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Yuchan takes extreme measures to look manly. The members learn about the problem of child prostitution in Nepal before visiting the Ainori school. The travelers head to their third country, Uzbekistan, where they meet their new members: artificial intelligence developer AI and actress Sakurako. After Yuchan gives Isamuchan her answer, the love wagon heads to Nepal. But will a third look-alike ruin their plan? After Asuka's confession, Yuchan decides to make a declaration of his own, and everyone waits for Asuka's reply. The members meet a Japanese man from Karafuto who had been forcibly brought to Kazakhstan after WWII. The show originally ended on March 23, 2009 but returned under the name "Ainori 2" … Kanya has her eyes on Shacho, but Tom's life story intrigues her. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. On the mountain, Depparin must face her terror and find her courage. Once the members descend, she requests two tickets from the bus driver. Depparin's feelings, meanwhile, have begun to shift. Yumechin and Taka hit it off at the beach, but their time at the night market doesn't go so well.

Release year: 2017. The love wagon rolls into Mandalay to meet Dr. Yoshioka, who's dedicated his life to providing medical care to children, and to discuss "happiness.". On the way to Thailand, one of the members vows to make a fresh start. In Astana, Hidekun and new member Mya start spending more time together. Depparin starts to have feelings for someone. まさかのシャイボーイが『あいのりAsian Journey』シーズン2に出演することになりました。 シャイボーイといえば、『あいのりAsian Journey』シーズン1で かすが に劇的な告白を果たし一緒に帰国をしたのですが、再びあいのりに参加とはどういうことなのでしょうか。 Later, Depparin talks things over with Hidekun, but Tom is far too traumatized to forgive and forget. You can change (your cookie preferences); by clicking accept, you accept all cookies.

Seven strangers board the famous van on a journey through Asia in search of a ticket home to Japan with a partner. After installing your will benefit from our VIP features. AI confesses his feelings to Depparin by reading her a love letter. Tom and Yuchan reboard the bus, while others are all new. When Margaret's Christmas coronation complicates her love life, her double Stacy steps in to save the day. On a journey through Asia with strangers, their goal is to return to Japan as a couple. The group visits the home of a local family, prompting a discussion about happiness. Depparin struggles to choose between Yuchan and Akira. Shy Boy 28m.

One member steps up to handle the money and the group meets new member, Hidekun. In case of spoilers!PNG or JPG. After talking over his worries with Shacho, ShyBoy finally tells Kasuga how he feels. The members go out to a restaurant for Hidekun's welcome party, but Depparin uses the opportunity to let Yuchan and the male members have it.

The members start their journey in India. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey.

The group learns about gender expression in Thailand before visiting another orphanage. I was rooting for Shy Boy and Kasuga but Shy Boy's weirdness went to the next level and he hurt her. ShyBoy tries to make things right with Kasuga. Depparin gets a huge shock when Kasuga and ShyBoy arrive. Shy Boy (S01E21) is the twenty-first episode of season one of "Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey" released on Thu Mar 15, 2018. Then the love wagon rolls on to its next destination: Kazakhstan. Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalize our services and to customise our online advertisements. Watching ainori after Asuka and Yuchan left the show become hard. Asuka seems troubled, while Taka gets advice from Depparin. Smitten at first sight, ShyBoy begins spending time with Kasuga. Episode 21 - "Ainori: Asian Journey" Shy boy, Ainori.Love.Wagon.Asian.Journey.S01E21.Shy.Boy.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-NTb, {"v":1,"adata":"","ks":256,"ct":"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","ts":96,"mode":"gcm","cipher":"aes","iter":100000,"iv":"Ml61CYvGo1eSDuVg","salt":"aVjNOmOGwI8="}.

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