san emeterio aduana

Maybe we should just stay here in Mazatlan.Thanks for the post. If you browse our webpage, you will also find a map with the location of Aduana San Emeterio.

Modernización de la Aduana de Ojinaga. Looking over the bank west towards the church. A huge waste of money for no apparent reason. I’ll miss the fruits and vegetables of Mexico more than anything else.

Without a doubt this is much worse than Pitaquito where there was lots of room to maneuver. Edgar is driving the small car on the right now and his pick-up is gone. Edgar’s sister and nephew were helping him here last year and there has been a lot of cleaning up done. Very artsy lighting. the town of Aduana San Emeterio is located in the Municipality of General Plutarco Elías Calles (in the State of Sonora).

When he came out he said that I should have made a list of what I had. In the past the trucks would roar through here at high speed as they hit the bottom of the hill. A really good idea because just past this point vehicles are coming out of the new facility.

When I said good-bye to Edgar this morning he seemed a little brighter and more himself than last night. Servicio de Banca on line.

The guy in the middle in the airstream was next to us in Los Mochis. Here we are parked behind the Aduana and it would appear that we could get out straight up ahead. So let’s recap….coming from the south you first see the truck/bus exit,  then the auto exit, then the auto entrance, then the bus entrance and finally the truck entrance. This was the first concrete highway that we’ve been on in Sonora and it’s been in use for quite a few years. There are no signs anywhere. Three rigs here last night. de Sonora) en el Municipio de Pitiquito, y el Aeropuerto Internacional de Puerto Peñasco, en el mismo Estado. Not easy.

Then we saw the auto entrance but upon looking in couldn’t decide if we would fit under the overhead roofs we would have to pass under. They have been busy painting the run off ditches….why….who knows….very strange! Eric was just coming back and said the lady told him to go into the auto entrance. I have a headache just reading this post. Dependen de esta Aduana, la Sección Aduanera de San Emeterio (edo. The Road Heroes DVD series helps answer the question - Why Go? When we passed San Emeterio (km 21) where we used to turn them in we noted the huge new development and wondered if Pitaquito was going to be shut down.

Aduana San Emeterio está a 529 metros de altitud.

The huge, elaborate, air conditioned, oversized Aduana.

We could have moved but this was the only one suitable on the desert row with a view where we prefer to park.

Lots of room here and it’s all paved. We had to go to the left and cross the southbound traffic lanes to the immigration.

Perhaps we could have exited the bus area and parked out here and turned in the sticker. The aduana worker said follow him and that we should enter with the buses so we U turned again and followed him. El pueblo de Aduana San Emeterio está situado a 25.2 kilómetros de Sonoita, que es la localidad más poblada del municipio, en dirección Norte. You can see just behind the RV is where we will have to back up and exit from.

Here we are parked just south of the Aduana behind the restricted area and look at all the room out here.

The spots are bugs on the windshield not the camera! También puede visualizar una foto satelital de Aduana San Emeterio a más alta resolución.Ver más fotos de satélite ►. P.S.

We were asked to pull in there as well.

We were up around 6:30 and I even turned the furnace on for a bit while we had the generator running. ¿Te gusta Aduana San Emeterio? We are maximum height and maximum width so we stopped in the blocked off southbound lane just past the entrance in to the autos.

Coming down the long hill and you can see the huge new complex to the left. We preferred to just park and walk in.

Aduana San Emeterio is at 529 meters of altitude. The water for our site wasn’t working and neither was the water in the adjacent site. Dentro de todos los pueblos del municipio, ocupa el número 24 en cuanto a número de habitantes. I guess I should have mentioned the lettuce and chopped pineapple but I didn’t. Before we left Mazatlan we’d heard that Papa John had overnighted here and we stopped for fuel and a quick look. Eric walked in to find out what we should do and I waited. We had to run a 50 foot hose to another site to get water. Now you can vote for Aduana San Emeterio so that everyone knows it.

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