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महाराष्ट्र सर्व हक्क राखीव, [वर प्रकाशित: 24-07-2018(Legal Department)], [वर प्रकाशित: 28-05-2018(Deputy Collector)], Circualr for Permission for Pre-monsoon measures for Slum Rehabilitation schemes, As per order by Hon. ), Exchanging ideas & learn from fellow key industry players & leaders, Getting regular insights on latest trends & developments in retail (Newsletters, Conferences etc.

), माहिम विभाग. %PDF-1.4 %âãÏÓ 91(pt), Khopat, Village Panchpakhadi, Thane(west). Membership is valid for 12 months from when you join. All fees will be reimbursed in the case of meeting cancellation. जाहिर सुचना,भाटीया इस्टेट, चारकोप मार्वे लिंक रोड, कांदिवली (प), मौजे-कांदीवली. 0000004703 00000 n RFQ cum RFP for the S.R. 0000013693 00000 n Business Services. No.293,T.P.S.

सह.गृह.संस्था. membership application form I hereby make application for membership of the society and agree to abide by the By-Laws and any amendment thereof, in the SRA Sacco Society Limited.

trailer <]/Prev 62445/XRefStm 1368>> startxref 0 %%EOF 284 0 obj <>stream 0000004211 00000 n Contact Virginia Cunigan for more information. Membership is open to any individual or professional who has contributed to, is interested in or has furt… The 2020 SRAI Annual Meeting website and app have been sponsored by, includes Workshops, Main Event, all Tracks, networking events, Section Membership Business Meetings, One Track + Main Event (4 days of education), Two Tracks + Main Event (6 days of education), Three Tracks + Main Event (8 days of education), International Track + Main Event (4 days of education), One Track + Main Event (4 days of education), Two Tracks + Main Event (6 days of education), Three Tracks + Main Event (8 days of education), International Track + Main Event (4 days of education), Log in with your primary email address or create an account as a visitor.

Dates vary depending on fee type purchased. 1, at Panchpakhadi ,Thane (W). एकूण १३० निवासी सदनिका वाटप, महाराष्ट्र झोपडपट्टी (सुधारणा निर्मुलन व पुनर्वसन) अधिनियम 1971 चे कलम3 (क)(1) अन्वये “झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन क्षेत्र” घोषित करणेबाबत ", सनसाईन एस.आर.ए. If you are purchasing workshop only registrations, please Download Registration Form - Individual and send to Virginia Cunigan to process registration. The diverse interests of members support a wide range of SRA specialty groups. 1 o f Village Panchpakhadi, Thane (W) for “Gaondevi CHS Ltd. Revised LOI for proposed Slum Rehabilitation Scheme for plot bearing F.p. Notice:मौजे-कन्हेरी तालुका-बोरिवली येथील न भु क्र ८७,८७/१ ते ३२ या मिळकतीवरील आशापुरा प्रॉपर्टीज यांचे मांगणीनुसार,झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन क्षेत्र घोषित. hŞb```¢� R%��Ÿø�bl,�º10s`À )E,z$Vu¹*r!¹ò†|T†Ù8££Âd ëèh ™lAŠ”�X,¢ÎÀ«àì%Óğ¨¥ÆÍÁ“qGQ³�¼€4ëıƒÏ$. 0000005029 00000 n See our video to learn more about opportunities for getting involved with SRA. Publishing houses, credit and charge card companies, real estate agencies, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers have joined SRA as Associate Members. Proposed S. R. Scheme on plot bearing C.T.S. 0000018041 00000 n 0000006333 00000 n 9 .2018 / 6 9 9, मौजे पाचपाखाडी त जी ठाणे यथिल न भू क्र १३४ या मिलाक्तीवरील नियोजित सह गृह संथा झोपडपट्टी धारकांचे शेत्र घोषित करणेबाबत.

245 0 obj <> endobj xref Scheme on plot bearing P.P. ओम श्रीराम (रामनगर प्लॉट-ए) एसआरए सहकारी गृनिर्माण संस्था मर्या.,येथील झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन प्राधिकरणाच्या इमारतींच्या सदनिकांच्या वाटपाबाबत. Please do not email, mail AND fax your registration form. संस्था, वांद्रे (प. 1378pt,1378/27 to 1378/38 of Village-Malad(west). Download Registration Form - Institution.

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