sarah bernhardt coffin

final materials distributed inside your organization, any materials distributed outside your organization, any materials distributed to the public (such as advertising, marketing). The leading French critic Sarcey wrote, "This is nature itself served by marvelous intelligence, by a soul of fire, by the most melodious voice that ever enchanted human ears. [166] She set up a studio at 11 boulevard de Clichy in Montmartre, where she frequently entertained her guests dressed in her sculptor's outfit, including white satin blouse and white silk trousers. “She always set her own agenda and did things the way she wanted them.

She almost immediately caused another offstage scandal, when she was invited to recite poetry at a reception at the Tuileries Palace hosted by Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie, along with other actors of the Gymnase. She found the diamonds in the ashes, and the managers of the Odeon organized a benefit performance. [153], Bernhardt was also the subject and star of two documentaries, including Sarah Bernhardt à Belle-Isle (1915), a film about her daily life at home. [28] At a ceremony honoring the birthday of Molière on 15 January 1863, Bernhardt invited her younger sister, Regina, to accompany her. (2004). In her autobiography, Ma Double Vie,[185] she describes meeting her father several times, and writes that his family provided funding for her education, and left a sum of 100,000 francs for her when she came of age. It also depends on a free and independent press. When the fishermen of the island suffered a bad season, she organized a benefit performance with leading actors to raise funds for them. Content marked “Editorial use only” may not be used for any commercial or promotional purposes. The tour allowed her to purchase her final home, which she filled with her paintings, plants, souvenirs, and animals. An English translation was published in 1925.[168]. She developed a close friendship with the writer George Sand, and performed in two plays that she authored. "If I catch sight of my hand, it will be the hand of Cleopatra. She was on tour for 15 months, from early 1886 until late 1887.

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A short drama she wrote herself, L'Aveu, disappointed both critics and the audience and lasted only 12 performances. [47], In her memoirs, she wrote of her time at the Odéon: "It was the theater that I loved the most, and that I only left with regret.

A 1905 spread in the Omaha Daily Bee called, “The Seven Fears of Sarah Bernhardt” asserted that Bernhardt was in the process of overcoming or had already banished the major dreads that had haunted her throughout her life: “The fear of being buried alive.

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