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Clarita: It means “bright and clear,” and this cleansing and hopeful Spanish baby name is super-cute for a modern baby girl. Find out more spanish girl names for your baby girl.

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Spanish Baby Girl Names.

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My spanish cute name is Mi Chiquita Chipmunk.

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Amaranta: The stunning Spanish version of the Greek girls’ flower name Amarantha is sharp and beautiful in this form.

Portuguese and Spanish

Vieja – The meaning of this word is “old woman.” But don’t be too comfortable with the use of this nickname – show some respect when talking to a senior.

N, O,

Güera – It could be used to describe guys who are very light skinned or light haired.

Dali: After Salvatore, or just because you love it, this Spanish surname is being used for modern babies of either sex.

* An additional $185 shipping fee will be applied to SNOO purchases sent to Hawaii and Alaska. F, G, Elian: This unisex Spanish baby name means “light” and while it ranks higher for boys than girls, either application is acceptable for modern children.

Here are your search results for Spanish Baby Names.Click on a name to find the name meaning, popularity, origin and other useful information.

Livinia: A fun pick for girls that echoes a popular choice, Lavinia, from the early 1900’s in the US and Canada.

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ANA: Don’t use nicknames as a tool to hurt others.

Tramposa – A “cheater,” someone who likes to cheat in games and some other stuff. Subcategories.

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Galo: A Spanish place name meaning “from Gaul,” this is such a cute baby boy name that isn’t heard too often.


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T, U, Genoveva: The Spanish version of Jennifer or Guinevere is a roll-off-the-tongue beauty with multiple meanings including “juniper tree,” “white shadow or wave,” and “tribe woman.” She can be called Jenny or Vivi for short. Navarro: It’s a Spanish place name—“from Navarre”—of the Basque kingdom. /* new_300x250 */

Mi Vida – Since it means “my life,” it’s a good pet name for a girl you can’t live without.

Make the exercise of finding a name a fun event. Spanish girl names carry a sweet softness.

Conejita – A “bunny girl,” used for girls who are cute and lovely, just like bunnies are. Izan: The Basque version of Ethan is popular and currently in the top 20 for baby boys in Spain, though would be considered more unique for an American baby boy. google_ad_height = 90;

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Momia – It means “mummy,” and it’s used for an ugly person.

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Compare with another form of Agata.

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Coleta: This unique Spanish girl name is a derivative of Nicole, meaning “people of victory”...but it also has a chic nickname that will appeal to fashion-lovers: Coco.

Spanish Baby Names.

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Here are some unique names. Amaranta: The stunning Spanish version of the Greek girls’ flower name Amarantha is sharp and beautiful in this form.

D, E, So, if you need a cute Spanish nickname for your girlfriend, this where you should look. (Mi) Tesoro – A real “treasure,” a girl you’d like to keep. Enana – A small girl, a girl who is shorter than you. While there are some outrightly offensive terms, we have found that with nicknames, context matters. Angel: The classic Hispanic boys’ word-name is being given more and more for little girls, and both options are just precious.

Lediana: This beautiful Spanish girl name means “happy,” and sounds it, too!

My spanish nickname is flaca and im puerto rican and salvadorian, My nickname is loquita because I was very crazy while growing up and I am puerto rican and mexicana. Bella – Used for pretty girls since it means “beautiful.”eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'findnicknames_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',116,'0','0'])); Bombón – A girl so sweet that you could eat her. When it comes to nicknames, everyone wants the cool ones. The most popular Spanish girl name is Sofia, which has been at the top of the list for years.

Eleticia: It has the energy and pizzazz of Elektra, a charged English name, but this fun Spanish baby name for girls means “joy and gladness;” or “God is my salvation.” It also lends itself easily to the popular American girls’ nickname Ellie, or the more vintage feeling Cici. google_ad_width = 728; Rata – It means “rat.” It’s often used for a person who doesn’t care about the others.

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V, W, Floriana: If you didn’t think it was possible to make the name Flora even more alluring and lovely, here you go! Muñeca – It means “doll.”eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'findnicknames_com-leader-2','ezslot_15',122,'0','0'])); Nene – It’s another way to call someone your “baby.”, Preciosa Mío – Someone very dear, it means “my precious.”, Querida – It could be translated as “beloved.”.


A, This name is associated with Abril Schreiber, who is a Venezuelan actress.

Palomina: A little more eccentric than Paloma (as in Picasso), the off-beat and cool baby name for girls from the Spanish translates to “dove-colored filly,” a rare horse.

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