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He said if I take your money "I don't see anyone coming off the back of that and saying 'I want to be like Shiro'. A preview for ‘Shiro’s Story 3’ was released on ImJustBait’s Instagram page not too long ago. ‘Shiro’s Story’, the viral three-part drama, narrated by Rapman’s spoken word style of rap, has broken new ground. Start a business and start to legally function The message is loud and clear, there is no such thing as a victimless crime.

Don't make me have to shoot your girl in the face" ]. Looking for some great streaming picks? 🏃🏾‍♂️💨 @realrapman, Nooooo way! Shiro will be singing 100 bottles of beer on the wall when Cadet catches up on the m-way and jumps on the roof of his whip on a Jason Statham flex for part 3. You already know how it goes on the road People always change when they start making dough You already know how it goes on the road People always change when they start making dough Ayo Shiro was a money man but he wasn't loud though 100k cash but he kept it on the down low Only his girl and his best friend, Kyle, know Kyle got it too and that was all thanks to … adiuh hahhahha foking hell inwas about to do that aswell, Ffs so many people doing this on my Snapchat, Shiro could've ended it and just left with his girl and daughter instead of tricking her just for he got her brother and his gangs on his back as well as kyle and his hoodlums, 4:37 why would he shout yo Kyle if the utes just walked away, Shiro:”Wheres all the food?”Kyle:”It’s in the kitchen!”Shiro:”Kiera go check in the kitchen.”Well duh where else is the food gonna be , That's how Uno your too young if u don't know wat food meens, love how my man got angry about his controler, These plot twists keep messing with my head, Init I'm scared to watch part 4 fam I'm new as well so I'm scared, Never get between a man and his controller, i watched this so many times all the parts, 3:29 is killy from blue story, referenced shiro in the movie too, Not gonna lie do A sticky controller would help in dose sticky situations in fortnite.

Gimme that and they'll both be safe"

Sound a bit far-fetched? He told them "Drink up, no stress, have a good time" Most of the conversation is done through the medium of rap. The music is wavy too. He just wants to see them all happy on his last night That record was quickly broken by Drake with his ‘Behind Barz’ freestyle, which can be watched here. "In that safe, that's all the money I've made. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. "Scuse me while I clear out your safe" Cadet is kieras brother, Best line ‘shave the quiff of your head’, The main question is why is Kyle's control sticky , um but why didn't he call her brother when she was getting abused ‍♀️. #whatsthestoryep #fireinthebooth #linkinbio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, A post shared by Rapman (@realrapman) on Nov 17, 2017 at 1:48pm PST. IN THE KITCEHNShiro:... Kiera go check the kitchenKiera: *checks the kitchenShiro: DO YOU SEE FOODKiera:....yeh(? Didn't keep it too himself Nah he put his way up Picking up from Part 2 of the hit series. These cookies do not store any personal information. I staged that to get the code from you Rapman - Shiro's Story (Part 2) | Link Up TV *AMERICAN REACTION*, Rapman - Shiro's Story (Part 2) | GROUP CHAT PLUS, AMERICANS REACT TO Rapman - Shiro's Story Pt.2 [Music Video] | Link Up TV, Rapman - Shiro's Story (Part 2) | REACTION, HARLEM NEW YORKER REACTS to UK RAPPER! AMERICANS REACT to Rapman - Shiro's Story (Part 2) | Link Up TV, Rapman - Shiro's Story Part 3 (Lyrics) -READ PINNED COMMENT-, Rapman - Shiro's Story (Part 2) | Link Up TV REACTION, Rapman - Shiro's Story Pt.3 [Music Video] Link Up TV - *I CRIED*, Rapman - Shiro's Story (Part 2) REACTION | Link Up TV | MY DAD REACTS, Rapman - Shiro's Story (Part 2) | reaction video. But one day I'll make her understand Told him that his family's gotta come first You already know how it goes on the road

He sends the lyrics of his songs as a script to the cast members. The three part mini-series combines the worlds of rap and acting as we follow a character called Shiro - played by British actor Joivan Wade. Following Shiro's Story (Pt.1), Kyle has gone ghost with Kira and Kyla and has not been seen or heard from in the past year, leaving Shiro no choice but to give up hope in reuniting his ... See full summary ». Shiro's world is turned upside down when he gets involved in drug dealing and violence, whilst coping with the news his best friend is the biological father of the daughter he thought was his. Prod by @KazeBeats 🎥: @SimonAukes 🎬🍿😰 View production, box office, & company info. While rushing home, Shiro calls Kyle ("Ay where you going") woah? I told him when gone you'll be picking up the cane Didn't take long before he started taking drug What makes Shiro's Story different to other dramas is that there is very little spoken dialogue. He's gonna miss his boy that he grew with and he loved Rapman - Shiro's Story ( Part 2) REACTION | THIS IS INSANE ! ](but I put you on)Yeah you put me on but only after you was up we could've worked it together but you rather play boss and be the one with all the cheddar.

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