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Dean Chaumoo, | In 2013, two different movie studios released two different films about terrorist groups invading and taking over the White House. | Gross: Jeff Bridges, 155 min Its interesting because of how different you can play with tones and drive the plots, one with a gritty thriller the other a family movie. |

Zooey Deschanel, Comedy, Family, Sport. 43,704 | Eleanor Parker, | Director: "Little Giants" vs. "The Big Green": Both are thematically-similar underdog sports movies for and about children. Topol, However, if it has ever elevated to homicidal John Turturro Secret Window-style “You stole mai story!” confrontations they do a good job of covering it up: For the record, other films I considered listing include Little Big League (kid becomes the owner of the Minnesota Twins)/Rookie of the Year (kid becomes a pitcher for Chicago Cubs) and This is the End/Rapture-Palooza/It’s a Disaster (all 3 end-of-the-world comedies released in 2013 but with very different plots). "New York, New York" vs. "La La Land": Both are artsy, bittersweet, original musicals about artists in love, set against the backdrop of romanticized American cities. $4.50M, Not Rated I don't know if antithesis is the right word to use but it's the one I thought of, Saving Private Ryan and Inglourious Basterds. Ah, yes, the competing Truman Capote biopics that have basically the same exact plot: Truman Capote develops a friendship with a convicted killer while doing research for his book In Cold Blood.

Mike Newell | The Competitor Keyword Matrix helps you find keyword opportunities where your site is missing out. Armageddon has clearly had a longer-lasting cultural impact due to the immense popularity of Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” from the soundtrack and visual similarities to director Michael Baby’s subsequent work on the Transformers films. Kieran Culkin, Saoirse Ronan, The general “dog messes up my stuff and gets between me and my woman” shenanigans are mostly the same. Warning: This might get confusing. $71.20M, PG The horse is stolen from them, and the two young boys set out to find it and flee on it.

As I acknowledged in the post, I am totally in the minority on preferring Wyatt to Tombstone. : Red Planet was a colossal bomb at a mere $33.4 million worldwide with a $80 million budget compared to the $110.9 million worldwide gross for Mission to Mars, a good number until you see that Mars actually cost $100 million to make. Not Rated 106 min Director: What Are They About? | That being said, I will acknowledge this: Wyatt Earp is way, way, way too long. | Gross: : Observe & Report; mostly because I am apparently genetically predisposed to dislike Kevin James. 4,301 J.K. Simmons, Votes: While vastly different in tone, they both deal with settling down. Stars: Biography, Drama, Family. | Gross: : Aliens attack Earth, specifically the city of Los Angeles. : K-9=$78.2 million domestic on $17 million budget; Turner & Hooch= $71 million domestic on a $21 million budget.

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