skinner front sights

They tell you (in the instructions) to expect to do a small amount (a few strokes) of filing to get a good fit of the front sight into the dovetail mount. Through field testing I continue to improve the designs for function, durability and appearance. There is information on the Skinner website about how to choose a front sight with the correct height. Will shoot it this week.

Top of receiver to center of aperture is approx. Seeing better with aging eyes through a small aperture works the same way a smaller aperture increases the depth of field (range of focus) in a camera lens. Do-It-Yourself Ortho Aligners? All standard firearm handling rules apply. Machined from solid steel Barstock, the SKINNER SIGHTS ladder sight is as rugged as the guns they will be mounted on.

My First Vlog! For those who would like a bead we stock what we consider the best built bead sights (Marbles) on the market. I also researched it on some forums.

That is all. Shoots well! But, I figured it would do in a pinch.

Next, I ran the target back out to 25 yards and did this off-hand. I used the Medium .070″ aperture for all of this range session (targets below). Machined from solid steel, stainless steel or brass bar stock, the parts are hand fitted to close tolerances. .070″ Skinner Sights aperture.

So, I installed the Medium .070″ (about 1.8-mm) aperture, and it was acceptable for the lighting conditions (but noticeably darker than the Standard .096″ aperture). My order arrived very quickly. Walnut. SOLID BLUED STEEL  /  BLUED STEEL W/ WHITE LINE  /  SOLID BRASS.

Machined from Solid Steel and Brass Barstock. Thanks. Enough with the contrived “hero” worship!

At any rate, this is a no-brainer upgrade. Or you can remove it (also dovetailed) and replace it with Skinner’s nifty extra rear aperture holder thingy. FOR HENRY LEVER ACTION RIFLES PLEASE SEE THE NOTES INCLUDED WITH THE SIGHT DESCRIPTIONS ON OUR HENRY RIFLES PAGE.

I’ll have to try it with some sandbags in the future. I agree… a scope just doesn’t look right on a lever-action gun. While I had to do a lot more than just a few strokes of filing on the front sight’s dovetail, the installation went very smoothly. Dental Product Reviews, Marketing, Personal Security, & Much More! Sight comes with Screws and wrenches for mounting and adjustment. OK… let’s run a new target out to 25 yards (as far as I can go at the indoor range). The SKINNER FRONT SIGHT is designed to be "Trimmed" to the exact height you need without changing width of the blade.

This rather simple and very elegant addition to my Browning BL-22 increased my enjoyment of it tremendously!

You will likely need to order a front sight (that is taller than your original front sight) to work with the rear peep sight (that is taller than your original buckhorn sight). First, I installed the Fine .040″ (about 1-mm) aperture.

Enjoyed the article!

Read, ponder, repeat, or implement anything I've said at your own risk. I found it helpful to poke a hole in the tape over the screw hole with a toothpick. This time, I brought a proper bag rest to stabilize the rifle rather than the hard plastic molded “rest” built into the range bench.


It’s been a while since I did it.

What model number did you install? I put up a new target and took 15 shots with the rifle rested on the “bench rest” molded into the hard plastic shelf at the booth I was in.

To be honest, with my 53-year old eyes, I wasn’t very accurate with it. I got the smaller apertures from Skinner and took them to the range. We want you to have the most thread depth available. It’s relatively large and suitable for most situations. I wanted to get a more accurate feel for the point of impact at the current windage and elevation settings.

(Even for the same model rifles). Carbine has a 1 in 20 twist to stabilize heavier bullets.

Other. .

customer service is second to none. It’s the one “pretty” gun in my modest collection.

So, the amount of ambient light can limit how small you go. The rear sight just slides on to the grooves on the receiver and is then secured with a hex screw tightened with an allen wrench. On an internet forum dedicated to rimfire guns, I learned about some hand-crafted aftermarket sights from a company called, Skinner Sights. Failed implant crown.

), For some reason, MANY manufactures use a rear sight mount, This sight fits many current manufacture rifles as well as some vintage. First three shots taken off-hand at 15 yards. The Skinner sights look like they belong on my Browning BL-22 Grade II.

1895 45-70 W/ 22" Barrel = .450 - .500" 

I paid $120 for the sights (including the “black & gold” option for the rear sight). 1894 .357 Magnum w/18" Barrel = .500" The standard aperture that comes with the Skinner sight is 0.096″. Some of these photos were taken prior to implementing engraving as standard on our sights.

I’m still a dentist!

In other words, it goes in and out FROM the right side. I always loved my Browning BL-22. "I've measured my sight (sharp to sharp edge) dovetail and it measures .376"  The new SKINNER FRONT SIGHT measures .385". For over 75 years, shooting sports enthusiasts have turned to for high-quality gun parts and supplies they need.

NEW Skinner Sights "BEAR BUSTER" Front Sights. I have to same BL -22 with the skinner sights I found it very hard to mount a scope for eye relief .

I just installed the Skinner sight on my BL-22 Grade II. -Matt, Thanks for your comment.

Your satisfaction is very important to me. Screws may be slightly "over long" for your gun. I couldn’t believe it. These sights are so strong, no "wings" necessary! OUR NEW SKINNER "EXPRESS" 1894 SIGHT The SKINNER "EXPRESS" Sight blends the lines and beauty of this beautiful, trim, classic rifle. Can always pop the old one back on, or get a different height sight.

All articles on this blog are original works by The Dental Warrior®. And, wow… they make me look like I’m a decent shooter, too! Don’t “friend” your patients on Facebook! I hereby declare myself an expert about nothing. Picasso Lite – It’s time to pull the trigger on a diode laser! You just slide it on and tighten the screws.

Check out the gorgeous “flamed” Maple stock! , Thanks for the article. We have worked hard to design sights which are not only extremely functional and rugged, but to also complement the firearm. 3/4" Radius on the  bottom is a good average for most applications.

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