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Only 95 Calories Per Can! In 2020, the brewery is introducing a new line of craft ciders, Southern Tier Cider Works™ and a new line of craft hard seltzers, Hi-Current. Our line of craft vodka seltzers are a true alternative to the sugar & malt based hard seltzers. Now, the Chautauqua Lake-area staple continues that approach with its new line of hard seltzers.

The variety pack includes eight 355ml cans in four delicious flavors: Black Cherry & Pomegranate, Mango & Peach, Watermelon & Cucumber and Blood Orange & Pomelo. Is it the convenience of cans? Whatever the reason, hard seltzers -- easy-to-drink, mostly fruit flavored sparkling waters that are fermented like beer -- have become the hottest things in alcoholic drinks this year. Gluten Free! While we had a few favorites in this test, the takeaway is that the alcohol in your hard seltzer matters. That is also one of the regional brands that Wegmans stocks in some of its central and western New York markets, Agnello said. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

Hard seltzer is based partly on the immense popularity of the vodka soda, a simple mixed drink favored by people in their 30s or younger. That being said, we’d still highly recommend Truly and White Claw. LAKEWOOD, N.Y .– From craft beer to cider and now seltzer, the brewers at Southern Tier Brewing Company will chart new territory and innovate within the craft hard seltzer space. There are no reports for non-vintage products. Free local delivery on orders over $80 Standard shipping 3-5 days. Reach him at, or follow him at, on Twitter or Facebook. The brewery did jump into the hard soda market a few years ago, and continues to offer one version of that that is still popular -- Mule Kicker, a Moscow Mule-inspired alcoholic soda. These Vodka Seltzers from Southern Tier Distilling near Jamestown differ from the popular femented hard seltzers because they contain distilled spirits. For now, at least, it seems to be heading up. Or is it something that will fade, like wine coolers or the hard sodas? In Utica, the F.X. Thanks for visiting The category only dates back to 2013, with the creation of the SpikedSeltzer brand in Conne ... Stores and prices for 'NV Southern Tier Watermelon & Cucumber Vodka Seltzer' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. USA: (NJ) Just 1g carb, 95 calories, zero sugar, gluten-free and 4.5% alc/vol.

Southern Tier Distilling Craft Vodka Seltzers are refreshing and flavorful cocktails with unique flavor combinations.

Matt/Saranac is considering “entering the space,” said the brewery’s Nick R. Matt. (Zima was initially test marketed in Syracuse). It’s also gluten-free.

“But it’s got a strong following. By 2005 STBC covered the majority of … Hard seltzer is filling the gaps. For more information and to locate the seltzers near you, visit for … “It may not be what I’d drink myself,” Hammill said. There is no critics reviews yet for this vintage. Contributed features from industry experts, Press releases from suppliers to the trade, Submit your press releases or tips to our team, Our annual guide to suppliers & service providers, Market and promote your company with Brewbound, Brewbound — Craft Beer News, Events & Jobs, PRODUCTION DESIGNER - Portland, OR - Brewery Branding Co, Packaging Plant Manager - Loon Juice / Four Daughters, Assistant Brewer/Cellar Person - Helltown Brewing, Social Media Manager - Hairless Dog Brewing, Brewer - 3rd Shift Weekends - Great Lakes Brewing Company, BeatBox Maker Future Proof More than Halfway to $1.069 Million Crowdfunding Goal, Brewbound Pitch Slam 12: A Business Pitch Competition for Beer and Beyond, HenHouse Brewing Launches Vote for the Green New Deal IPA, a Climate Change-Driven Collaborative Beer, Anheuser-Busch InBev Appoints Benoit Garbe as Chief Strategy Officer, Diageo Moves Brands From Couch, Matagrano to Reyes in Northern California, Coin Toss Brewing to Release Sweet Heat Repeat, A Beer Originally Brewed by Now Defunct Burnside Brewing, Deschutes Brewery Partners with Oregon Breweries in Support of Wildfire Relief, Short’s Brewing Co. Hard seltzer, on the other hand, seems to have staying power. “The question is, is this a sustainable trend? For folks who want something healthier, at least from from a calorie and carb point of view, this seems to be it.”. The Brewbound Podcast features interviews with beer industry executives and entrepreneurs, along with highlights and commentary from the weekly news.

The category only dates back to 2013, with the creation of the SpikedSeltzer brand in Conn ... Stores and prices for 'Southern Tier Black Cherry & Pomegranate Vodka ... ' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. “We’re prepared to see this category continue to grow,” said Agnello of Wegmans. Don Cazentre writes about craft beer, wine, spirits and beverages for, and The Post-Standard. Quality local journalism has never been more important, and your subscription matters. A smaller business, Three Brothers Wineries on Seneca Lake south of Geneva, added a hard seltzer called Hard Rain to its lineup of beverages earlier this year. Is it the marketing?

Southern Tier bills the Vodka Seltzers as “true alternative to the sugar & malt-based hard seltzers,” and uses the slogan: “TASTE THE VODKA DIFFERENCE.”. “I’ve had inquiries from brewers about it,” said Paul Leone, director of the New York State Brewers Association.

“It’s really in tune with what consumers want right now. Your email address will not be published. Another brand is Bon & Viv, made at the big Anheuser-Busch brewery near Baldwinsville. Is it the low calories / low carbs? It was followed by drinks such as Smirnoff Ice, Mike Hard Lemonade, Twisted Tea and Bud Light Lime-A-Rita (introduced at the Anheuser-Busch Baldwinsville brewery). (Pura Still ) Pura StillPura Still. Be the first to review “Southern Tier Watermelon & Cucumber Craft Vodka Seltzer 4 Pack” Cancel reply. Does that mean beer itself is in trouble from a new competitor? Somers Point, Southern Tier Distilling Co - Black Cherry & Pomegranate Vodka Seltzer (4 pack 12oz cans). Taste the vodka difference. Southern Tier Brewing Company started in 2002 on a wooded property down a quiet road in Lakewood, NY. © 2020 Wine-Searcher™ All rights reserved. Jersey City, Southern Tier Black Cherry & Pomegranate Vodka Seltzer 4 Pack Cans, United States, USA: (NY) Is there vodka in your hard seltzer? By 2005, the brewery covered most of the state as well as Pennsylvania. Since commissioning their brewery in 2002 in the southern region of Western New York, Phin and Sara have been on a relentless pursuit to give drinkers bold and innovative flavor. Upgrade to PRO to view all 28 results for the location you've chosen. New episodes every Thursday. “We’ve seen very consistent growth in sales of hard seltzers for going on three years now and it is not slowing down,” said Mark Agnello, who manages the beer, hard cider and hard seltzer category for Rochester-based Wegmans markets. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Will smaller craft brewers, including those in Upstate New York, join in? For More Information:, ©2010-2020®, Inc. (Legal terms). After several years of professional brewery experience in Chicago, founders Phineas and Sara DeMink had a vision of bringing craft beers to a region rich in brewing heritage, but essentially devoid of production breweries. Drinks fads have come and gone over the years. Southern Tier Brewing began in 2002 with second-hand equipment in the rural countryside near Lakewood, New York. Visit the brewery, distillery and Taproom locations in Lakewood, NY, Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH. The Brewbound Marketplace features listings for equipment, services, and more. Unlike that cocktail (or the other recent trend toward canned cocktails), there is no distilled alcohol in the most commonly available hard seltzers. Hi-Current Craft Hard Seltzer by Southern Tier will first leave the brewery in late-March. “Hi-Current really has an opportunity to revolutionize the way our fans think about “better for you” low calorie, low carb drinks. The brewer began operation of Southern Tier Distilling Company® in 2015, makers of craft spirits including bourbon, tequila, vodka, gin, canned cocktails and vodka-based seltzer. (A-B has also launched a hard seltzer under its Natural Light brand and is reportedly eyeing one under its Bud Light label). Southern Tier Vodka Seltzers deliver the perfect easy-drinking option with a refreshing, light effervescence. Be the first person to review this product. So does that mean more beverage makers will start producing hard seltzers? [See more], Free local delivery on orders over $80 Standard shipping 3-5 days.No minimum order. “What people want to drink is changing, so we need to change with them. No Sugar Added! If we can bring drinkers into what I humbly believe to be the best seltzer on the market, it will open up the category to so many craft consumers who otherwise wouldn’t explore it.”. Together, they hold 85 percent of the hard seltzer market. All rights reserved (About Us). The Hi-Current Hard Seltzers are naturally sweetened with monkfruit, and all contain less than 1g of sugar and carbs, have 100 calories and are 5% ABV. A recent Washington Post story called its popularity “gender neutral.". I’ve been in bars where it seems everyone is drinking White Claw.”, Some of the recent feature stories about the success of White Claw and other hard seltzers focus on its marketing -- in particular its appeal to young drinkers, both male and female. In New York, these can only be sold in wine and liquor stores. Hard seltzer is now a $1 billion a year industry, with more competition on the way, CNN reports. The brewer began operation of Southern Tier Distilling Company® in 2015, makers of craft spirits including bourbon, tequila, vodka, gin, canned cocktails and vodka-based seltzer. “It’s easy to drink.”. That makes is more in line with the trend toward canned cocktails, which Southern Tier also offers. Brewers making a jump into that would need to know where it’s headed.”. Releases “Super Hoppy Holidays” Variety Pack, Hopes to Bring Joy to 2020, River North Brewery Releases Barrel Aged Colorado Double Strong and Announces Social Media Contest, The Brewers Guild of New Jersey Launches “Guilded For the Cause” Campaign and Collaboration Beer, Scorpion Mezcal Distiller Seeks Preservation of Mexico’s Heirloom Corn, Davos Brands Acquires Controlling Interest in Sombra Mezcal, John Esposito Joins Real McCoy Spirits as Chairman, CÎROC Vodka Release New Limited Edition Summer Colada, Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails Teams with K. Michelle for Southern Peach Flavor, Preiss Imports Adds Ferdinand’s Saar Collection to its International Spirits Portfolio, Humboldt Distillery Expands to Markets Outside of California, 11/12 - Brewbound Frontlines: The Effort to Unionize in Craft Beer, Brewbound Live 2019 Pitch Slam 11 Competition.

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