samsara room: secret level

Pick up a earth. Set time to 2:45. Go left to the room with a dresser. The time for the Normal Room clock is 8:25. Remove heart and use gecko instead. Click on your reflection. Drag the right circle left and drag the small square left into the circle. Go back to the room with the mirror and look at the phone. Click on a box and use matches to wood sticks. Take all stuff back from the scales. Go right to the room with a chandelier. Leave scales’ plates there. Click on a bookshelf and take marble ball from the bottom left corner. Drag the pages to read the book. Go back and click on the phone. Click on his hand and a plant’s seed will fall on the ground. Pick up a sunflower seed. Remove the shrimp’s head by dragging it to the left. Click on blue dark hole and click twice on white cube. Click on an owl. Open 3rd drawer and read it. Drag new cloud around to get a clock and remember arrows positions (watch video at 19:38 time for more details). Go right to the room with a clock. Remember the time – 2:45. Pick up the phone and rearrange the letters to form a phrase. Pick up a fire flame. Take a worm. Take a shell. Rearrange the books by dragging them to align the red book with the "S" symbol with the diagram on the shelf. Back out and zoom in the clock. Put a knife into the hand and click on it. Go left to the room with a phone. Click the book, causing it to fall to the ground.

Click to make the hot air balloon rise, then focus on the balloon. Use the knife to open the moon until the eye is fully exposed. Use a … Drag the hands representing the four transformations to their symbols. Drag the eye around to the four corners to uncover symbols. Rusty Lake Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Take the. Use the symbols from the eye to find the combination. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Click on floating briefcase and take a shell. Light up the candles in the following order: Click on the left picture and drag it to the left. Click on two hooks. Click on a basket and turn on a fuel tank, use matches to lid it up to raise air balloon higher. The times that can be set on the clock will be logged onto the paper. Go right to the room … Place the three candles into the empty slots, and use the matches to light them all. Go left to the room with scales. Go back and click on a cabinet to unlock it. There is a telephone, a mirror, a grandfather clock and some other odd objects you don’t recognise. Take a triangle key. Click on a mirror and pick up a water drop on it. Sort the books by dragging and dropping to solve the puzzle (watch video at 08:30 time for more details), Remove the book with the sign. Put egg in the middle and fill each corner with the petals. Go right to the room with dresser and take a petal. Solve the puzzle by moving arrows to the right position (see picture below or watch video at 14:49 time for more details) to reveal an egg. Pick it up. Drag the reflection and note the symbol, the square with a horizontal line. Go left to the room with a book on the floor. Click on the owl on the tree to make it fly away. Solve the puzzle by clicking on the right bird (watch video at 17:15 time for more details): Open 4th drawer and take a weight. Second firefly - On the branch of the left tree. Use the pencil to scribble a sketch of a key. Use jar on the wall cabinet to fill with water. Focus on the mirror. Drag the center circle left, and drag the gold lock down to unlock the box. Click on a watch and solve wheels puzzle by putting them in the right position to let watch run (watch video at 21:40 time for more details). Avoid Samsara Room hack cheats for your own safety, choose our tips and advices confirmed by pro …

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