ruthless lil tjay

Need help? And I know they don't wanna see the young boy win She wanna link up a ho, that's a no-go New kicks, I don't care what it cost As a youngin I just wanted to be famous

'Cause I know they gone ride til the car can't drive How you screaming day ine doing fake shit Used to go hit a stain for the oz Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Pop out I'm a stain Balmain and some bape shit Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. New drip, had to pick up some sauce So I stay with my guys that been by my side by London On Da Track & Rex Kudo], Too Many Years Ft. PNB Rock - Prod. I ain't never gon' extend my hand

thanks n go like and comment on it, much luv to anyone who checks me out‼️‼️💯❤️❤️❤️. ‘Cause other people used them before, so it’s just like that. Jay Critch) by Lil Tjay from desktop or your mobile device. [Intro: Lil Tjay] When I put on the ice, it be odee Swear to God, I ain't never gon' fail my man Basically, at the time, I was imagining being here.

They don't wanna see the young boy win

I ain't never gon' extend my hand Lil Tjay, yeah Lil Tjay - Ruthless (Official Audio) ft. Jay Critch - YouTube Money gon' come like the money gon' go Going downtown, tryna steal a nigga car

So I stay with my guys that been by my side They don't wanna see the young boy win

They don't wanna see a young boy win Other day I was recording in the basement Going downtown try to steal a nigga car Think I made it these bitches all on me I'm sipping fours of the drink moving slow mo Two, three bands and you thinking shit sweet, little nigga

A$AP Ferg Reacts To New NYC Rappers On 'The Cosign', Lil Tjay Breaks Down The Meaning Of "Ruthless", In Search Of: 18-Year-Old Bronx Rapper Lil Tjay Mixes Influences Ranging From Justin Bieber To Drake, Two, three bands and you thinking shit sweet, little nigga, If we two deep verse your whole block deep, So I stay with my guys that been by my side, And I know they don't wanna see the young boy win, When I come home, there's a whole lot of gang shit, Other day I was recording in the basement, And if they let me in the game, I'ma change it, And if I call Tut he'll pull a nigga card, Free all my day one niggas out the slammer, Opp nigga told, black and white, he a panda. Used to go hit a stain for the OZ's Think I made it, these bitches all on me If we two deep verse your whole block deep

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