the perfect army for aspiring generals such as yourself! When a target is hit with a markerlight, it gains a counter that lasts for the remainder of the phase. Otherwise, go forth and continue to threaten a fairly minor region of space!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related, ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (T’au Empire) [36 PL, 656pts] ++, T’au Empire Sept Choice . If you were to run it today, you might be better-served finding a way to fit in a squad or two of drones in order to protect Shadowsun and the army’s other characters. .

Outrider Detachment, Tau Empire: Farsight Enclaves [8pl, 422pts] +1CP While drones don’t have the offensive firepower of a Riptide, they’re one of the most powerful things available to a T’au army for their defensive strength.

This army went 4-1 at the North East Open, a UK major we did some coverage on earlier this year.Army List - Click to ExpandPRIMARY ITC ARMY FACTION: Tau Empire

aspects of timing and power analysis as well as optimization

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