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label.product.ratings Item Code: # 764302280200. I'm currently using the Pacifica Pineapple Curls conditioner, and it's pretty alright, but I don't feel so strongly about it. This is a color-safe shampoo, so if your hair has a color, you can still use this one without worrying about the side effect. When i looked at the negative reviews I noticed hair fall was a common theme.

It’s clear that the product is a certified organic one, so it’ll not going to smell at its best. We offer protein-free shampoos, shampoos for curly hair, baby hair shampoos, anti-frizz shampoos and many others. The first time I tried a Shea Moisture shampoo, I was immediately hooked. For my routine I shampoo once a week and make do with my hair until then. I've tried most of them and loved just about every one. Best Moisturizers for Aging Skin Over 60 Reviews 2020, Top 10 Best Underarm Whitening Creams in 2020: Product Review & Buying Guide, Top 10 Best Creams for Dark Spots on Face: Reviews & Buying Guide, The 10 Best Tea Tree Oil For Acne-Warts-Rashes, Top 10 Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin in Winter: Product Review & Buying Guide, 10 Best Face Masks for Acne Scars 2020: Product Review & Buying Guide, How to Get Rid of Skin Moles – 7 Effective Ways, 8 Effective Ways of Removing Skin Tags from Skin. Miss Jessi's Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo.

Deva curl was awful for my hair. I avoid it at all costs now.

Not the best one out there for hair regrowth. Our Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo can fortify and restore dry, damaged and transitioning hair. As it should. Sign up and be the first to know about exciting offers, product updates and more from SheaMoisture.

Without stripping your hair like some other clarifying shampoos tend to do, this formula works to deeply cleanse your scalp by removing dirt, oil, and product buildup while simultaneously restoring moisture. Thanks!! I thought Shea Moisture was pretty popular here. I now shed a normal amount, my scalp is no longer itchy, I don't feel build up forming every few weeks. Press J to jump to the feed. From the (limited) scope of other products I've tried, I think the Pacifica coconut curls conditioner is serviceable! You can protect your hair from all those damaging heat out there with the help of the Shea butter’s head sunscreen protection. This is a complete hair care system empowered with castor oil that could aid in nourishing the hair follicles without rushing it straighten or something. I am looking forward to trying their other products once I finish some other products up first.

I only had one bottle of the shampoo and conditioner bc I discovered it on clearance right as it was getting discontinued RIP. The Best Shea Moisture Shampoo For Dry Hair, Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo, The Best Shea Moisture Shampoo For Curly Hair, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo, The Best Shea Moisture Shampoo For Damaged Hair, Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo (2-Pack), The Best Shea Moisture Shampoo For Frizzy Hair, Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Shampoo, The Best Shea Moisture Clarifying Shampoo, Shea Moisture Sacha Inchi Oil Omega 3, 6, 9 Rescue & Repair Clarifying Shampoo. My course dry hair soaks that lovely goodness up. It is widely known for its rich antioxidants and high content of various vitamins. I'll post if I wind up finding something I like-and please do the same if you do too! Your email address will not be published. It’s especially frustrating when you’re new to CG and don’t understand why a widely recommended brand/product seems to make your hair worse. My hair line had receded a fair amount so I had small bald patches around my temples. I'm Latina and 3A, and am prone to a dry and itchy scalp if I don't have the right products. Shea butter is the one-stop ingredient when it comes to nourishing each of your hair follicles.

This shampoo works for both and thin hair; it might have a strong scent when you open, it will leave your hair soft and smooth after you have thoroughly washed off the shampoo. My hair looked great the first few days with SM, but got really brittle eventually.

Made with love for you and your body. For all natural curlies, coilies, and wavies! Happy picking, beautiful ladies! Our community loves to share tips, tricks, favorite finds, updates, news and more - socialize with us from your phone, tablet or computer. So light and hydrating. It's the only, repeat only, shampoo & conditioner I've found that my fine, low density 2B hair likes...and now it's discontinued. I started using argan oil because a lot of people swear by it, but apparently I am allergic to it lost a patch right in the middle of my hairline and my part was v sparse too. I love it and am so disappointed it's being discontinued. If you don’t believe in magic, the moisturizing properties that the Castor oil and Shea butter will speak for itself, it truly is a magnificent product that strengthens, grow, and restores your hair to its normal and glowy state. The formula is purposely infused gentler to work on both dry and irritated scalp. I loooove the shampoo, but can't find anything else that will work on my fine hair. It inspired by peppermint scent, but overall it’ll do great on your hair. I love their hair milks and I am currently determined to figure out how to make their curl souffle work for me! Cookies help us deliver our Services. It’s an effective alternative instead of applying shampoos that are with chemical content, true that these type of product gives you faster results, but going natural is still unbeatable. The first time I tried a Shea Moisture shampoo, I was immediately hooked. I didn't use it long enough for any adverse effects but it made my hair dry, brittle, and stringy. Did you know that staying under the sun for a long time can cause your hair to dry and frizz?

Formulated specifically for curly and wavy hair, this is another Shea Moisture shampoo which works overtime in the moisturizing department. There truly is something for everyone in our store. I have been worried about this for some time now, but I originally was worried before I started CGM. But by balancing the conclusion around its ingredients. Because of its tightness, this hair type requires lots of moisture. It also eliminates the build-up and unnecessary residue that has accumulated on your scalp. It felt fuller cleaner and healthier after the first use," reported one reviewer.

Did you find anything that works for you? It was the perfect consistency though .

You can also get hair coloring creams, hair masques for deep conditioning, leave-in detanglers, itch-relief serums and many other special hair treatments.

Anna Cesnjevar is a blogger in love with fashion, beauty, makeup, and style. Your hair will also look dry, which is a big no-no for ladies. This works for the curly and straight type of hair. It’s total hair savior for it naturally restores your hair its normal health. If you happen to have some hair issues on your hair length, you can improve it with the use of this very own shampoo.

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