secret of mana 3ds cia

Among this, there are vast improvements over some aspects of the original game along with a plethora of new features such as a Save/Load system. Honestly i don't like the look. Yeah, but I'm not going to sit around blasting Capcom and SNK as Tratiors just because a game I wanted is not on my system of choice. What the Hell Square Enix?!.

Copy Snes9x_3ds.3dsx, Snes9x_3ds.smdh, snes9x_3ds_top.png into the /3ds/snes9x_3ds on your SD card. yeah i don't know about that.

It doesn't have any active fanbase anymore. If any game needs a remake, it's Seiken Densetsu 3. It's one of the very best. It even features the Combination System from SaGa Frontier onward.

I don't get it why these big corporations won't utilize modern pixel art techniques.

I'd just like to be able to play it in portable form with a proper control scheme, really.

Seiken Densetsu Collection just came out this summer. But in 2014, Sony sold all of its shares in Square Enix, which means they no longer own any shares in the company. @Anti-Matter I don't think some random people boycotting on Nintendo news site is a punishment for Sony. That's why I want them to stop playing around and localize it. @Yorumi Square Enix in general makes no sense. In the end, the mobile version is the superior version. Good riddance. @AlexSora89 I NEVER called every single inappropriate things is a cool things. Am I bummed out about it?

Like at the end of life of the PS2, it had a monopoly de facto and lot of development teams of great games were dismissed because when you failed on the PS2 you had no other option of a viable market. Kinda takes me back to the PS1/N64 days, when Final Fantasy went from Snes to the PS1 & the sky started falling! Go bankrupt and disappearing completely from the face of the earth! This patch fixes most of the problems present in the original game, making it more enjoyable gameplay wise. Pre-orders are open now. This remake looks rather sweet imo, I loved playing Ever Oasis so I would think that.

@AlexSora89 Exactly. If it were on the Switch I'd have bought 2 copies, one to play and one to keep sealed + any collectors edition.. instead.. Third parties are not obliged for loyalty but when you're game is a perfect game for that same company (i.e Nintendo) then you've got to do so. That's odd. I learned that last gen, and the sooner the rest of you do, the better. Sony won't get everything, switch will have its share just like 3ds, I expect a few FF and MH games will come, maybe a new Mana game plus loads of Tecmo games plus NIS ones, the list is endless but some of them you will wish you hadn't bought like myself, most of the visual novels are rubbish with a few exceptions, better off with the Telltale novels, much better than Japanese ones.

Sony's policy with the vita was disgusting. It's great to see you so salty about SOM coming to vita, hope it gets many more games like this just so i can be entertained by the ridiculous cry babies on here, makes for great reading. @Yasaal Goes to show that putting emotion into these things leads to disappointment. I suspect this remake won't age as well. @Caryslan I completely agree with you on the Wii U. @EDF Smaller user base ONLY because it has been out for under a year but the POTENTIAL user base is quite large. Ohh, i know, i know, its TurboGrafix 16 isn't it? ): Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XI, Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2, Dragon Quest Builders 2, I am Setsuna, Lost Sphear, Project Octopath Traveler, Fear Effect Remastered, Seiken Densetsu Collection, Some form of FFXV, as hinted by Tabata. Anyways I won't be buying the Mana game though I have choice if I change my mind. Going back to your wii u vita comparison, Sony published 64 games for it, a lot more than Nintendo did for wii u, OK they don't make games for it no more but they certainly fund projects or buy exclusivity for new games to vita, much more than Nintendo are doing with wii u, for vita fans this can only be a good thing.

Sony has revealed that a Secret of Mana remake is in the works for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam.. I mean, why would you put it on Nintendo hardware? Everything else should explain what you're getting into just fine. Did the Seiken Densetsu collection sell badly in Japan or something? Nice. No huge surprise they still bring games to it. This seems like a no brainer to port this to the switch. Sony has revealed that a Secret of Mana remake is in the works for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam. That would be very enticing indeed. Learn to read trends through years instead of claiming random numbers with zero comparison with the past. ), but IMO the sprites and art from the original look much better than this. I have been playing Square games since the NES and it has been since SNES and PS1 that they have truly released something great. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm excited to get a remake, even on PS4.

They could still bring it later to Switch when it would make more sense, commercially speaking. I don't care about this game, WHAT WOULD BE GREAT THOUGH is if they remade or ACTUALLY MAKE THE LONG AWAITED SEQUEL to Threads of Fate. It can be exclusive to any console for all I care. I always thought you was a idiot, thx for staying faithful, what a pathetic statement. I'll stay with the Snes Classic version.... if I can find one. Would you like to explain further with the Last Nintendo hardware comment, the crushed theory is just dumb, looks like 3ds crushed vita to me worldwide and ps4 in Japan plus the switch should pass both machines overthere sometime next year.

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