super twin racing regulations

 Place   Fastest Lap in race - 1 point (if in a top-10 finishing position).

Below is a brief overview of the rules and regulations but, don't worry, we won’t get too technical.   All you need to know about the closest, most intense racing series on the planet.

 MPH The champion from the previous season automatically qualifies for a Super Licence the following year. Racing lubricants. On top of that, there's FANBOOST - your chance to impact the race. Round 4 August 10th - 12th . 4.311 The driver starting at the front (Julius Baer Pole Position) picks-up an extra three points, while the driver who sets the fastest lap during Qualifying gets an additional point.  Name The 125 cc class was occasionally called the "Ultra-Lightweight" class.  August - 12 Provisional dates 

This class was first introduced to the North West at the 2012 event and proved extremely popular as it gained a very strong entry. Drivers must have accumulated at least 20 points in the past three years, in conjunction with the FIA points system - used to qualify for a Super Licence.  Mantorp Park [5][6], "Dunlop proves a heavy hitter in thrilling Bennetts Lightweight TT Race",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Organising Committee Motor Racing Australia Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “The Committee”). Each driver can't use more than four new rear and four new front tyres for each event. Bill Werner, after years running the Harley race shop, built a cobby 650 twin, on an absolute shoestring. In the 1950s and 1960s, the principal TT solo events were the Senior (500 cc), Junior (350 cc), and Lightweight (250 cc, or sometimes 125 cc). However, where possible some events stretch to two days with double the amount of action - these are referred to as double-headers. If not, then the driver in the top-10 with the next fastest lap takes the honour. This is repeated until all six drivers have completed a lap.

Hockenheim - Germany. However, the driver must finish in the top-10 places to gain the Fastest Lap extra point. However it was not until 1922 that the first time the Lightweight TT took place, won by Geoff S. Davison riding a Levis, at an average speed of 49.89 mph (80.29 km/h) for 5 laps of the Snaefell Mountain Course. Supertwins are four stroke twin cylinder machines originally sold for road use with a water cooled engine of up to 650cc. The race record for the 4 lap (150.73 miles/242.58 km) Lightweight TT is a time of 1 hour, 15 minutes and 05.032 seconds, at an average race speed of 120.601 mph (194.088 km/h), also held by Dunlop during the 2018 race. FIM-Super Twin Top Fuel Drag Bike is the official classification in Europe for Drag Racing using Nitro methane fuelled 2 cylinder Motorcycles. Supertwins are four stroke twin cylinder machines originally sold for road use with a water cooled engine of up to 650cc. Drivers that secure the extra speed, can use it for a few laps when they want to race harder, giving them the edge to keep ahead of the competition. As the interest for the sport grew and gained in popularity more people got involved and the ET's started dropping. This is the first time the teams and drivers will take to the track under timed conditions as they get a feel for the track and adapt to the car set-up.  6.409 Or, to have previously been holding a Super Licence, or to have participated in at least three events of the previous FIA Formula E Championship.

When they cross the line to start their flying lap, the pitlane light turns green and the fifth fastest driver heads out.

The bespoke 18-inch treaded all-weather tyres used by all teams and drivers are supplied by Michelin - official tyre supplier of the FIA Formula E Championship.  Anders Karling Each event has two practice sessions - an opening 45-minute session followed by a further 30-minute session. July - 01 Break downs became frequent.

The five drivers who receive the highly-acclaimed FANBOOST – as voted for by you, the fans - are awarded a significant burst of power, which they can deploy in a five-second window during the second half of the race. The crank assembly was "stroked" to maximize the length of the stroke and thereby creating an engine with an incredibly big volume (98-122 ci). At this time, the track layout, kerbs and features can be checked by the FIA, taking into account feedback from the competitors provided in the driver briefing. A World Racing Group, event is a competitive racing event which is intended to be conducted and officiated in accordance with the rules herein. To find out more view our privacy policy. Motor racing fuels.  Mosten, Denmark, UEM Championship 2012:Click here for UEM points, Elemination: click hereQualifying: click here, For continous Result Reporting, pit notes and photos from the events please visit Europe´s no #1 Drag Racing news site, This is the official Super-Twin Dragbike Association (STDBA) web site, For Teams who want to add their info and pictures or just want to change something, please send email to the webmaster: Any interpretation of, or deviation from, these rules herein, are left to the discretion of the racing officials and their jurisdiction is final. The snowmobile that would change and dominate oval racing for nearly two decades was an evolution of the Gilles Villeneuve 1974 twin track Alouette race sled and the Jimmy Shampine ‘Offset” super modified race car that was dominating the Oswego, NY speedway in the late 70’s. Formula E follows a standard points system, used in other FIA-sanctioned series - awarding points to the top-10 finishers. That means they need to make a total of two sets of tyres last from Shakedown all the way to the end of the race. Official Title 2018 SuperTT Championship (herein referred to as “The Championship”).

You can’t move the goalposts in motorsport, so what are the hard and fast rules to know when watching Formula E?

 Gardermoen, Norway Machines At the end, once the 45minutes are up and the leader has crossed the finish line, there's still one more lap to go until the race finishes. At NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series races and select NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series events, Super Street racers compete on a fixed 10.90-second index. These rules provide the guideline for all events. Whereas the teams’ championship is decided by calculating both driver’s scores throughout the season. There have been several different categories of motorcycle that can compete in this event.  173.37/ 279.01 The event was re-introduced for the 2012 races on the Mountain course, with a change to water-cooled four-stroke twin cylinder engines not exceeding 650 cc and complying with the ACU Standing Regulations.[2]. This page was last edited on 20 June 2019, at 06:50.

 23/08 - 25/08 Any four-stroke twin cylinder motor-cycle originally sold for road use with a water-cooled engine of up to 650cc. Date Not many on the circuit had a very good idea how things worked.  19/07 - 21/07 You can vote to FANBOOST your favourite driver in the six days prior to, and leading up to 15 minutes into, each race.    Tierp   

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship consists of two separate titles - one dedicated to the drivers and another dedicated to the teams.  223,70/ 360   115% of the time set by the third fastest qualifier in the class.

Drivers must conduct a specific FIA training session focussing on electrical safety, specific features of the fully-electric Formula E car, as well as reviewing both technical and sporting aspects of the series. The schedules are mirrored from each day, with only one 45-minute practice session on the second day. Between 1949 and 1976, the Lightweight race was part of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. Click here to purchase the 2020 rule book. Entrants must be in possession of a valid National Entrants or FIM Sponsors Licence for Road Racing. Entrants must be in possession of a valid National Entrants or FIM Sponsors Licence for Road Racing. Additional points are also awarded for securing Julius Baer Pole Position and clinching the Fastest Lap in Qualifying and the race – more details on both of these below.

It is aimed at Club level competitors who desire to exercise their engineering as well as driving skills. In the early years (85-90) most riders were using Harley-Davidson engines with reinforced blocks and bored out to accommodate as large cylinders as possible. (And to prove that wasn’t a fluke, did it again in 2012.) Once out, each driver has six minutes to set their best time, with the top-six drivers proceeding to the Super Pole shoot-out in a bid to secure Julius Baer Pole Position and an additional three points.  ET Series Regulations.

FIM-Super Twin Top Fuel Drag Bike is the official classification in Europe for Drag Racing using Nitro methane fuelled 2 cylinder Motorcycles. To fire up ATTACK MODE, drivers will need to arm their car, drive off the racing line, and through the Activation Zone.  Tierp The 2012 specification for entries into the Lightweight TT race are defined as;-, The lap record for the Lightweight TT is held by Michael Dunlop in a time of 18 minutes and 26.543 seconds, at an average speed of 122.750 mph (197.547 km/h) set during the 2018 race.

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