star trek fleet command containment protocol

You can check the events by tapping the event button at the top right corner. @David Yep, Strength Up your Talla ship, assign better officers and then raid(scan to check the strength). Starfleet regulations called for declaring yellow alert when a starship was targeted by, Protocol on first contact was available to Starfleet personnel, which was once revised by Captain, According to Starfleet protocol, "sir" was the proper address when responding to one's commanding officer (or possibly any, Starfleet rules forbade dealing with outlaws and getting involved in the politics of other cultures. You can contact their support team to fix this issue. Thanks for answering!!

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the good guide for kill boss mission like high level 30+ ? Tap the battle report -> tap the rewards box -> claim the chest. As for the weaker ones, place them in the slots beneath your Bridge crew. (. 1. what is the percentage lost and can they take all but what’s in the vault which is much?

Even if I do my goals I can not claim the bonus.

Every time you log-in, stick to this gameplan and you’ll have no problem turning into a legendary commander! To view a system, you will have to set course first.


Why do my dilithium crystals disappear every day?

can we colonise it? Always check in to fulfill Help Requests from other players (those same players can do the same for you!). All you need to do is visit one of these systems; Jinna, Eral, Dyrr. For example, the most important part is, in my opinion, the results you get in the Alliance events. Normally, in your starting System and Galaxy, you won’t have higher level enemies, so you will have to travel to other galaxies to find them. The email will only be created once you click on the "Send Email" button. The Star Trek Star Charts have the Romulans and Klingons entirely within the Beta Quadrant, everything in star trek in in one galaxy the milky way. Completing the game’s main Missions will bring you into contact with Factions, which helps you gain favor/hate from them and unlock Faction Store items.

You can explore in the Systems. Tap the upgrade button -> level up. Destroy the high-level hostiles in the systems to obtain blueprints. Destroy the hostiles to farm Ship EXP, parts, and other items. if so how?

Since it’s a premium in-game currency, it’s hard to get. Released on mobile devices last year, Star Trek Fleet Command has proven pretty popular. This is how you will be able to meet the other Federations as well, so constantly explore space!

What level refinery can refine level 3 resources?

Collect 2 Cargo Crates.

Is some thing wrong here? Additionally, complete the missions for better rewards; Ship XP, speed-ups, and more. In the daily goals, if I click on “locate”, nothing seems to happen – how do you find what you are being asked to? 2. the mission doesnt direct me anywhere on the map, @Gavin Yep, same happened with me:( . Thanks in advance for answering. So it seems that it’s just there for giving you a choice regarding the rewards (and to build up some sort of a story). I need them to upgrade my ship…. How do I use the ship hangar. Note – As you progress, you will need grade 3(3-star) refined material.

Klingon Recruit – Consumes Klingon Recruit Token. • As you improve your base, you’ll get the chance to Research the stat boosters tied to the game’s Combat, Station, and Galaxy sectors. I don’t think the author meant that the ship would be repaired outside of its home station. How van i steal resources of other ships? Having multiple ships in the fleet helps you a lot. You can find Raw Gas in 3 grades: 2 stars, 3 stars and also 4 stars: To check the battle report or chest, tap the inbox button at the bottom-left corner -> here you can see the battle reports.

Thank you for the detailed answer Adam! At the start of the game, you produce Parsteel and Tritanium. Violations of protocol could have led to being placed on report, a court martial, demotion of rank, or other reprimands. Nice try though Leo. Since you can not dismantle or delete the ships, don’t build duplicates of weak and combat ships.

We’re here to share with you some Star Trek: Fleet Command cheats and tips in our complete guide to the game. (, A captain cannot order a doctor to violate, This may have been true in the 22nd century, but by the 23rd century it was no longer true. If there is any slot available (max 10/15), tap the relocate button.It will cost you a relocation token. But until these get published, don’t hesitate to share your own tips and tricks below. Star Trek: Fleet Command Tips: Cheats & Guide to Be the Best... Lapse: A Forgotten Future Characters: a Complete Guide, Panzer League: the First MOBA with Tanks Now Available Worldwide, Dominate or Bring Peace to a War-locked Galaxy in Star Trek Fleet Command, Out Now, Multiplayer Strategy Game Star Trek Fleet Command Now Out On iOS, Android, Scopely and CBS Interactive Combine Forces for New Star Trek: Fleet Command, XCOM 2 Collection To Release On Android in 2021, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night New Playable Character Announced. Here’s the SS:-, Zack, don’t forget to have ALL your ships at home b4 you try to relocate, when you relocate, the token spent will transfer your station AND your ships, if any ships are not home, you can’t relocate.

And it takes hours. @Nora H This game has many bugs and glitches.

Relocating is like teleporting the base from one system to another, from a station’s hub to another station’s hub.

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