rms augusta shipwreck

Arriving the same day, she departed Chefoo on the 21st, and returned to Tsingtao, remaining there into mid-September. Historic shipwrecks of Maine. [n 3] Christian Wilhelm Allers published an illustrated account of it as Backschisch (Baksheesh).

El Hank and Oukacha returned fire along with the battleship Jean Bart, which only had one operating turret. Ranger launched 68 Army Curtiss P-40s on 10 May, the planes bound for Accra, on Africa's Gold Coast, where all landed safely.

At 1335, the President left the ship in a whaleboat to fish in the nearby waters, taking with him members of his party and his son, Ensign Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., USNR, an officer of Mayrant on temporary duty as his father's aide. Operational control passed to the United States Navy on 26 November when TF 68 stood out for Boston, Augusta mooring there on 3 December 1943. The Asiatic Fleet flagship remained at that port until 5 June, when she sailed for Kobe, arriving there the following day. Augusta sailed for the United States, clearing Manila Bay that same day. [5], Repairs completed, Augusta departed Boston on 29 January 1944 and steamed to Casco Bay for post-overhaul training exercises. [5], Augusta stood out on 2 April with TF 22, flagship Ranger joining the formation on 4 April, and arrived at Little Placentia Harbor, Argentia, on 5 April. Subsequently touching at Pontianak and Jesselton on Borneo, (31 October to 1 November and from 3 to 5 November respectively), "Augie Maru" visited the southern Philippine ports of Zamboanga (6 to 8 November) and Iloilo (9 to 10 November), before she returned to Manila on 11 November 1935. Four days later, in company with TG 120.6, she departed for Mers el Kebir, Algeria, arriving there on 10 July, only to leave two days later with Hambleton for Palermo, Sicily. [5], Augusta stood out of Tsingtao on the same day she arrived and reached Shanghai on 1 October. She departed on 19 August for a reconnaissance-in-force of St. Mandrier Island off Toulon, France, where the battery known as "Big Willie" was located, bombarding shore installations, and returning to the Sitka Assault Area the same day. Augusta arrived at 2155 at the staging area, joining the Sitka Assault Group. Harry Truman was on the ship when he got the news that Hiroshima had been bombed by an atomic bomb. [5], Augusta closed TF 68 on 20 July and began escorting Convoy AT 54A across the submarine-infested Atlantic to the Clyde. For security purposes, the President's flag remained in Potomac while she, accompanied by Calypso, transited the Cape Cod Canal to New England waters. Joining Task Force (TF) 36 there, of which Ranger was flagship, the cruiser departed on 22 April for Trinidad. [5], At Shanghai Augusta's officers and men could observe the war. She remained there a week, while Admiral Upham visited the capital of Australia, Canberra, on 25 and 26 October. [5] While undergoing these repairs and alterations, Augusta suffered an explosion of unknown origin on 20 November in her ice machine room, which killed three-yard workers and injured four crew members. President Roosevelt again entertained the Prime Minister on board Augusta that evening. Proceeding thence via Chefoo, Augusta reached Shanghai on 6 June; the CinCAF transferred his flag to Isabel on 23 June, and sailed for Nanking and Wuhu, returning to Shanghai and Augusta on 27 June. Jean Bart was subsequently put out of action by return ship and carrier plane bombardment. The two leaders had sought a face-to-face meeting for some time, and Harry Hopkins (President Roosevelt's personal representative) had visited Churchill and sounded him out on the proposal as early as February 1941. At 2223 on 4 August Potomac anchored in Menemsha Bight, Vineyard Sound, Massachusetts, joining Augusta, which had already arrived. The CinCAF used Isabel as his flagship through March, rejoining Augusta at Manila on 29 March 1937. [5], The Fleet Problem ended on 18 March, but Augusta and the rest of Scouting Force did not return to the Atlantic at its conclusion as was normal. Augusta remained in the yard at New York from 23 June to 2 July, after which time she resumed operations along the eastern seaboard, in waters off Hilton Head and Charleston, South Carolina (4 to 5 July), Hampton Roads (6 to 7 July) before she returned to Newport on 8 July. [5], Proceeding north along the China coast, Augusta visited Tsingtao (12 May to 13 May) and Chefoo (14 May) before she arrived at Chinwangtao on 15 May. On the morning of 15 August, Augusta trained her main battery against targets on Port Cros Island, and fired nine rounds.

In the sortie of French ships from Casablanca harbor, destroyers Brestois and Boulonnais attempted a torpedo attack on Augusta and Brooklyn. [5], On 31 October, Augusta moored at the New York Naval Shipyard, to be modified for "Magic Carpet" operations, bringing home American servicemen from Europe. On 17 August, she patrolled with Omaha and poured 138 rounds from her 8 inch (203 mm) battery into the island fort, which surrendered that day. He ultimately rejoined Augusta when she returned to Shanghai on 9 April 1938 after her overhaul. Her overhaul completed, Augusta departed Boston on 26 January 1945 with Rhind and Bainbridge, bound for Trinidad, tested her guns en route, and arrived on 31 January. She operated with this unit when it proceeded to Martinique to conduct a "show offeree" between 22 February and 4 March, and returned to Shelley Bay, Bermuda, on 5 March. "The Alexandra Graving Dock - A Link with Liners Past: Part Two", S/S Augusta Victoria, Hamburg America Line, Passenger list for first cruise, 22 January – 22 March 1891, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=SS_Augusta_Victoria_(1888)&oldid=973032049, Articles with German-language sources (de), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 400 1st class, 120 2nd class, 580 steerage, This page was last edited on 15 August 2020, at 01:08. [5], Initially, there was the problem of evacuating Americans from the war zone. During this time, Admiral Murfin embarked in Isabel for the trip up the Pearl River to Canton (6 to 8 April), returning on the latter date to reembark in his flagship to resume his voyage up the China coast. She arrived in San Pedro, California, on 7 March but returned to sea three days later to execute the fleet problem.

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