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Learn more and sign up for a free 3-day trial at! The pro and con and maybe surgent cpa review pass & success stories We offer special discounts up to $600 for CMA candidates who switch to Surgent from their current review provider. Surgent Exam Review is the leading exam review provider for accounting professionals. Thanks to our free content updates, you won’t have to worry about making sure your material is up-to-date. Copyright © 2020 Surgent. Becoming an Enrolled Agent is a great way to increase your earning potential as a tax preparer. Compare Surgent EA Review to Other Top Courses. For example, the Surgent CPA Review course has a pass rate of nearly two times the national average.

I purchased the Gleim CMA review back in March of 2017 after passing the CPA exam in November 2016. It’s a completely online course, so you can study on your own schedule. All are also 100% online, so you’ll be able to easily fit your study hours into your schedule, no matter how hectic it is. For the record, I receive many solicitations from other CPE webinar producers, at a much lower cost. They only use one instructor for both parts … I have used Surgent as far back as I can remember, always looking for their live seminars prior to the technology of webinars in the convenience of the office. Learn more about Surgent EA Exam Review! It feels like I’m learning a lot. We provide thousands of CPE packages, self-study courses , live webinars and live seminars. I got a 360, which is probably due to the off and on studying.

From our live and on-demand online CPE courses to in-person seminars, Surgent offers more choices, a broader topic selection, more practical content, and more engaging instructors than anyone. Technology will guide you to the specific study materials you need at the right time for you, based on your customized study plan. As you begin your journey to passing the Enrolled Agent Exam (also known as the Special Enrollment Exam), you’ll want to decide for yourself which EA review course is best for your individualized study needs. The busier you are, the more critical it is to pick CPE that's worth your time.Surgent always delivers top-notch CPE in ways that are ideal for busy CPAs.

Surgent Exam Review helps students pass the CPA Exam CMA Exam EA Exam CIA Exam CISA Exam. We stand behind our course 100%. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, 201 N. King of Prussia Rd, Suite 370, Radnor, PA 19087. Exam registrations are expensive, and the hours you commit to studying are priceless. 296 likes.

Chat with us , powered by LiveChat (800) 778-7436 Anyone on here using Surgent?I had a coworker who was using Bisk (now obsolete, Ninja acquired them) and she got like 50% off after showing them a copy of her receipt for the Bisk membership plus copies of her failed exam scores. If anyone is using Surgent, could you bulletpoint the strengths/weaknesses of this program? My CMA Review process has been great so far. 201 N. King of Prussia Rd, Suite 370, Radnor, PA 19087. Plus, a real-time algorithm optimizes along the way, ensuring you’re staying on your fastest path to success.

Participants access course materials, review them, and take an exam to validate their understanding of the information presented. Surgent’s EA Review Course makes that process as simple as possible by helping you focus your study times on the areas that you don’t already know. CPE packages, webinars, self-study and more!

It helped me a lot to get motivated by solving the questions and to learn new concepts with the review notes with every question.

ReadySCORE estimates what you’d score on the actual CMA Exam if you were to sit that day, taking the guesswork out of exam readiness. Surgent CPA Review Ratings? We’ve combined our unmatched industry knowledge with our proven approach to learning to create the skills-based educational courses accounting and finance professionals need to develop expertise in today’s most important and in-demand topics. Our approach to exam preparation is very different than our competitors’. The industry’s first exam-readiness measure.

If you’re unhappy with your current CMA Review course provider, Surgent makes it easy to switch. Our hands-on and highly practical upskilling and reskilling certification courses are built help you take the next step in your career. Surgent is a leader in CPE (continuing professional education) for CPAs and other financial professionals. All Rights Reserved. Struggling to pass the CMA Exam? We understand that students preparing to sit for an exam like the CPA Exam, the Enrolled Agent Exam, or exams for other designations have to fit their studies into very busy lives. Technology™, short but very instructive video lectures, and best-in-industry support, we increase your odds of passing from less than 50% (which is the current national average) to nearly 90%. Keep up the good work. Technology™ has helped thousands of candidates pass their professional exams faster by optimizing a unique, AI-enabled path for every one of them. Videos are extremely informative and questions are great for review. The study plan is tailored to each individual to provide the best outcome. My CMA review process has been great so far.

I enjoyed using Surgent EA Review because it was easy, very detailed and it is very effective in my opinion. Investing in a high-quality course now can save you time and money in the long run. I just want to see a the overall experiences of surgent cpa users. Both reports, “Achieving Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age – The Value of Training and Certification” and “Increasing Your Value in the Digital Age – The Impact of Professional […], Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Our adaptive learning software generates a study plan that’s 100% customized to you, based on your unique knowledge gaps. A.S.A.P. Privacy Policy. Copyright © 2020 Surgent. Surgent Continuing Education. To access your product click the Log In link at the top right of the screen. Not only is our course fully updated for the 2020 CMA Exam changes, but we provide all content updates automatically, and at no charge. Surgent is a leader in exam review courses for accounting, tax, and finance professionals. I studied with Gleim CMA off and on for 12 months and finally took part 1 of the CMA exam in February 2018. However, passing the CMA Exam can seem daunting, especially if you’re balancing other obligations in your life, and you may be wondering if you can even fit studying into your […], Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) recently released two reports showing the advantages of professional certifications for both employers and employees in an age of digital transformation. In fact, we’re so confident our approach works, we offer a CMA Exam Pass Guarantee.

Read more about our exam review courses by following the links below: Surgent CPA Review can help you pass all four parts of the CPA Exam while studying half as many hours as you would need to with competitors’ courses. Having studied from another study material, I highly recommend to go with Surgent to ensure clarity on fundamental concepts.

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