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Once again, this is not me trying to boost SuperMega and get them more subs, it is just me making a comparison between a popular channel that puts in zero effort and gets so much out of it, and a small channel that puts in 100% effort and gets so little out of it. 2: Their Twitter accounts and fan interaction. Here's my best approximation of the difference between the two, based close enough on actual moments in either show (Majora's Mask for GG, Animal Crossing for SM). Not sure what "generous offer" you're referring to here. This is another major problem with Game Grumps and for it to go this long, shows how much they don't care about what the fans think or what the quality of their content is. I think the funniest one is "Ryan's First Burger".

July 14, 2017: The same day as Julian's Tumblr post, Brian (i.e. I think there's a pretty clear difference between how the two shows do a 'bit'. Another funny one is "Non-Alcoholic Japanese Beer/Wine Taste Test". High quality Supermega inspired device cases by independent artists and designers from around the world. Again this could be totally wrong but I find it kind of tough to believe that the relationship was purely business they way it’s been stated to be. In this post, Julian criticizes the fan culture surrounding Let's Plays, where people treated him like a character rather than a real human being. July 31, 2019: Arin makes his infamous "This is mean" post. I just used them as reference since I watch their videos frequently. "Newlywed Game VS SuperMega (PUNISHMENT EDITION)" - 10 Minute Power Hour, February 25th, 2019 In the first episode, Matt and Ryan buy up Black Cat Motel, Black Widow Terrace, Cursed Railroad and Floating Railroad, while the Grumps pick up Halloween Place, Skull Street, Scary Swamp, Haunted Railroad, Cauldron Heights and Pumpkin Street. 3: Amount of editing/"Best Of" video comparison. It has become a major problem in Game Grumps that there are no more funny edits. Supermega clearly got some great exposure from game grumps but that exposure works both ways. TL;DR I love all of these guys, but Matt and Ryan are on top right now, Arin and Dan gotta shape up. I think supermega is a much higher quality version of game grumps and they really do deserve to grow into a massive channel Some One-Offs that are funny are "Lovely Weather We're Having" and "The Oregon Trail". This is WAY more interesting than shitpost tweets. His criticism was directed primarily towards what he had witnessed behind-the-scenes in the production and the intention behind the game. This was a quick series and they said at a later date that they would be attempting the challenge on expert. Arin legitimately dropped out of high school and absolutely struck luck with Game Grumps.

Ryan Magee, Sexiest man alive, COO of Supermega Samsung Galaxy Snap Case, Matt Watson, Sexiest man alive, Supermega CEO Samsung Galaxy Snap Case, A Smol Ryan Magee (Supermega) Samsung Galaxy Snap Case, No Nut November: Matt Watson iPad Snap Case, Spookymega/Supermega Ryan Magee iPhone Soft Case, supreme supermega Samsung Galaxy Snap Case, Supermega Logo (Pink and Yellow) iPhone Wallet, MAGEE 2020 LETS MAKE A STINK iPhone Soft Case, Matt The Security Deposit! I don't care if he doesn't have an easy time expressing himself, he's shown that he can be sincere in one of their Q&A panels, he shouldn't be insulting fans and being unappreciative of those that got him there in the first place! Again, I'm not that butt hurt over this, I just wanted to show the comparison of their two Twitter accounts. I've included links to all cited sources, and recommend treating the original comments as authority over my own summary. Chris responds by telling Arin that "Newgrounds made [him], and is probably the place with the least hate [Arin has] ever gotten anywhere online".

I cannot stop thinking about that old man eating paint. Like: with SuperMega's interruption bit, the tell for that was that after a few episodes, they became more exaggerated to the point where it started to take up massive chunks of the episode, whereas they'd usually edit out interruptions. When Matt and Ryan joke about playing as the battleship to honor "the troops", a trumpet version of the Star-Spangled Banner is inserted into the video. You should always do that in advance, dude! Refer yourself to this post if you want a good summation of the problem with their fanbase. They have a recurring joke where they go, "Yes, yes, YES!" I mean, there's also Arin just straight up using other people's jokes to the point of running them into the ground (sometimes SuperMegas which they had retired by that point), but that's another story.

I would bet money that a great deal of the initial falling out is related to a "generous offer" made by Arin that Oney found disrespectful. I'd recommend starting with Mario Maker. LGBT folk who don't follow the exact right politics are treated like absolute shit. But, no, it's only "woe is me" and "Ugh, how can anyone like this game, my opinion is superior to others". It's never something like a shitty bargain bin chess game or "wheel of Fortune part 53" instead it's always fun games to watch and even if I'm not a fan of the game Matt and Ryan have enough personality to hold my interest. I could totally be reading too much into it but as someone who watches a lot of Oneyplays complete videos in the background, I find it pretty hard to believe that Chris and Matt weren’t tight in the past. This is the things that pisses me off the most. You've got fresh, constant jokes.

Mario Maker isn't. They both dropped out of College, sound like anyone familiar? Well, in recent episodes on their channel, they have said that they have attempted 3 times at recording the game on expert, but they make no progress and they die too much, so they scrapped the episodes. SuperMega was created by Ryan Magee (Left) and Matt Watson (Right). I used to pick through GG series — even when they were in their “golden days” — to find games that I liked, but I just straight-up watch every SM episode that comes my way. I've never really liked it when channels routinely drop story-based games after more than one or two episodes. Arin literally didn't strike luck, he built up his own audience to a huge size before he started GameGrumps, and when he announced GG all of his fans gave the channel the kickstart it needed. The most disgusting part of this is that "the lovelies" doxxed ding dong and outed him as gay to his family. April 2017: The OneyPlays crew moves out of the GG offices. Anyway, their channel is already coming close to 40k subs and it was clear from the start that they are extremely passionate about the quality of their videos. The content on SuperMega includes let's plays, podcasts and live action skits. is the first episode of Monopoly vs SuperMega on Game Grumps VS. 1 Match progress 2 Discussions 3 Editing jokes 4 External links The Grumps and SuperMega start a new game of Monopoly on the Haunted board, with the Grumps and SuperMega each sharing a piece and playing as a team: Arin and Danny play as the dinosaur piece, and Matt and Ryan play as the battleship. It pains me that Game Grumps, a channel with 3M subs, talented workers, an office and 3 years of experience under their belt can produce such lame and uninspired content and get hundreds of thousands of views out of it, while a channel like SuperMega, a channel with 40K subs and two guys can produce work that envies large channels, and only get 10K views per video. It makes my blood boil sometimes, but hey, I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. Ding Dong would later confirm that he had, in fact, played a beta build of the game prior to its announcement. It's the reason I unfollowed them on Twitter, I just couldn't stand how pointless the tweets were. "Friendship Energy!" A SuperMega bit vs. a Game Grumps bit. The only issue I have with this comment is that you label Arin as “middle aged” lol. They don't use facecam, sound like a channel that is of the familiar variety?? 1 Game Grumps 1.1 Games Played on Game Grumps: 1.2 Game Grumps VS … Later in 2016, Matt and Ryan were confirmed as the new editors for Game Grumps, as well as OneyPlays and KittyKatGaming. I miss when Grumps did stuff like that. Ding Dong states during the stream that he does not fault the Grumps in any way for their support of the game. Close. GG, on the other hand, don’t really know how to work with each other (rather, Dan doesn’t know how to work with Arin, and Arin doesn’t know how to work with human beings), which leads to shoddy commentary, confusion, frustration, misunderstandings of what a “bit” is, and a whole load of missed opportunities.

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