slavery and the making of america film guide answers

in America that the act of slavery was categorized by race. So you should respect what my ancestors and I have contributed to this great nation! Why did the number or runaway slaves increase so much after the war broke out? We are all enslaved at this point due to global banking. Black America has already started. Dred Scott and other black people would not and could not be citizens and have no rights. What is the point of saying 'Palestinians endured worse slavery'? %���� Socities, in general, teach only those ideals that make itself look great. the confuse and conquer of humanity in WHOLE shows the fruit of violence as a method of change alone without the prior education of the masses . Rise up and become inventors and creators! Save this Book to Read slavery the making of america film guide questions PDF eBook at our Online Library. What do you think created the wealth and power that britain and america have today.

Suggest you check out a black man of learning such as Prof. Tony Martin who disovered the truth. Slavery has roots in America's foundation yet it is treated as an unfortunate blip in America's "virtuous" history - it needs to be given a lot more attention. There are many things we still do not know about history. In addition, There has been no time period recorded in history, from the beginning of our biblical existence, starting from the book of Genesis that could ever compare to the atrocities committed against humanity during the Trans-Atlantic, and Triangular Slave Trade of importing Africans across the world. In answer to your question,yes Kerry and I have had many discussion's regarding this and she is in agreement that there must have been evolution in stead of the creation stories. Just look up ancient supership..African kings and queens traveled the world and spoke many do you think the maps were drawn? Children born to an indentured slave belonged to the master (was sometimes of the master) even if the woman somehow managed to earn her freedom; she would not leave her children so continued as a slave.

Slavery & The Making of American film guide this is question and answers (episode 1, 2 ,3 & 4) Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. That is a very ignorant and uneducated statement. Irish women and girls shipped overseas for over 200 years before the African introduction, were bred with the more expensive African male slaves to produce fresh free stock. 66 terms. Not to mention the brutality and savages acts committed against the people from the 1500 to 1900 here in American. Who was John Punch & what happened to him? Is American Who was freed by the Emancipation Proclamation? What did many Planters do after making their fortunes in the Deep South? And even they were saved by the God (i.e., Yhwh or Jehovah) that Zephorah's tribe the Middianites introduced to Moses, who later became known as the God of Israel. 17. Would African American bee better off if there were never any slaves from Africa? However, I fear that the envy and jealousy of right winged extremist would have probably evoked similar attacks chronicled in the history of Tulsa. %PDF-1.5 I will assure you that Ontresicia’s inaccuracies were due to typographical inaccuracy. and sadly - it continues.... cheap labor or free in sweat shops and the prison systems! The religions of Christianity and Islam, historically, have been the most obscene practitioners and proponents of the enslavement of fellow human. I don't usually comment on public forums unless I have something positive to say. I do my best to share what I uncover with members of my family and others who appreciate the path that I travel. The actual Africa was referred to many times as Ophir very rich country the richest so there is not an America, India or Rome mentioned not once in all of the Bible!

Fred. UN 'peacekeeping' forces, together with false front charity and 'aid' cabals have infiltrated all communities spreading terror, fragmentation, disease and death. Now if we can find a video on slavery in Russia that would The Challenge of Freedom. They wanted to pay off their depts for traveling. Lewis Latimer no rights at all as indentured servants of the state just like their white counterparts had always been. language “Proper English” and not discriminating other people. Benjamin Banneker His life will continue to impact the world as the exploration of scientific thought advances. The lives of children used to be filled with hours of... How does weather work? be interesting as they were all White. The Irish used their numbers in places like Boston, NYC and Chicago to take political power. Title: Slavery the making of america film guide questions, Author: DonDunbar1379, Name: Slavery the making of america film guide questions, Length: 5 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2017-09-09 . To my Hebrew!!! OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR.

Slavery and the Making of America episode 2 film questions and key. you are embarrassing me as a white person and i hope you just stop soon. However, the promise of '40 acres and a mule' wasn't sustained. But Because We Broke The Laws Of The Most High We had To Serve This Captivity, But Time Is Almost Up, And You Caucasians(Edomites) Will Be Going Into Captivity,Along With The Arabs And Africans That Sold Us To You(Joel 3rd Chapter).... All Praises To The Most High And Christ... u sure the the bible verse isnt referring to the israelites being slaves for the egyptians??? x��Y�o�� ��AO�T\͗F*R/bgw{�n{� �E����X���"�}I·4�F�^� �,qH�!��˟����O�o�b6K�7����g�����Xr~vQ$E^�u�ˤd��ߞ�]~` cy!��;dX�KD�h��*�}:?+P

1 0 obj Top Documentary Films is indeed a wonderful site with a variety of views being expressed, but the Science section is my favorite.

Yes, yes we are going to have to exercise the very nature that was intended to keep us down and humble, in that we have surpassed the intended plan, we exceeded the purpose, now we have been chosen to rise up, unite and make a conscious decision because the very ones that had the plan for us, are now living the plan and they never took note how we survived nor did they care. Seeds of Destruction. It is in their culture, music, art, songs, rhymes, videos, films, books and they even call and refer to themselves as "nigger." I watched him on The Electric Company in the 70s. By 1840, how valuable were cotton exports in the U.S.? It would not surprise me if this is true. Latins need to do this. endobj Episode one opens in the 1620s with the introduction of 11 men of African descent and mixed ethnicity into slavery in New Amsterdam. What did Dr. Norcom do when Harriet came to work for his family? I never got a penny from the slave's work, but their great great great grandchildren get millions from European American's taxes each month. You need to love people regardless of their skin color or language they speak life is by far more important than hating someone or believing in man. Notorious WHITE Terrorists preserve conferderate regimnets that cause violence against southern republicans.


What kind of work did Robert Smalls do for the Confederates early in the Civil War? Languages. ��݂�}�>E�p�}���*e]�OxU 9x,Hj�Me�sՋ�PN@\������H�"/\P�k��?�qХNj0�{gG�n��y����Z��d_���I�!�Jv�#7���U�8�>� �.�>��[�e�\�*o��q�L_��U�� ��� ߭Z���A������у;��P��J?

I agree with you one hundred percent! What company established a fur trading post in 1624 on a hilly island called Manahattes. The English from the 16th Century until the 20th Century classified Irish people as a separate race so they could justify taking their land. you greedy and self-centered ancestors about the fact of slavery. and ireland still suffers from the hangover of british colonisation in the form of the troubles in the occupied six counties. The history of us proclaimed African-Americans us so-called "blacks" history goes farther than American soil. Our time is now to be the fathers and mothers that out ancestors crave to see us be from their graves is now. I'm ashamed of my country's actions in the past, but equally ashamed of it's actions in present times. How did Southern whites react to the Nat Turner rebellion? I have friends with family members that lived on plantations in the 20th Century!! The answer is a simple ‘No,’ therefore don’t be deceived. The founding of the first Black Christian.

Episode two follows the paths of several African Americans, including Thomas Jefferson's slave Jupiter, Colonel Tye, Elizabeth Freeman, David Walker, and Maria Stewart, as they respond to the increasingly restrictive system of slavery. 4. And then slavery PSYCHOLOGICALLY damaging. With these being said I We are not here to discuss race, but concern for humanoids. reading this and all your comments, I just see that opression is here to stay. you look foolish. <>

Slavery & the making of american film guide. Diagrams.

They were dirt poor, ignorant and violent. By 1750, how many slaves were there in the American colonies? @ Owen. None of what I wrote is in any way offered as justification for slavery in America. The importance of slaves from Africa was banned. It is a term that is derogative and was originally created to demean black people. Linda, I appreciate your response but I would like to know your thoughts concerning the behavior of people if they were educated in the knowledge of the relevancy of haplogroup L1 and L2 on the human tree of life? im scottish also,but have no problem describing myself as british. The history of us proclaimed African-Americans us so-called "blacks" history goes farther than American soil. To me, it is amaziing that my ancestors survived the atrocities heaped upon them. He was a slave of Captain Francis Potts, But Captain Potts seperate his family and sold the kids to someone else.

All courtesy of Crown Estates/City of London, Washington, Vatican city, Tel Aviv and UAE. ^��3JDBI]ZNQ"����׬���ܪ�=����J�V_r&g�>�bl�5�f��ɕ��_��c�t�/W�q��wN�˙���c���7�г�vbz�^�V�}��ȧ��=íj�p̙277~����� ��z��`����� It chronicles Smalls' daring escape to freedom, his military service, and his tenure as a congressman after the war.

It was not uncommon for as many as 30 or 40 persons to live in what we call a townhouse today (though no running water, electricity and only stoves for heat). Frederick Mckinley Jones There were no laws defining the limitations imposed on slaves at this point in time. are in fact mixed with other blood. It is obscure to me how people can go on from generation to generation and remain with such hatred for all man kind! Title: Slavery & the Making of America film guide questions.docx Author: Patrick O'Brien Created Date: 6/18/2015 11:18:48 AM 19. You ought to what about IRISH slaves? Trying to punish their decendants generations later wont work because many of them also have part Native American and African American blood also. This entire World System was built on slavery: of all peoples. What did Lincoln say about the importance of Kentucky? Do a little research into the Talmud. All of it is relevant. The way this has become out of hand is ridiculous.

I love Morgan Freeman's narration.. couldn't have picked a better person! Who was the woman who successfully sued her master and was released from her indenture? You should get back to your clan meeting. If you enslave me, I will rise up and fight for my freedom at every chance. I would think that "the Papacy" clearly identifies the brand of Christianity referenced in my brief statement.

What steps did Southern Democrats take to erase the changes brought about by Reconstruction? The blacks got taxed same as the whites is all that happened there. Be significant to your family and friends. Patricia Bath, Great Inventors, Creators, and Thinkers.. Why not challenge ALL people to rise up and become whatever they choose to put their creative mind too....Peace. because of the life they were forced into and the inequalities they still face are very real and a direct result of the actions/inactions of the past.

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