spongebob in randomland deleted scene

"yeyeye! Also, Squidward originally had a nose warmer on him while bathing. The girls comment the superheroes stating they’re from spin class. In the same scene, there would've been a close-up of SpongeBob ripped in half.

 ‣ High Destiny - Laurie Johnson [Krabs comes out from under the boat] In the final version, it is tilted to the right. and runs out of his office. Adam Paloian A since-debunked rumor claims that in the original airing, there was a scene showing Squidward's snail transformation. On current American TV airings, "Mavericks" is replaced with "Monster Wave," possibly due to copyright issues.

In the DVD release of the Sea Stories DVD, the Patchy segments are cut. Live-action sea bunnies are shown near the.

There is a deleted scene in the storyboard featured on the Lost at Sea DVD that has Patchy ripping off a SpongeBob band-aid when destroying his SpongeBob stuff.

An original title card with a different background and font colors can be found on the SuperSponge asset discs.

According to the audio commentary, instead of Plankton finding SpongeBob and Patrick when they fall into the Chum Bucket, SpongeBob and Patrick were going to see a dispute between Plankton and Karen, which featured Plankton not wanting to go to Karen's mother-in-law (a car alarm that only says, "Stay away from the vehicle")'s house.

If you'd have told me that SpongeBob would ever reference a weird internet urban legend from many years ago I probably wouldn't have believed you. Some sources list it by the original title. Originally, before they head up to the gym, SpongeBob tells the Dutchman, "Dutchie!

suspiciously.  ‣ Jingle Bells B - Sammy Burdson, John Fiddy [SpongeBob comes out from behind the chalkboard] It originally involved SpongeBob using a reef blower to clean his yard, only for it to become out of control causing SpongeBob to fly everywhere. It was replaced with the usual bubble wipe for unknown reasons. DVD. In the storyboard, since Patchy does not leave the truck, the mailman is shown in the back of the truck. There may have originally been a scene planned where SpongeBob and Patrick were going to print the tickets online.

Bikini Bottom - Βυθός του Μπικίνι The Krusty Krab - Ο Τραγανός Κάβουρας

In the original 1997 version of the pilot, there was a different opening with fast-paced action sequence music and colorful paintings of SpongeBob. 1.43 The old title card had a version excluding "Tea at" that was used in The SpongeBob Musical: Live on Stage! from Jay Lender, SpongeBob would stick his tongue through his holes after asking Sandy what she can do. In the final version, she is not wearing a lab coat.

At the ending of the 1997 version, there is an early Nicktoons logo that has a small and short copyright notice with a production date of 1997. In the final version, they do not. Three scenes and lines in the storyboards were deleted. It was changed to SpongeBob slamming the door on his face because it would have been too frightening to be shown.

", One of the people in the bar says "I'm gonna find out who did it!"


It was most likely removed in the final cut because of the mother talking to her daughter about her life and her baby were irrelevant to the plot. In the final version, they just turn on when he is done.

Either way, the scene lasts literally 3 seconds. version of the "SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song" is left intact on the SpongeBob's WhoBob WhatPants? In the storyboard, Potty looks angry at Patchy for getting the directions wrong.

There are also differences between the storyboard version and final cut of the episode: In the storyboard, while Captain Frostymug falls, he makes a beard out of whipped cream. The original title for this episode was "The Shortcut. Before Patrick calls SpongeBob an idiot boy, he says that he has to make a second cake for his mother.

from the said trailer is also ommited. They reach her, but it turns out she only wanted the bag, and the Krabby Patty is still in the hands of the Krusty Krew. She also mentions that there are buses that arrive here and Bikini Bottom. The tour guide hat has the word "GUIDE" on it.

In the storyboard, the Jerkmaker-9000 is leaning away from the carolers.

When SpongeBob starts choosing his tool in the Animatic, he says, "I've only got one shot at this. The first is ", SpongeBob refers to the Krusty Krab as the.

[57], The stop-motion models of Mrs. Matilda is shaped like a normal submarine instead of an acorn.

In the final version, it looks like a crystal. Early production images reveal that scenes featuring the Krusty Krab's clock and a neon sign signaling the restaurant being either open or closed were cut.

There was going to be a scene of Squidward entering a snowman dungeon he made and saying, "I'll bring them to my snow dungeon and extract their valuable secrets." In the storyboard version, Larry says that the only thing worse than donuts is ground glass and then smashes a glass cup in a fish's mouth. The final version's changes are described below. In the final version, he has eaten it all and gets the third piece. Of course, there's the infamous unused real-life Sandy sequence.

The title, as well as the plot, is a reference to the 1865 book, One of the pictures on Krabs' blackboard is a, The background art for RandomLand looks like a mix of, The bathing female has a tattoo on her leg that resembles, The blue creature who looked over the fence, he makes a symbol ", The floating houses in the background are like the floating house from the film, The fused man and woman creature resembles a, The dinosaurs during the chase sequence were modeled after the real-life punk band. There were many scenes altered between the animatic and final version. [49] Interestingly, the scene of the fish becoming dizzy afterwards still happens in the final episode.

When the chemicals explode, the exterior of the school is not shown, it is just an explosion cloud. During the montage at the start of the episode, The scene where Fred's leg was run over by a mobility scooter was going to be set at the. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community. A recently aired SpongeBob episode leans into the show's icon status by dropping a pretty terrifying internet easter egg: a reference to a spooky creepypasta/meme about Squidward committing suicide. Unused cels of Doctor Patrick holding a suitcase of medical supplies have been discovered on eBay.

SpongeBob (Italian) - Help Wanted Deleted Scene, Jellyfishing Early Polish Airing Deleted Scene, Polish censor in Jellyfish Jam (initial airings only), SpongeBob Mind the Gap - UK US scene comparisons, SpongeBob In RandomLand US Deleted Scene (Goodbye Red Mist).

In the final version, he near a table.

This does not include look-alike characters who are already related to each other such as Arnie (Arnold's cousin). When the fish looks out of the window, there is nobody there. ‣ Moloka'i Nui A - Kapono Beamer [Squidward dancing happily the hula] Episode №: In the scene where the scene pans through the customers eating at Krusty Krab at the beginning of the SpongeBob episode, Mr. Krabs is looking left instead of right.

Then, he walks over to the Patty Vault.

In the final version, Potty just looks surprised. In some countries, such as Spain, Poland, Greece, and Serbia, this episode is aired in two parts.

His dialogue had already been recorded when he was cut from the episode.  ‣ Cocktail Lounge - Dick Walter [Lady Squidward appears on the paper] "Truth or Square" is an hour-length episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, made in commemoration of the show's tenth anniversary. Roman numerals are added to the clock at the intersection.

Unnamed human version of Squidward Appears in a deleted scene from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. [62], The rough storyboards had many scenes that were changed or deleted. SpongeBob and Gary then remember the good times they've had before heading towards it.

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