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‘What I love about stone, is that you’re not actually fabricating, you’re only reorganising what’s already there,’ explains the artist pensively. Taking a look at myself in the mirror of Rembrandt or of Cézanne when they were in their twilight years, I would like to make a deeper painting, give it a sense of spirituality and give the world a more human sense, incorporating the sky, nature, living beings; A world of feelings and poetry.19, Scully’s most recent paintings have become ever more poetic and mysterious. Condition Disclaimer Under the Conditions of Sale applicable to the sale of the lot, buyers must satisfy themselves as to each and every aspect of the quality of the lot, including (without limitation) its authorship, attribution, condition, provenance, authenticity, age, suitability and origin. Sean Scully (b.1945) Block (1986) woodcut on okawara japan paper, signed & numbered 5/30 signed, titled, numbered & dated '86 h:94  w:109.30 cm. He describes his life and work in a quilt of similes and anecdotes stitched together with warmth and wit: his coarse upbringing, familial fondness, traumas, brushes with US politics, fervent spirituality, those he admires – from Agnes Martin to Tess Jaray and Béla Bartók – and vibrantly hued recollections of his rise to become ‘the token of abstraction.’. Lot 39: Sean Scully (1945- ) Irish. CAD1,500 - CAD2,000, Description: Then, on the other side of the estate, reflecting in the azure L-shaped pool, is an imposing rectangular volume, made of locally-sourced stone and marble cubes stacked together, rendering the composition of the Wall of Light paintings. In particular parts may have been replaced or renewed and lots may not be authentic or of satisfactory quality. £4,000 - £6,000, Estimate:

Sean Scully (né en 1945) The blocks of colour in Scully’s paintings are indeed volatile and passionate

Influenced by Op art and Minimalism he developed his own style of intersecting lines, ribbons and grid systems. The different, brightly tuned sean Michael Scully high screen photo can affect your spirit and produce sensation for you to be cool.

It seems entirely appropriate that Scully should today be teaching in Munich, home of the celebrated Lenbachhaus, with its glorious collection of works of the Blaue Reiter group, and particularly its display of the work of Kandinsky. Sean Scully on self-belief, election billboards and the perils of rural Germany.

Copyright Sean Scully.

in Borràs ‘Sean Scully, immensely human’ 2003 n.p. Portrait of Sean Scully taken in Mooseurach, October 2020. So I was pulled out of convent school, and put into a state school and these two breaks marred my sense of reality permanently.

It is people who matter, and their constant struggle as human beings within the confines of daily existence. Sean Scully RA (born 30 June 1945) is an Irish-born American-based artist working as a painter, printmaker, sculptor and photographer.His work is held in museum collections worldwide and he has twice been named a Turner Prize nominee. It is as if the spirituality in art stepped off a pedestal, or from behind a sheet of glass, and has joined the world of the living.

£6,000 - £8,000, Description: He believes that his role as a teacher is to provide students with the opportunity to be validated and empowered as painters. Pixabay. from England.

In came Backs and Fronts (1981), an enormous multi-panelled composite of irregular heights, with gestural stripes careering in different directions like a jarring, psychedelic vision of a city skyline.

signed and dated in the margin lower right; titled centre; numbered lower left, Estimate:

I want it to be [a] common, normal urban language able to transform my painting into a sensation, into a feeling. whole becomes abstracted into parts; those parts into even smaller parts. Signed and dated lower right, '93. also Wassily Kandinsky Concerning the Spiritual in Art and Painting in Particular W R. Igor Starkov. Licensed by VISCOPY, Australia, fig.2 Willem de Kooning Woman V 1952–53 oil on He went to New York as a young man as did I. I’m very attracted to his relationship with abstract art. €3,500 - €4,500, Description:

romantics were prompted’ 1947–48 p.84. with R Eric Davis Journal of Contemporary Art 1999, online version,

I’ve never thought of myself as an ‘artist’ nor as some sort of superior being.

As a fellow Irishman, it is tempting for me to say that this is his ‘Irishness’ coming through and, although he is quick to eschew nationality as a badge of identity, he is indeed a born conversationalist who would be at home in any Irish pub. Installation view of ‘Sean Scully – San Cristóbal’. The Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory has been championing young and emerging talent since the turn of the century. as an expression of what Kandinsky called ‘inner necessity’.5 The title he gave to his review of the 1998 Rothko exhibition at the Whitney Museum ‘Bodies of light’ is too emphatic for his own work.

Very faint crease bottom left corner below image. The source for much of his abstraction is in his architectural and urban environment; in turn, his abstract paintings affect the ways both he and his audience review their everyday world. I’m interested in art that addresses itself to our highest aspirations. ‘A fucking fly bit the middle of my tattoo out’, says the artist over FaceTime, pointing at his forearm towards the now-dismembered Celtic symbol for fertility. Sean Scully’s work has been placed alongside a much-misunderstood seascape by Turner.

Though the works mask the hardship Sean SCULLY (Né en 1945) to Brian Kennedy 20 May 2004 National Gallery of Australia file 03/0511 folios

More readily available and less burdened by the issue of interior content. I was born in Ireland, you know, I came to England and the relationship was broken. "Raval 4 (1996)", Etching in Colours, Signed, Inscribed, Dated '96 and Numbered 9/24 in Pencil, Overall 22.25" x 29.75".

funeral Scully read the elegiac poem by William Butler Yeats, The Arrow, All Rights Reserved.

Then I lived in an Irish ghetto in London, Islington. Works of W.B. SEAN SCULLY (b.1945)Red FoldLithograph, 23 x 17cmSigned, inscribed and dated (20)'06Edition 33/50, Estimate: $50,000 - $70,000, Condition Report:

The artist shows no sign of sitting still. Signé, titré, daté et numéroté "24/30"

All Rights Reserved. So that under this umbrella, the spiritual is clean, cleaned-up and purely perfect. Wallpaper* is part of TI Media Limited. The artist makes a swift, impassioned pivot to politics, a subject he’s been long engaged in. $10,000 - $15,000, Description:

The colour, of course, would be opened up. image that carries the unmistakable character of the woman figure. Sean Scully has been ‘trying to get at deep emotions through simple forms’.25 He has never given up seeking to realise his lofty ambition and, as with only the greatest of artists, his work continues to gain depth, strength and maturity.

and ed.

2 The Spiritual Estimate: Scully, cited in Sam Hunter‘Sean Scully’s absolute paintings’Artforum

18 Scully, letter 24/25 Provenance: The Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (label vesro), Description:

Even in his most resolutely abstract work the memory of the figure is embedded into the surface.

7 Scully ‘Against Pulled out. It is something that is part of the world., Share your email to receive our daily digest of inspiration, escapism and design stories from around the world. And it is exactly this difficulty that gives the work its interior life.

Condition Report: As in a church, Scully’s paintings It allows you to think without making oppressively specific references, so that the viewer is free to identify with the work. entretien avec le frère Rayssiguier, 24 October 1948, in Marie-Alain Couturier,

So the painting is immediate, since it’s painted aggressively by hand, yet it is difficult, because it is compressed. Estimate: Painting has moved into a space where it can resist this juggernaut.26. All Rights Reserved. Description: Today, some artists feel they have to go back to the figure, and that word ‘figure’ becomes such a ridiculous omen — if you pick up some paint with your brush and make somebody’s nose with it, this is rather ridiculous when you think of it, theoretically or philosophically. Every so often, original sean Michael Scully high screen photo can assit you to look through your monster monday. Albert Skira 1993 p.63. boy learned about ‘this valley of tears’. revised edition, London: Penguin 1989 p.1.

For many years Scully's works have achieved some of the highest prices paid for a living artist and he is undoubtedly the most successful Irish born living artist.

The authenticity of the equestrian setting — with its painted interior walls and metal fences — enters into a surprising, near-spiritual dialogue with the works. €4,000 - €6,000, Description:

‘A kind of Machu Picchu, you know?

€3,000 - €4,000, Description: If Joe wins, this will prove that if when I put a billboard up, the person wins.

Red could be bright red. He also saw, laid out on the sand, strips of coloured canvas. Ferdinand Studio.

interview with David Sylvester 1960 cited in Willem de Kooning: A centennial

1945) - Irish-American artistSigned and dated ‘Sean Scully 2014’, numbered ‘13/30’ and titled ‘Landline Blue’ in pencilPublished by Burnet Editions, New York (blindstamp)Plate dimensions: 31.6 x 25.6 cm; sheet dimensions: 55.5 x 43 cmVery good conditionAquatint etchings by the artist fetch up to around €9,500 in the international auction marketObject is regular taxed.

based on reality. It’s almost humanism and no form … Abstraction’s the art of our age … it’s a breaking down of certain structures, an opening up. He is obsessed by the spiritual dimension of things, like others who have left Ireland and know it having grown up in communities abroad.

Jigar Maru. So that my idea of relationships is informed by the possibility that relationships can come apart.13. Coinciding with the 15th edition of Zona Maco, Mexico’s leading art fair, Scully’s work is celebrated at Cuadra San Cristóbal, one of Luis Barragán’s modernist masterpieces, on the outskirts of Mexico City. Alexander Krivitskiy.

But then all of a sudden it was even more absurd not to do it.

There are many selections in screen ilustrations, but you can get several according to your temper and lure. The second break was when my parents were at war with the church because they worked seven days a week and were poor. SEAN SCULLY - This Way Up, 1993, Estimate: Lots are available for inspection prior to the sale and you are strongly advised to examine any lot in which you are interested prior to the sale. And he doesn’t do creative block, apart from one ‘dreadful’ year after he graduated from university.

(exhibition catalogue) Milan: Charta 1996 pp.55–131 (p.71). Otherwise good original condition.

of light’ Art in America vol. 14 WB Yeats The

Literary Supplement no.

Free for commercial use No attribution required Copyright-free I don’t really feel like a non-objective painter at all. Request to receive a Condition Report for this item or any items in this auction by contacting the seller.

Etching on paper.

Untitled limited edition print 53/60 etching signed and dated '96 lower right, bears 'Ross Fine Art' and 'Nicholas Gallery' labels verso (26 x 17.75 cm) (10.25 x 7 in), Description: limited edition photograph 90/100 signed and dated '05 by the artist lower right, Estimate:

In the 1970s, Scully’s paintings sought to fuse American Minimalism and Op Art, which culminated in ‘supergrids’, stripes and blocks of colour.

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